Penn Slammer 3 Review | Latest Guide 2020

When it comes to fishing, the best thing you can do is get the perfect gear. And if you are talking about the gear for fishing, the first thing that hits the brain is the fishing reels. If you are not getting the right fishing reel, all you are going to do the whole day is REGRET!

And let that not happen anymore! Get the fishing reels by Penn and enjoy your vacation the way you want. To be précised, if you are for the best one on the list, take a look at the Penn Slammer 3 fishing reels. To get the best experience, you have to invest wisely!  

​Why You Should Buy Spinning Fishing Reel?

When it comes to selecting the best spinning reel for fishing purposes, you cannot get anything better than Penn Slammer. This brand has an amazing quality of standing with high-tech features and incredible performance.

From the material to their methods of using, the fishing reels of this brand have something interesting to gift the customers. On the other hand, no one is able to complain about any major issues regarding the fishing reels of this company.

So, you can blindly have faith in this brand for the best product you are expecting for your perfect fishing experience. When it comes to the best fishing reel, you imagine having a fishing reel that is highly durable.

Durable fishing reels will afford you long term of service. On the other hand, robust fishing reels are great for affording your service in all complicated weather conditions.

In accordance with that, the drag system of the fishing reel is also important. The drag system of the fishing reel must be smooth. The smoother the drag system of the fishing reel, the better the fishing will be for you. And so, you always aim for the best fishing reel that has smooth drag.

On the contrary, when it comes to the smooth reels, the problem that most anglers face is the difficulty regarding the grunt. Yes, when the topic is a fishing reel, you will surely require plenty of grunt for battling the big pelagic.

And it is a fact that you always require a fishing reel that has a very tight and sealed design. The sealed reels are great because it is able to keep away the sand. Along with this, saltwater can be harmful and the work of the tightly sealed reels is to seal the whole product so that it is able to keep away the saltwater too!

And all you get is an amazing fishing reel! But what a minute! Don’t you want a fishing reel that has a great outlook? Yes, the outlook is very important. A stylish fishing reel can make your work easier and you will feel good taking the fishing reel to several vacations and show it off, won’t you?

So, that takes you to a fishing reel that is amazing in terms of looks too! A properly constructed fishing reel that has an amazing finish! And here, we will talk about Penn Slammer! Yes, the brand that has made a huge change in fishing especially in the fishing reel sector!

And so, here, we will discuss best spinning fishing reel by the brand Penn Slammer.

​Penn Slammer 3 Key Features!

So, here, we will talk about the key features of the Penn Slammer 3 spinning fishing reel and we will elaborately discuss the details regarding the fishing reel.

PENN Slammer III Spinning Reel

  • ​IP6 Sealed body Side
  • Metal
  • Metal
  • CNC GearDrag
  • Sealed Slammer
  • Dura-Drag Added
  • Ball Bearing: 6+1 Stainless Steel
  • Gear Ratio: 6.2:1Line
  • Capacity: 360/6
  • Maximum Drag: 30lb
  • Weight: 13.9 oz

Penn Slammer 3 Size

When it comes to the brand Penn Slammer, you have to understand before that there are several sizes. And so, you are free to choose from so many sizes of products as per your own requirements.

All you have to do is go through the several sizes of Penn Slammer Spinning Fishing reel sizes and select the one that suits you and the standard of your choice.

The smallest size of the Penn Slammer 3 spinning fishing reel is about 3500. On the other hand, you will also get Penn Slammer in the size 10,500 which is the biggest size of the fishing reel by the brand.

As there are several Penn Slammer fishing reels available, you will get several sizes of the reels too. However, the biggest size of the fishing reel which is 10,500 is not available for every model. This is only available for the Penn Slammer 3 and the Spinfisher V by the brand Penn.

The list of the different Penn Slammer III fishing reel sizes as mentioned below. You can choose anyone from the list and purchase it.

  • ​SLAIII 3500
  • SLAIII 4500
  • SLAIII 5500
  • SLAIII 6500
  • SLAIII 6500
  • HSSLAIII 7500
  • SLAIII 8500
  • SLAIII 8500
  • HSSLAIII 9500
  • SLAIII 10500

Here, there are also some specific things that you need to keep in mind. We have mentioned HS for two of the fishing reels in the list of the Penn Slammer reels. And these are the SLAIII 6500 and SLAIII 8500HS.

