Best Fish Fillet Knife For 2022[Updated] | Top Picks & Reviews

Who doesn’t love to go fishing? But after you pass your leisure time doing fishing, what will you do with all those fish? This is where the idea of ideal fish fillet knives comes from. The best fishing knife will not only give you the best performance in doing filleting for the fish but will also be a knife that can work for the other cutting job of your kitchen.

We, for you, afford the best rescue knife for you. According to use, your hard-earned money deserves the best product of its type and so we are working to afford you the best performance at a perfect price. We are working for you so that you do not invest money on a fish fillet knife and waste it all because of insufficient information.

Here, we are presenting the Best fillet knife for fish in terms of quality, performance, and price. Along with the details of the product, we have also evaluated the product according to the positive and the negative phases and also presented them for you.

10 Best Fish Fillet Knife Reviews - Find Out Which One Is The Buyer’s Choice

Budget friendly
  • Best knife for the money
  • Very sharp knife and size is great
  • Very strong and safe
  • Great quality
also great
  • Has a good steel
  • Amazing knife for the great value
  • Smaller and easy to handle
  • Quality is vey good
  • Limited lifetime warrenty

What is a Fish Fillet Knife and what does it do

A fish fillet knife is a kitchen tool that is used to remove meat from the bone. It has an extremely thin and flexible blade which can easily slide under the skin of a fish without tearing it apart. This allows you to create perfect, filleted pieces of fish with ease and less risk than using other types of knives.

The best part about this type of knife is that they are relatively inexpensive, making them ideal for chefs on a budget or those who don't want to invest too much into their cooking tools. They also come in different sizes so there's one for every size job. If you're looking for an easy way to make your dishes look professional, then investing in quality equipment like this will be worth it!

Rapala4 Soft Grip Fillet

The popular brand Rapala introduces the users to the Soft Grip Fillet Knife. This knife has a stainless steel blade which is flexible.

With this best  Rapala Fillet Knife, there are no chances of slipping! It is a no-slip knife.

As the name goes, this knife is soft-grip and is very much comfortable to hold. The handle is moldered textures and you will feel no discomfort holding it and working with it for a long time.

This is the Best Knife under 100 and this fillet knife has one black sheath or cover. The sheath will effortlessly fit on the belt. With this sheath, you also get one single-stage sharpener.

Whenever you feel that your knife is not working as sharp as it used to, you can go for this sharpener to enhance the performance again!


  • No-slip during cutting
  • Has black sheath for better performance
  • Includes sharpener
  • The handle is comfortable to hold
  • Used stainless still is durable
  • Affordable


  • Requires sharpening frequently
  • The sheath is not of high quality
Global Cromova Flexible Boning Knife

Lightweight is a feature, this Global Cromova is highly flexible for you. From the top to the bottom, the material of the fillet knife is high tech. As this fillet knife is from Japan, you should never worry about the quality.

Hard Molybdenum stainless steel is used for making the blades of this fish fillet knife. There is not short bevel and instead, the knife uses long taper for a better result. 

Who doesn’t want a balanced knife? The knife is precisely balanced and so you will get the ultimate comfort with this fish fillet knife.

As we have explained before, the handle is made of stainless steel and is molded properly so that you get no pain in your hand while using the knife for a long time period. As your safety is the chief concern, Global takes care of your protection and they add up dimple in the knife to create a better and safer grip.

The edges are very much sharp and only hand washing will do its job if you are thinking about the cleaning process.


  • Uses high tech stainless steel
  • Lightweight
  • Perfectly balanced knife
  • Sharp edges for better cuts
  • Dimple added for safer grip


  • You may find it a little narrow
  • Does not come with a sheath
American Angler PRO Professional Grade Electric Fillet Knife

If you want to fillet your fish with an electric fillet knife then this American Angler Professional is a PRO in real! No matter you are going through bigger bone or smaller bones, this knife will cut down everything with the PRO series motor.

The drive train components of this fillet knife are incredible and the design of the product is well built.

You will have no questions about the lifespan of the knife as you can fillet your fish season after season.

For making filleting comfortable, you get this knife is an advanced airflow design. No matter how many hours you work, with the help of this, you will be able to keep your fillet knife cool for hours.

In terms of accessories and replacements, this BABY is versatile. It goes tremendously with all American Angler Replacements.

No matter you are a professional fisherman or not, you can use this as a professional once you get habituated with it. The brand also affords you a 2 years long warranty! So why are you waiting? Grab it!


