Best Ice Fishing Gloves | Reviewes & Buying Guide 2020 [Updated]

No matter you are a seasoned angler or a beginner, everyone knows the importance of fishing gloves. People who are fond of ice-fishing can never deny the significance of best ice fishing gloves. Professional or not, if you are an adventurous person, you will definitely like to keep your fishing up to the mark.

We are here to endow you with specific and exact information that will make your adventurous fishing life easier and better than ever.

Our Top 15 Picks Of The Best Fishing Gloves Designed For Fishing

Budget Friendly

Ice fishing gloves
  • Designed for kayaking
  • Protect hands from sunspots, skin toughening
  • Lightweight, protective
  • Great for the price

Editors Choice

Palmyth Flexible Fishing Gloves
  • Very comfortable gloves
  • Perfect convertible gloves for ice fishing
  • Breathable water-repellent and windproof softshell repels
  • Perfect for ice fishing
  • Lightweight and durable

   Also     Great

best ice gloves for fishing
  • Extremely durable PU palms
  • Perfect for Ice fishing
  • Waterproof, soft and cozy
  • Great quality, great price

The Berkley Fishing Gloves are thought to be one of the best fishing gloves when it comes to ice fishing. These gloves weigh 5.3 oz and the manufacturer of these gloves is Berkley Combo.

They will block your hands whenever they get wet and these have a little tackiness on the internal part of the palm side of these gloves. This is for the better grip so that your hands don’t get slippery when you are catching fish.

The best things about these gloves are they are very affordable for anyone. The inside of the gloves is rubber coated and so it will work beyond imagination.


  • Has good grip
  • Rubber-coated internal body
  • Durable and rugged


  • Hooks can catch in the crafting material of the gloves

No matter it is a sunny season of more than hot, you cannot have a better pair of gloves than these Glacier Abaco Bay Gloves. The thing that makes it different from the other gloves is these are fingerless and they can shield your hands perfectly.

Is the sun making your hands dark with those UV rays? Glacier is here to keep your hands protected from the detrimental rays with the exceptional sun protection UPF 50+.

Saltwater anglers can take the best benefit from this Glacier Gloves. The incomparable facts that make it different are quick dry fiber and 4-ways stretch material.


  • Ideal for long boat fishing
  • Has UPF sun protection
  • Has got 4 ways stretch material


  • May seem bigger in a woman’s hand (usually made for men)

The name says it all, these Rapala Gloves are for the PRO. Seasoned anglers will also get amazed to see this professional Marine Fisherman Gloves by the Rapala which is remarkably the other name of perfection while fishing.

The outstanding fish control (non-slip) and the latex coating for protecting from teeth which is durable, these gloves afford you all! The dorsal fins and the gill plates, all is yours when you are with these gloves. 

This glove is washable in the machine and it is drip-dry so that you can use it for years.


  • Durable
  • Goes for both freshwater and saltwater
  • Machine washable


  • Cannot be used as fillet glove

True to its name, this Glacier Fishing Glove is the ICE BAY for the ice fishing. These waterproof fishing gloves ensure the complete ice-fishing package for your hands. No more cold hands with this ICE BAY ice-fishing glove by Glacier.

This glove is crafted with 2MM neoprene and for the added comfort and warmth; the fleece lining is properly textured.

For the improvement of the gripping power, these gloves are all-in-one for the anglers because they can easily hold the fish and the fish cannot slip at any cost. The palm design of these gloves is seamless so that you can get your best bet faster than ever.


  • Water resistant
  • Glued and blind stitched
  • Shark-skin textured


  • You can have some difficulties with the fitting
Stormr Strykr 2mm Neoprene Women gloves

The construction of this fishing glove is done with Neoprene so forget about the durability issue. So, if you are an ice-fishing kind of angler, this glove is totally your thing. These are water resistant and blind stitched and glued so that water cannot reach your hands.

The flexible and manageable STORMR Stryker glove is rip resistant and so it does not only keep your hands warm but also keep them safe. 

No matter how harsh your tips are, this glove ensures flexibility. The grip is strong and the material of the glove’s palm is durable. So, you get the best glove in an affordable price range.


  • Versatile for freshwater and saltwater
  • Good holding grip
  • Made of Neoprene


  • Not that warm

As the name goes, this HT Ice Fishing Tackle is the glove that you can use while fishing in the ice. The shell of this glove is PVC and the lining is constructed with polyester or cotton. For the superior protection of your hands, these gloves have no competitors.

The water-resistant construction keeps your hand warm and out of the reach of water. So, you get your hands warm and safe together. 

