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The very new Legion expansion brings us a lot of artifact weapons. In these all artifact, the Blizzard has made us pioneer to a fishing artifact named Underlight Angler. This fishing pole contains bonus, for example, the ability to teleport to the nearby fishing pools, the chance of fishing up a complete node in one spread, and moreover a druid-like fish form when in the underwater.

If you do not get the opportunity to fish in real, why not going for the games!  Artifact of Fishing will provide you the utmost composition of real fishing with a lot of obstacles and difficulties. All you have to do is take the obstacles as challenges and take the best out of the game. This game will level up the adventurous nature inside you.

In this section, you get the ability to learn a complete fishing artifact guide.

fishing artifact guide

Fishing Guide-Total Fishing Manual (Paperback Edition)

Requirements for Fishing Artifact

For perfect fishing artifact, get the following prerequisites first:

Mandatory Requirements

  • Level 101
  • A fishing level of exactly 800.
  • You can get more than this if you complete the achievement below
  • Achieve the BIGGER FISH to FRY

 Optional Requirements

  • To earn this specific achievement, all you have to do it catch 18 different fishes that are rare in a category all over the Broken Isles. For doing this, firstly you need to catch the rare bait and then utilize this rare bait to seize the rare fish.
  • The rare bait’s drop rate may seem quite low but once you seize this, it will be easy for you to catch the significant rare fish consistently (as a minimum with the drop rates you get on the beta anyways.)
  • To make these more interesting yet effortless, you can try visiting Conjurer Margoss so that you can boost up your chances for catching rare fish. By a considerable amount, Margoss will sell you an item so that you can enhance the possibilities of getting hold of the rare bait.

Bigger Fish to Fry!

From all the requirements you need to fill up, this one is certainly considered to be the most implicated requirement. This stage will take a great deal of time to complete and the most important thing to remember is completing this requirement partially depends on your luck. The process may seem crucial but for your better understanding we have pointed out the procedure below:

  • Firstly, by fishing anywhere inside the region, catch any rare bait.
  • 2 minutes buff will provide you a CHANCE to seize a rare fish. Here, you the bait for getting this 2 minutes buff.
  • There are only 2 minutes time window. In this specific short time, fish up the authentic rare fish.

Underlight Reviews in a Nutshell: To Sum Up Fishing Artifact Legion

So, to summarize, Legion brings up an artifact to you: THE UNDERLIGHT ANGLER!

In a nutshell, the game will be a composed fishing game just like the original fishing. It will take about 3 hours for going through the needed steps of this game. You will find it easier if you are flying because it will provide you quick access to the special pure, the Margoss! It will also fasten your access to the fishing pools.

When you will get it, you will level up by catching another rare fish. Each fish will provide you 50AP. With the ideal lure, you can quickly get stable and catch up to 20-30 fish! Walking on the pool water, lower aggro radius during your fishing and faster breathing or faster swimming- you will definitely get benefitted with 3 of these. These will take you to the BFA!

There you can get more than enough. You will get a friend model from the MoP where you will get to grind away 6 people. You can also grind some more rare fishes so that you get the opportunity to gather more toys or cosmetics. This stuff will lead you to get your desired material in exchange.

Supplementary Figures on Fishing Artifact Guide

The fishing artifact game A.K.A ANGLER is a video game for fishing which was written for the ZX Spectrum by DRIK Olivier and was published by the Virgin Games in the very 1983. It only has a single-player mode. Here you are a fisherman and you have got a trusty trawler in the sea. The sea is loaded with a variety of fish layered there. You have to use your skills and judgment for positioning the boat and here all you have to do is to drop your line and make the catches! Simple!

Artifact Achievements: Six Zones

Now let us move to the achievement. You have to know that across the six different zones, there are about 18 rare fish. The six zones are named Azsuna, Highmountain, Val’sharah, Stormheim, Suramar, and the Ocean. These 18 rare fish can have access to any of the zones anytime.

Artifact Fishing Rod

To get the Artifact fishing rod, you have to achieve the achievement named Bigger Fish to Fry first. You will also need to catch 18 rare fish in the Legion Water.