  • Well built with quality material
  • Includes advance airflow design
  • Goes with a range of American Angler Replacements
  • Backed by a two years warranty
  • Versatile


  • The motor may get a little hot if worked for a long time
  • Operating trigger need strength to squeeze
Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Boning Knife

With the Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Boning Knife, forge the tension of slipping your knife and hurting yourself! The handles are ergonomic and have a non-slip grip. So, you can hold it and cut however you want to, it will only fillet your fish, not your hands!

Even if you are with your wet hands, you do not need to worry. If you are finding the best Fillet Knife for salmon, then pick this up! 

It is made with certain material that it will not break from any kind of exposure to your kitchen oils. No matter it is a cold temperature or hot, it can endure everything.

The knife is durable and strong. While cutting fish, it will provide you balanced handling. Stainless steel that is used in this knife is of high-carbon and is corrosion-free. No discoloration will happen and the material of this knife will resist rust.

The taper-ground edge of this knife gives you better performance and it stable while filleting!


  • Non-slip grip
  • Corrosion-free material
  • Stainless steel of high-carbon
  • Taper-ground edge
  • No worry for discoloration
  • Resists rust


  • You may feel it a bit thick if you have smaller hands
  • Absence of indentation
Victorinox Fibrox Pro Curved Boning Knife

If you searching for the best-curved boning knife of the market then you should definitely go through the Victorinox Fibrox Pro Curved Boning Knife.

This boning knife will add up the new experience to your filleting world! You can easily slice through the cartilage and the bones in no time.

Slicing around the chops and the ribs will not be a big deal for you if you have this knife. 

The weight of this knife is very light and you will feel that you are not even holding anything.

Being lightweight, this knife is comfortable to hold and do your filleting work with ease. The handle of this boning knife is slip-resistant, so there are no ways to hurt you.

It bears a stamped construction and affords you an amazing angle while cutting because the knife is curved. Stainless steel of high carbon is added in the construction of this knife. The break point is wide and it can sustain ice tempered things. It provides you with a lifetime warranty as it is NSF approved.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Curved and gives proper angle
  • Slip-resistant
  • Lifetime warranty from the manufacturer
  • Constructed with high carbon steel that is stain-resistant
  • Can go with hot and cold both temperatures
  • Affordable


  • Does not come with any sheath
  • Not enough flexible
Buck 0220BLS Knives

Are you tired of the just “stainless-steel” feature of the boning knives? If you are then this Buck Knives Silver Creek Folding Fillet Fishing Knife will worth your attention!

The materials that are used in this knife will make this knife last for a long time along with amazing performance that will mesmerize you.

This is the best fillet knife for saltwater fish as the blade of this fish fillet knife is coated with TITANIUM STEEL and so you get the best deal and you do not need to compromise with the quality at all. 

The titanium blade is very much flexible. Go up and down and right and left with your knife, it is flexible and so you do not need to worry at all!

The blade may get dull at points but the blade is very easy to sharpen and you can sharpen it anytime. It has an anti-slip grip which will help you work without any fear. The weight of this fillet knife is only 6 oz. and the length is 7-1/4 Inches. The handle is coated with rubber.

You can fold it and carry anywhere. With all of this, the users get a lifetime warranty! It is definitely a great deal!


  • Uses Titanium Steel
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • The handle is coated with rubber
  • Non-slip grip
  • Weight: 6 oz
  • Foldable and portable
  • Has lifetime warranty


  • Filleting small fish may be a little tough
  • Blade may seem a little stiffer to some users
Rapala 4 N Fillet Knife

Named as Fish N Fillet, this Rapala Knife does the best for you fish and filleting experience. The manufacturer Marttiini is famous for manufacturing fillet knives for more than 50 years and so you will never have any complaints about their quality and craftsmanship.

From the death of manufacturing, it had been sold more than 40 million. So, you already know how popular this knife is just because the performance it provides is amazing.

The knife is basically tapered and so you can hold it properly.

It will not hurt your hands. Moreover, this knife is very much flexible which is needed while you are filleting fish. The full-tang blade provides you with incredible performance and the edges of the blade are ultra-sharp to afford you faster results.

The birch handle is comfortable to hold and there is a safety notch so that you can save yourself from any unwanted accidents. This fillet knife also includes a leather sheath to protect your knife and to cover it up whenever you are traveling.

You get the opportunity to choose from 4 different sized blades as per your requirements.