The exterior rubber of this glove is rough and so it can hold your fish perfectly. It guarantees that you do not miss any of your targets.


  • Water resistant
  • Has rubber grip
  • Can keep hands warm


  • May seem slightly bulky

This Fishing Sun Protection Glove by The UV is verified by the SGS Group (a global testing company) and so you are safe with this glove because it can protect your hands from any UV rays. This glove has a UV sunscreen of UPF and SPF 50+. You do not need any artificial spray because all of the protection is woven in your gear.

If you have sunburn issue then this glove will safeguard your hands from skin toughening, sunspots and aging.

The palm of the glove is made of faux leather and an additional layer is also added for the extra strength. These machine washable gloves have an ability to dry-up swiftly as they have AMARA and SPANDEX faux leather.


  • Has adjustable wrist strap
  • Lightweight and dries easily
  • Comfortable and machine-washable


  • May seem tight when you use it for the first time

Are you ready for your outdoor activities with your gloves? Gloves are better when they are convertible so that you can use it in most of the outdoor games. For ice fishing, gloves should waterproof. FRDM Gear Convertible Gloves are water resistant along with windproof so that no boundaries can bind you from getting your targeted fish in your basket.

The breathable 3-layered fabric ensures your longevity. 

We all know that fitting is imperative, so for men and women both, the sizing (unisex) guide is incorporated with the gloves. For a little more accessibility, this glove comes with hidden magnets on the index and thumb finger caps.


  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Crafter with three-layered fabric
  • Comes with the unisex sizing guide


  • May seem slightly heavy

The professional and seasoned anglers, this is your chance to grab the best gloves for ice fishing for you. The glove is made of the topnotch Neoprene for the ultimate durability and flexibility.

If you want to keep your hands warm, then this is what you were asking for. This Pro Angler glove will provide you the flexibility so that you can open any knots with the index finger and the thumb. 

The Lined Neoprene 2MM fleece will make sure that you get a proper grip.


  • Made with tech-line Neoprene
  • Has flexibility
  • Has perfect grip


  • The outer fabric may not seem of high-quality

Game Fishing Gloves by the Pelagic is a heavy duty pair of gloves that are ideal for any fishing types. The best quality of this glove is it has the sure-grip feature. The closed finger-tips of this glove guarantees ultimate protection.

By elimination all the blisters, this leading glove will prevent all the line cuts and safeguard your hands and fishing.

This Kevlar lined glove is lightweight and has performance sweatband. The tightening strap which is adjustable makes it well fitted.


  • Lightweight and has moisture locking properties
  • Has performance sweat-bands
  • Flexible tightening strap


  • Sometimes the adjustable straps get loose
MCTi Waterproof Mens Ski Gloves

Constructed with windproof polyester, this Ski Gloves by MCTi is going to keep you away from any sort of obstacles while fishing.

3M Thinsulate Insulation makes sure that the gloves stay for a very long time. 

Moreover, these gloves have 140 grams of cotton added so that you are always comfortable during fishing.

​Moreover, when you are fishing in the ice, you will never catch a cold because it will keep the cold away from you no matter what!

No matter you are riding, skiing, hiking or fishing, when you are in the ice, you can rely on these gloves. It has three different layers of soft shells that keep you away from cold and wind. It also includes a waterproof TPU membrane. It can keep your hands away from water and keep them dry throughout the operation.

​The rubber fingers are flexible and afford you a comfortable grip. You will never lose any bet with these gloves. The zipper pocket is very much portable and compact in size. The buckle wrist strap is adjustable and so, you do not need to think about the size when you are choosing the gloves.


  • ​Made of 3M Thinsulate
  • Waterproof TPE membrane
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Rubber fingers ensure amazing grip
  • Zipper pocket
  • Portable and compact
  • Adjustable wrist straps


  • ​A little difficult for moving fingers if you have large hands
  • A little clumsy for driving

​If you are here to get a pair of gloves that keeps your hands away from cold and water but also are lightweight, get this one!

Yes, these Breathable Snowboard Gloves by Velazzio are great in terms of performance.

These are padded with 3M Thinsulate insulation and so, 

​you do not need to worry about the cold outside! These will trap the heat of your body easily and keep you warm throughout the process. These gloves are highly breathable and so, if you have issues regarding sweating while wearing gloves, you are never going to face this. These gloves are moisture-wicking.

These pair of gloves includes FAN-TEX membrane technology will help you in keeping your hands dry even if you are using these in the water or ice. No matter it is a snowy, damp, rainy or sweaty condition, you will always be relaxed with these gloves.