In terms of this fishing reel, HS refers to High Speed. And only two of these models include the high-speed mode and others don’t.

You can select the Penn Slammer fishing reels easily with the regular power mode. On the other hand, you are also free to select the Penn Slammer Spinning fishing reels on the high-speed mode and the high-speed mode with giving you speedy performance if you need it!

Basically, the manufacturers of the Penn Slammer spinning fishing reels have designed the two different high-speed modes of the fishing reels because some of the anglers usually are comfortable in retrieving their lures in the higher speed rather than the regular speed.

While dealing with the fast fish just like the TUNA fish, the anglers must need to retrieve lures at additional speed if they are using surface lures.  And if you are one of them, feel free to take a tour of the spinning fishing reels that have high-speed settings.

Only after going for the high-speed fishing reels, you will know how fast it is in comparison to the regular Penn Slammer spinning fishing reels that you have used before. So, people that love speed must go for the high-speed models!

Another fact you need to think about is the line retrieve. The Penn Slammer 3 6500HS has a line retrieve of 48 inches per crank. On the other hand, the regular one has about 42 inches per crank.

There is a difference between the Penn Slammer III 8500 and the Penn Slammer III 8500HS too. The regular one has a line retrieve of about 42 inches per crank. On the other hand, the high-speed Penn Slammer III 8500HS has more or less 50 inches per crank which are amazing.

If you are settling for the high-speed models then always remember that the high-speed models include different colors scheme if you compared them to the regular model. The regular models of Penn Slammer III ones carry gold on black color.

In comparison to that, the high-speed or HS models of the same Penn Slammer III spinning fishing reels have red on black color.

​Maintenance and Cost of Repair

Water and Heat Resistance

When it comes to the spinning fishing reels, the sealing is very important. No matter what, you are going to the water and water refers to saltwater here! If you are ready to get packed for the ocean, you must know that you are taking your gear to the saltwater.

​You might think that the gear will get only sprayed by water but no matter what, you are surely going to face water splashes or completely get covered in the water. And so, preparation for that is a must!

And when it comes to the protection of your spinning fishing reel from the splash of water, the best preparation you can take is selecting the Penn Slammer III spinning fishing reel.

The best thing about the Penn Slammer III spinning fishing reel is this model includes the IPX6 Waterproof rating. This ensures that your gear stays resistant to water always!

Before you know the worth of this term, you have to know what it is. The IPX6 rating refers to a reel that is completely splash-proof. So, whatever happens, you will be able to encounter a boat trip with your favorite fishing reel without thinking anything regarding the water troubles.

When it comes to the Penn Slammer III model by the brand, you must provide importance to the drag system. Along with this, the gearbox is very important. If you get this model, you will be glad to know that the Penn Slammer III fishing reel includes such internal elements that keep the whole product safe from the water.

The drag system of this fishing reel by Penn is tightly sealed so that this does not get acquainted with the water. On the other hand, the gearbox of the brand is tightly sealed too. This keeps away the water and making your fishing life more interesting!

As the sealing of the Penn Slammer III is water-resistant, this will keep the reel running for a very long period of time. Conversely, you will not only get optimal levels of service but long-term service is also something that you will get because of this waterproof quality. Along with this, the product is heat resistant too.


Form the manufacturer PENN, you will get a warranty of 1 year for the products related to fishing, From the date you purchase the product, you will get a year of warranty.

If your product goes through any troubles that require repair, you can send the product to the brand and they will repair it. If you want to replace it, you can apply for that too!

Gear System

If the topic is fishing real, how can you even forget the gear system? Yes, you cannot ignore the gear system because if you need the best fishing gear, you will always need to settle for the high-grade gear system. And when it comes to the gear system of the Penn Slammer III, you will be amazed to know that it includes the best CNC gear technology.

The reason the Penn Slammer II has the best gear system compared to the Shimano Saragosa fishing reels is what we will talk about now. The first thing you need to know is the material of the gear system. The gear system of this product is basically made with brass.

And the brass that is used in the construction of this gear system is machine precision milled. And so, you already know about the quality of this Penn Slammer’s gear system!