  • 4 different sizes to choose from
  • Tapered design
  • Flexible ultra-sharp blade
  • Classic birch handle
  • Includes leather sheath
  • Includes sharpener
  • Stainless-steel full-tang blade


  • For bigger fish, not suitable
  • Sharpener may seem a little crud
Bubba Blade 9 Inch Tapered Flex Fillet Knife

The overall length of this Bubba Blade Tapered Flex Fillet Knife is about 15 Inches and is big enough for you to fillet your fish comfortably. The blade of this knife is around 9 inches which is a great length for a fillet knife.

If you are e beginner for fish filleting then we recommend you using this fillet knife as it is very much easy to use and handle.

It has a feature of non-slip and so you will never lose the grip and hurt you! It also has the trigger grip for some additional security of the newbie.
The safety guards make this fillet knife a reliable piece of knife that you can take anywhere you want. This is a very much durable knife if you take care of it properly. The blade is super thin and goes directly into the fish for better performance.
The blade of the knife is Ti-Nitride coated so from now on, you do not have to worry about the performance. You also get a sheath along with one belt loop so that you can carry it anywhere.


  • Ti-Nitride coated for better performance
  • Non-slip grip
  • Durable and easy to use
  • Comes with a sheath
  • Includes a belt loop and is portable
  • Blade is of 9 inches
  • Super thin blade


  • May discolor after a long-term use
  • Expensive
Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife

Pronounced as OUTDOOR KNIFE, this knife is very much decent in terms of using it indoor even in outdoor. The performance is great as the razor has great sharpness and is corrosion resistant.

You will not have to face discoloration no matter how many times you use this knife.

As it is made of stainless steel, it stays sharp for a long period of time. You do not need to sharp is often.

It is well designed with the high-friction grip and so no matter it is hot or cold, you will be very comfortably able to fillet your fish! In safety, we give this product a full mark.

A sheath is included as they indicated it as an outdoor fillet knife. You can carry it anywhere using the sheath to protect your knife.

The steel is made of Swedish steel and the thickness of the blade is only 1 Inch. It weighs only 4.1 oz. and has a warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Made with stainless steel
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • High-friction grip
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Includes sheath
  • Lightweight
  • Thin blade


  • The sheath is made of plastic
  • Not a full-tang knife
Benchmade Griptilian 551 Knife

As the name says, GRIPTILLIAN, this fillet knife by Benchmade never loses the grip! It uses 154CM stainless steel for outstanding performance. The blade is rust-resistant and no discoloration will happen.

It is very much lightweight for holding and taking it anywhere you want. You can use it on an everyday basis for filleting and also can take it outdoors.

The handle is made of nylon and is glass-filled so you can easily understand why the name is related to its grip.

It has a utility blade style as so it is versatile for anyone. You also get a lifetime guarantee for this knife.

You can use this knife in any tactical situation too. It includes a lanyard holder for the better performance. It also has standard clip along with a reversible tip-up position for the clip.

The blade is around 0.115 Inch and it weighs almost 3.88 oz.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Rust-resistant
  • Can be used indoor and outdoor
  • Versatile
  • Includes utility-blade
  • Comes with lanyard holder
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee


  • Opening the knife requires skill
  • Expensive

Buyer's Guide - What You Should Know About Fillet Knife?

best fish fillet knife

Fish Fillet knife can be reasonable and they can also be highly expensive. If you are going to buy any fish fillet knife, go through our buyer’s guide so that you can understand what you need and what you don’t.

Blade Size

The fish fillet knives usually include blades from 4 inches to 9 inches. The best sizes for the blade of the fishing knives are 4 Inches, 6 Inches, 7.5 Inches, and 9 Inches. You can buy any of them according to the type of the fish you are going to fillet.

If you are going to fillet bigger fish then you should get a fish fillet knife blade which is a larger size. On the other hand, smaller fish filleting requires smaller fish fillet blades that can properly go inside the fish and fillet it properly.

 If you are going to target fish like crappie, bluegills or perch then you have to go for the medium-sized blades for the filleting. A 6 Inch blade will be the best for you if you are going to fillet panfish.

Some fish fillet knives say that they are an all-around knife and this means they have a 7.5 Inch blade. But these blades are great for filleting large fish along with the smaller fish with ease. So, if you want to go for one fish fillet knife which will do all work for you, then the 7.5 Inch all-around knives are considered the best bet.