These also include zipper pockets that are water-resistant. It also includes rubber dots to keep your hands flexible.


  • ​​Keeps hand warmLightweight
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Rubber dots keep away sweat
  • FAN-TEX membrane for waterproof technology
  • Zipper pockets are included
  • Wrist straps are adjustable


  • ​​Sometimes you may suffer leaks
  • Excessive large in size
OZERO Deerskin Suede Leather Palm Ice Fishing Gloves

​​There are people who want leather gloves for ice fishing. If you are one of them, you can go for the OZERO Winter Gloves Thermal Snow Work Ski Gloves.

They are specially made for the winter and so, you will never face difficulties regarding the cold weather.

The construction of these gloves is made of genuine deerskin suede leather. Pieces of leather are always art.

​Adding art in your fishing life will excite your journey more! The soft polar fleece makes the gloves better than the other gloves of the market.

Though these gloves are made of leather, these are waterproof. No matter you are dealing with the ice or water, these will help you in keeping your hands out of any sort of water.

If you are dealing with extremely cold weather, these are best because these include HEATLOCK Thermal layers for keeping your hands warm and locking heat inside.

 These are soft so that you can do your work with comfort but these are also durable. These will serve you for so many years if you take care of them properly.


  • ​​​Leather gloves
  • Constructed with deerskin suede leather
  • Soft polar fleece
  • Waterproof
  • Great for extreme cold
  • HEATLOCK for locking heat inside
  • Comfortable but soft


  • ​​​Not windproof
  • Leather cannot afford you the perfect grip that rubber can
Palmyth Flexible Fishing Gloves

If you are in search of convertible gloves, you can get Palmyth Flexible Fishing Gloves.

These can go for fishing, motorcycling, photography or anything you want. You can keep your hands warm while working with these gloves.

These gloves include flipping back thumb. Along with this, these gloves have middle and index finger caps

​added with metal buttons so that you can do you work even in the cold weather. The windproof soft-shell keeps your hands warm. No matter if the wind blows, your hands will be warm and wind can never tough them if you are with these gloves. Partial synthetic leather is added with these gloves to make the construction better.

The wrist strap is basically a Velcro wrist strap. These straps are adjustable and you can find the right size for you easily. There are snug-fit neoprene cuffs made of elastic to keep the fitting perfect.

These gloves ensure maneuverability and are available in different sizes. These are machine washable along with hand washable. You can easily wear the glove and pull them off as the gloves are very comfortable and flexible for your hands.


  • ​​​​Convertible gloves
  • Go with any sort of work
  • Keeps hands warm
  • Includes flip back thumb
  • Metal buttons for easy operation
  • Windproof
  • Partial synthetic leather for durability
  • Velcro adjustable wrist straps
  • Snug fit neoprene cuffs for a perfect fit


  • ​​​​Not great for extreme cold weather
  • Short overlap flap
Drasry 3 Cut Fingers Ice Fishing Gloves

​These gloves are great if you are worried about excessive wind during any outdoor sport.

The design of these gloves is very much unique and they are also great in performance. Keep your hands warm with the Drasry Neoprene Ice Fishing Gloves.

These gloves are named after ice fishing and so, these are specially designed for Ice fishing.

There is a TOUCHSCREEN design included for the thumb and the forefinger of the gloves. These are specially designed for people who cannot stay without their phones. Are you one of them? There are people who need to use their phones while working.

For doing this, they need to put off their gloves and use the phone and then again put the gloves on. If this whole process annoys you, buy these gloves. You can use your smartphone even if you are wearing these gloves! Amazing!

Diving Antiskid is used for the construction of the gloves. This makes the gloves breathable and comfortable. Neoprene is also added to keep your hands windproof. An elastic band is used for the perfect fit.


  • ​​​​​Unique in design
  • Windproof and waterproof Sensitive touch-screen for using phones
  • Anti-skid performance
  • Incredible grip
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Non-sip design


  • ​​​​​Sizes are not accurate
  • Tight opening 

Buyers Guide: What Should You know When You Buy The Best Ice Fishing Gloves

If you are an angler and want to go for ice fishing then you will be requiring best ice fishing gloves. But are you ready to put your investment in something that will not provide you anything in the back? You will not. So, before investing money, invest some effort to know that what to look for when you are going to purchase a pair of ice fishing glove.

Whenever you are out for fishing in the day, the sunlight will catch your hands. The ultraviolet rays of the sun may cause the tan to your hands which is not pleasing at all. To keep your hands tan-free moreover UV ray free (as it causes cancer and other skin diseases,) you should prefer the UV protective fishing gloves.