Secondly, you will net to reach the Maximum Level in the Legion Wow which is level 101.

Do not worry about the fishing levels. All you have to do next is fishing! You will get a fishing pole somewhere while fishing. Near the fishing trainer, you may find one Fishing Supplies Vendor who will sell you one basis fishing pole. If you are able to get that pole, you will get +10 to your fishing buff. Add one basic lure for increasing it. Do remember to talk to the Fishing Trainer and train up the Draenor Fishing that will afford you max fishing skills of 700!

Fishing Artifact LegionTarget: Conjurer Margoss

Here, a guy will be selling an item named as Arcane Lure. This is the way to make your chance double of catching a rare bait after every cast within 10 minutes. You have remembered that this is not mandatory or required. If you do not do it then it will save a huge amount of time in the game.

Here comes the Conjurer Margoss! He is living on an island that is right to the Northwest of Dalaran. You have to go there anyway. How will you get there? For visiting the place you have to go through the black market waters which are situated exactly in the sewers of the Dalaran.

In this black market, you will be able to get shimmering whorls of green color. Until you receive the item named Emblem of Margoss, you have to fish in them. This Emblem will take you to the island of Margoss.

Note: You have to keep in mind that the Emblem of Margoss is a one-time use item. You cannot use it again if you lose it. You will have to grab this item every time you will be visiting the island of Margoss.

An alternative to this, you can also go to his island by slow-falling or gliding. If you want to do this you have head to the exact northwest zone of the Dalaran. Here you will get to see a wall where you will find a hole. All you have to do is heading towards the wall and then you will be able to see an island that has a pond at a little distance. For reaching the place you sill need to utilize the snowfall, Goblin Glider Kit, the Demon Hunter Glide, etc.

Once you get there, speak to the Conjurer Margoss. You have to agree to his quest. Now you have to begin your fishing in the ponds that are there. Fish till you fish up one Drowned Mana. For this NPC, this Drowned Mana will be utilized as currency. You will also need this one for purchasing the Arcane Lure.

These will cost of 1 of this item names Drowned Mana and basically, you will be requiring about 20-40 of this item depending on your luck. Don’t forget that this will surely take a while but it will definitely save a huge amount of time in the total game.

Some FAQs on Fishing Artifact Guide

How to reset fishing artifact?      

All you have to do for resetting is visiting Stormheim and utilize the ancient rings. If the pole has upgraded a decent amount then the ring will only last for 10 minutes. In this way, you can get about 2500 artifact power in each ring. So now, resetting will be easy.

How to upgrade fishing artifacts?

Many people do not get their way out when they try to Fishing. Fishing-artifact levels up by catching the rare fish in every zone and this is something which you definitely have to do if you want to upgrade it. But you also should utilize the Pearl in the Dalaran fountain for upgrading the fishing artifact. That is the only purpose of the fishing artifact.

Does dishing skill have an effect on the catch rate?

Yes! It is speculated that your fishing skill may have an affirmative effect on the catch rate. So, if you prefer, it will definitely be an ideal idea to utilize items to maximize the chances; such as you can utilize the Worm Supreme.

Whenever you get to catch one rare bait, do not apply it immediately for maximizing your chances to catch rare fish. You should apply the fishing reel basics. Before you apply it for the maximization of your chances, you must wait till you get a fishing pool.

Why can’t some people upgrade the fishing artifact pole?

People think that upgrading fishing artifact pole only depends on the Pearl in the Dalaran. But some of them cannot click that. The problem that arises is rare fish. Yes, rare fish.

If you have used all the rare fish already then you cannot click in the Pearl in the Dalaran. First of all, you have to catch some new rare fish with the artifact so that you can power up your pole and upgrade it.


Final Decree

So you got to start the game but if we say all then you will lose interest! Play it and win! You will start the game is this way and the game will go on and keep your fishing life adventurous!

Fishing lovers can have the perfect holiday fishing at home with the Fishing Artifacts games. And if you are in any dilemma, we are here to provide you with all the helpful advice. This piece of writing is a proper guide of Fishing Artifact, go through them perfectly and enjoy!

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