Blade Material

Blade material is very important because if you do not choose the right material then your fillet knife will not work properly. The blade is the main thing that works for you in a fillet knife and if the blade is made of a material that discolors very fast then you will not be able to work with it for a long time.

Stainless steel is the material that most of the fillet knives use for a better result. Stainless steel will not catch stain easily. But all the stainless steel blades are not made with proper material and so many of the stainless steel also discolor very fast.

Before choosing any one of the fillet knives, know that the blade is corrosion-resistant or rust-free.Go for any reputable company among the brands we have mentioned as we do serious research before recommending you any product.

The Flexibility of Fillet Knife      

Best Fish Fillet Knife Reviews

The flexibility of a knife is very much important when you are filleting fish. If the knife is not enough flexible then you may not filler your knife properly rather you will cut your fish into two parts. Before buying any fillet knife, you have to understand the work of a fillet knife.

For the better performance in terms of flexibility, the Japanese Fishing Knife for filleting fish is very much popular. They include amazing blades with incredible non-slip features which you can only understand if you have used one of them. 

Types of Knives

types of knives

There are fillet knives and boning knives in the market that are told to be the same but there are differences. When you are talking about boning knife vs. fillet knife, you have to know that they are different. Boning knives are usually used to removes the bones from the meat of the fish where fillet knives are used in to removes the bones along with the skin from the meat.

In this term, all the boning knives are fillet knives but all the fillet knives are not boning knives. Get one fillet knives if you want one knife to do both works. When it comes to haunting knife vs. fishing knife, we have to say that haunting knives are much tougher while fishing knives are usually thinner.

Fishing knives are sharper than the haunting knives or any survival knives. When it comes to different types of knives, the fly fishing knife is a little expensive. Go for this only when you are doing fly fishing.

How to Use Your New Knife Correctly

Knives are one of the most important tools in your kitchen. You need to know how to use them correctly and safely in order to get the best results when cooking. Above explanation will teach you how to use a knife with confidence. We'll go over different types of knives; what they're used for; and provide some basic safety tips when handling knives. This is not an exhaustive list but it's a great place to start if you're just learning about knives!

Tips on How to Store Your Knives Properly

If you have a lot of knives in your kitchen, it can be hard to store them properly. There are many different options for knife storage, but the best way is to invest in a magnetic strip that will allow you to hang your knives on the wall or inside of a cabinet. This allows for quick and easy access when preparing food and ensures they won't get damaged by other items in your kitchen. I'll share some tips below on how to find the right magnetic strip for hanging your knives!

Difference Between Fish Knife and Butter Knife

A fish knife and a butter knife are two very different utensils that are often confused for one another. Though they may look similar, their purposes differ greatly. In order to understand the difference between these knives, it is important to first understand their individual functions.

A fish knife is used for cutting and slicing through cooked fish. The blade is shaped like a taper, which makes it easy to maneuver around delicate bones and skin. A butter knife, on the other hand, is not meant for cutting at all. Its purpose is to spread butter or margarine on toast or bread. It has a blunt blade and a round handle, which makes it perfect for spreading soft substances evenly.

FAQs on Best Fish Fillet Knives

What is a boning knife?

Boning knives are similar to the fillet knives but there are some differences. Boning knives are used to removes the bones from the fish meat. Moreover, boning knives are also used for the regular kitchen work.

These knives are not too much sharp as the fillet knives but there are some boning knives that are all-purpose and work exactly as the fillet knives.

How to use a boning knife?

Boning knives or fillet knives are usually used to fillet fish. First of all, you have to de-scale the fish with the help of the back part of the knife or the blade. Then you have to remove all the fins and take off the whole skin.

Now, you have to remove the entrails and by washing it you have to cut the fish in a proper length. Then all you need to do is remove the fillets with the help of the blade and do the same on the other side.   

What are the fishing pocket knife advantages?

If you are with a fishing pocket knife, it can be the best survival tool for you while camping. Whenever you are cutting fishing line or removing the hooks during your fishing, this fishing pocket knife is a must-have. 

What is the best knife for filleting fish?

Final Notes

No matter you are a proper angler or not, you surely love fish. To take the proper taste of fish and cooking it ideally, doing fish fillet it a necessary step. With the help of the best fish fillet knife, you can easily afford your children the best food with proper food benefits.

Doing fish fillet perfectly is an amazing thing itself. The best fillet knife for fish  will not only help you filleting your fish ideally rather it will help you in other work of the kitchen.

All you have to do is go through our review and get one for yourself because you deserve the best!

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