On the contrary, the best part about this gear system is this can afford you durability. All that people want from the gear system of the Penn Slammer is long-lasting service. This gear system affords you high durability.

Along with this, the smooth operation that the gear system provides is impeccable.

No matter what but when you go through a fish and hook into it, you want to take control over it. All you want it to keep control over the fish as per your desire. No-slip and no-rush; you want it under your control.

So, for ensuring this control, the gear system of this fishing reel is highly preferable. So, if you want to get something like this, the Penn Slammer III is the best bet for you!

Drag System

The other best fact about the Penn Slammer III fishing reel is the drag system of the product. The drag system is important and on that note, you cannot ignore the importance of the drag system too! The brand used the latest drag system in this product to make it perfect for all the anglers.

The regular fishing feels by Penn use the HT-100 drag system and you can already guess how powerful this drag system is. When it comes to the selling of the products by Penn, the users already know that this is one of the major key selling points of the Penn Slammer fishing reels.

However, if you judge the Penn Slammer III according to the other models then you are doing wrong. This model has the latest drag system which is even better than the previous one. In this product, the brand has implemented its whole new drag system named Dura-Drag system to make their reels better and more powerful.

If you are up for increased drag pressure, there can be nothing better than this Penn Slammer. On the other hand, if you are aiming at the smooth operation of the fishing reels, you must settle for this fishing reel as it affords silky smooth operation too!

The construction material that is usually used in the transmissions of the racing cars is basically used in this Penn Slammer III fishing reel. The high-performance racing cars are great in terms of quality. As the materials of these have been used here, the quality of the drag-system will be high-grade undoubtedly.

If you are an angler then you surely have faced frequent brutal encounters when you come across to a hard fighting fish. Of course, all the fishes are not easy to fight. And in this case, if you want to endure the brutal encounters, Penn Slammer III can save you! The best thing is this drag system is promised to run smoothly even in the worse scenario!

Weight of Penn Slammer III

If you want to get something really light, we will not suggest you Penn Slammer III. The reason behind this is Penn Slammer III is not light. And so, if lightweight is your criteria, you will not be satisfied.

But if you are searching for a fishing reel that has a solid finish and serves you for years, you can take a look at these fishing reels. As the fishing reel is not light, you can understand that the construction material of the fishing reel is high-grade. Along with this, if you hold it, you will feel that it is well-built.

On the other hand, the solid finish makes it a perfect gear for the long-term. If you are up for some premium fishing reels, you can get your hands on this product by Penn Slammer. No matter it is weighty or not, you will get amazing service from this fishing reel.


However, the reels that are included in this Penn Slammer III model have several options for you. There are several reels and the price of the reels differs from each other too. The price of the Penn Slammer III starts from $207.

And the highest price of these reels is $260. In between this range, there are several reels available in this model. The price of the reels basically depends on the size of the fishing.

It is amazing that you get options to choose from so many sizes of fishing reels and finally, you can also pay according to the size you prefer.

FAQs on Penn Slammer 3

Does Penn Slammer 3 have an automatic or manual bail system?

If you are talking about the smaller Penn Slammer 3 models then those actually feature the automatic bail system. On the other hand, the Penn Slammer 3 larger models feature the manual bail system.

Is the 4500 good for black fishing?

The 4500-model by Penn Slammer will be good for black fishing however we recommend you using the 6500-model for this. On the other hand, if you want to go for sea bass or the Tautog, you can rely on the 4500-model too.

According to the Penn Slammer 3 4500 reviews, this is great for sea bass or Tautog!

Is 10500-model suitable for cat-fishing?

If you are an angler who is eager to rip your targeted catfish out of the water at a very high speed then you can get a Penn Slammer III as your fishing reels. If you want to bring the catfish out, the 6500-model is able to do that within seconds.

On the other hand, the 10500-model is too strong that it is capable of getting out a shark or Tuna!

Wrap Up

When it comes to fishing in several places of enjoying your vacation, the best fishing reel can make your day. And if the fishing reel is not good, your whole day will be wasted. All you need to do is get the best fishing reel from the market.

In terms of fishing reel, the Penn Slammer 3 fishing reel by the brand Penn is loved by the users for its quality. Get your hands on it and never miss a fish to catch!