Finger Slits

Some of the full-gloves come up with the finger slits. These will help your index finger and thumb in moving. To be clearer, this will afford your fingers flexibility. Usually, when you are doing ice fishing or any types of fishing, you always require opening knots after and before catching the fish.

This finger slits will let you move your fingers so that you do not need to put off your gloves every time you get to catch any target. It also help to catch fishing rod safely.

Enhanced Grip

The grip is the foremost concern when you are talking about any fishing gloves. If you have slippery grip then no matter how efficient you and your gloves become, you can never catch any of your targeted fish. Usually, the outer surface of the glove is responsible for the grip-issue.

Some of the outer parts of the gloves are made of rubber which lessens the percentage of slipping fish or fishing reels and gears. The leather is also good when it is about the perfection of the grip.


When you do usual fishing, the waterproof ability of a glove may not bother you so much because all you see and touch is water. But during ice fishing, you need gloves that are water resistant so that it can keep your hands warm and flexible.

Ensure that the collar of your waterproof gloves are tight and the sleeves are enough lengthy so that they can end under the jacket. Along with being waterproof, for ice fishing, you can also settle on the windproof gloves which will ensure the proper warmth of your hands.

UV Protection

Another thing you need to keep in mind in the UV ray protective gloves is much desirable when you are fishing. Frequently, people go fishing and spend their whole day doing a lot of fun in the water. But being waterproof doesn’t safeguard your hand properly.

Fingerless Fishing Gloves

​Fingerless gloves are demand and not a choice for fishing. So, you are free to make your own selection. It is really hard to beat the hybrid gloves. Fingerless gloves real are missing the first two knuckles of the glove from two fingers.

Most of them have open tips on all fingers. A Shanty glove which may be fine for ice fishing. Without the fingerless glove, you need to take your ice glove off when you want to do deft such as handling a wet fish or removing a hook from fishing line.

Leather Gloves

If you are searching for fishing gloves which are awesome for longevity and durability then we recommend leather gloves, honestly. Actually leather is a natural material which is susceptible to taking on water.

Angler can use leather treatment products to wear out too quickly and stop it from taking on water. There are lots of products out there. Usually, I recommend just two for gloves.

You can use Neatsfoot Oil to keep the leather of your gloves supple and crack-free. Another is Sno Seal which can be used to help repel water uptake.

Water-resistant Vs. Waterproof

In the market, you will find two basic types of ice fishing gloves. Scuba diving gloves are made of the same material used to make Neoprene wetsuits. There are no holes in the fabric and cuff line is kept above ice water so that you will find them as 100% waterproof.

Another type of fishing glove is available in the market which is made of waterproof and water-resistant materials. Usually, some materials like Thinsulate, Gore-Tex and Polar Fleece are used to make but may include rubber-coated fabric or neoprene for some portions.  

Considering their durability and longevity both types of gloves have some advantages and disadvantages. Fabric-based gloves are not fully waterproof and have more seams that are vulnerable to tear and wear. Neoprene gloves are contractile and items of handling are small which is very difficult.

However, It is easy to find different brands and styles gloves with the fit, warmth factors and durability you need.

Let’s watch best ice Fishing secret to warm hands!

Some FAQs on Ice Fishing Gloves

Why is waterproof-ability important in Ice Fishing Gloves?

Waterproof Ice Fishing Gloves do not let the water go through the gloves and so your hands remain warm in the ice-cold weather. It also keeps your hands flexible.

Is UV Protection required in Ice Fishing Gloves?

Yes, UV protection is required in Ice Fishing Gloves because you cannot compromise with the safety of your health. If you are fishing in the day, the sun can cause you skin diseases, so you should better use UV protective gloves for the safety of your hands.

What are the materials of Ice Fishing Gloves?

Usually, the ice fishing gloves are made of Neoprene or Fleece. The Neoprene protects your hand and the gloves even when they are wet and the Fleece affords exceptional quality to provide warmth to your hands.

Are male and female ice-fishing gloves different?

Yes, both the gloves are different. Some of the gloves can be used by both after sizing it according to a proper guideline.

What are the types of ice- fishing gloves available in the market?

There are different kinds of ice-fishing gloves available in the market namely full gloves, fingerless gloves, and convertible gloves. You can choose any of them.

Final Notes

We have presented all the details of buying the best ice fishing gloves along with some leading ice-fishing gloves in the market. It depends on your requirements that which product you should choose. We have suggested all the products according to their quality and potential.

Your investment is our inspiration but we believe investors should be on the accurate product. Now you know all the details, you can select any fishing gloves of your choice and get into the game again!