Top 8 Best Trolling Motors of 2022 | Tested For Fishing Boats, Kayaks

As you smartphone cannot run without a battery, as we cannot run without breathing and just like a human cannot live without oxygen, nowadays, a fishing boat or watercraft cannot go without a motor!

Trolling motor is considered the heart of your watercraft. The electric trolling motor is so much important these days that anglers cannot imagine to fish without a perfect motor.

If you are investing so much money in a trolling motor, why aren't you buying something that lasts long along with having perfect feature? Before investing money, invest some time so that you get the best out of your investment for the best trolling motors.

For your convenience, we have come forward to show you the path of selecting the ideal trolling motor for your ideal fishing days.

Here, we are presenting some highly recommended models of best kayak trolling motor along with their pros and cons. We have also made a buyer's guide so that you do not regret your purchase!

10 Best Trolling Motors: Our Recommended Picks!

1. Minn Kota Endura C2 30 Freshwater Transom Mounted Trolling Motor

  • Overview

Do you want a high voltage freshwater5motor with the transom-mounted trolling system? If you are then Minn Kota Endura C2 30 Freshwater Trolling Motor is everything you've ever wanted. This amazing trolling motor has got a 30 Inch shaft along with a thrust level of 30.

  • Background

The handle which is very important is designed in a telescopic way with a length of 6 Inch. For ergonomic control of speed, this motor has tilt twist tiller. So, you get an all-in-one motor, right? The steering is also ergonomic. The lever lock bracket of if trolling motor will offer you the amount which is rock solid.

  • Battery Power

The battery life is extremely important when you are using a motor because if your battery life is low you cannot do your fishing anymore. This motor has a battery life which is maximum. The cool and quiet power of the motor aids in maximizing the battery life and this is the reason behind the motor not spooking fish.

  • Speed

This Transom Mounted Trolling Motor has 5 different forward speeds. The 3 specific speeds are called reverse speeds and these are the speed for the maximum control. The composition of the shaft is indestructible. It has also got a 2 years warranty.


  • Has telescopic handle
  • Includes lever-lock bracket
  • Has got power prop
  • Has thrust that weighs 30 lbs
  • Has shaft that lengths 30 Inch
  • Features 3 reverse speed controls


  • Can drain battery fast
  • Vibrates much

2. Newport Vessels Electric Trolling Motor

  • Overview

You know that while selecting best trolling motor for kayak you have to ensure that your device or motor maintains the proper balance of efficiency and power. This is where the trolling motor industry gets the name of Newport Vessels. If the electric motor is your foremost concern, NV's Electric Trolling Motor will hold the first position of your all-time-favorites list.

  • Versatility

This versatile trolling motor will suit any small or medium watercraft. It has a propeller of 3 blades that will offer you near-silent operation. Usually, when your motor works, the fish get to know that you are there as they can listen to the sound of the motor. But with this motor of Newport Vessels, the motor will not let you fish know about your presence. So, there is no chance of scaring away your fish!

  • Thrust

The thrust at the fingertips of this motor is efficiently 55lbs. The battery is designed in LED design with 5 bright points. If you are all day in the water, this motor will be awake with you the whole time.

  • Durability

The transom mount of this trolling motor is constructed with durable nylon. The shaft is adjustable and it lengths 30 Inches. So this 30-inch shaft can be added to any medium to small sized watercraft.

  • Quality

The hardware is of high quality and is resistant to corrosion. This is the reason that this motor can tackle any kind of environment no matter it is freshwater or saltwater.

  • Speed

The motor is easy to operate and is of high-quality construction. It has 8-speed controls including 3 reverse control and 5 forward controls and it also concludes 6 Inches telescopic handle.


  • Ultra-quiet and cool motor
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Adjustable shaft with high-strength
  • 8 controls of speed
  • 6 inches telescoping handle
  • Smooth and easy to operate
  • LED Battery Meter 5-point
  • Goes with both freshwater and saltwater
  • 2 years long warranty


  • Houses for the nuts are plastic
  • Sometimes the lower forward speed doesn't work
  • Cables may get hot when in full speed

3. Minn Kota Endura Freshwater Transom Mounted Trolling Motor

  • Overview

As the other brands try to imitate it, this company says they are committed to innovating things. And as you know innovation is always appreciated, we appreciate their hard work. Endure C2, being one legendary performer in the trolling motors sector, explore their new and competitive process so that they can provide you the ultimate quality.

  • Background

This kayak trolling motor by Minn Kota Endura has a telescopic handle that will lead you to fewer worries while using the motor. The length of the shaft is 30 inches. It also provides shafts of 36 inch and 42 inches so that you can get it easy to operate.

  • Power 

The prop is a power prop and it also concludes the composite shaft. This motor is cool along with the feature of being quiet. For this calm and quiet features, your targeted fish do not get the time to run away from you and so you can easily catch fish.


  • Calm and quiet
  • Stays cool
  • Has telescopic handle
  • Has shafts of variable lengths
  • Has power prop
  • Backed up with 2 years warranty
  • List Element


  • Sometimes the forward speed doesn't work
  • Propeller gets bent sometimes
  • Head may get loose on the shaft

4. Newport Vessels NV-Series Thrust Saltwater Transom Mounted Electric Trolling Motor

  • Overview

Being such leading brands in fishing equipment selling the world, people always have faith in the Newport Vessels. In order to provide the users a better version of their trolling motor, NV presents NV-Series 36 lb.

  • Thrust

Thrust Saltwater Transom Mounted Electric Trolling Motor. This motor is easy to operate and for the newbies, it will be definitely a great chance if you grab this one.

  • Durability

This motor stays cool while it works and it also has a quiet feature so that your fish don't get sacred. The shaft of this motor is of 30 Inch. The construction of the shaft is sturdy as it is made of composite fiberglass. It has high strength and so it is durable.

The amazing fact is the shaft is adjustable and it will also allow for proper placement of depth in any water conditions.

  • Speed

It has got 8 speeds including 5 forward and 3 reverse speed. The handle is telescopic handle that lengths 6 inches. Has super bright LED feature.


  • Easy to handle
  • Quiet and cool
  • Shaft made of fiberglass
  • The telescopic handle of 6 Inch
  • 30 Inch shaft
  • 8-speed settings
  • Adjustable shaft feature
  • Has got 2 years warranty


  • You may need to lengthen the power cord
  • Pin gets bent
  • Color may come off if used for long-term

5. Goplus Electric Transom Mounted Trolling Motor

  • Overview

With Goplus Electric Transom Mounted Trolling Motor, trust us, you will "GO PLUS!". The telescopic handle of this motor is 6 inch so that you can control the motor comfortably.

  • Speed

Handling this motor is easier as it has 8-speed controls which include 3 reverse speeds along with 5 forward speeds. Just use your fingertips and go!

The movement with this motor will be smooth because of the unique design with the three-blade propeller. No worries of the underwater marsh and grass.

  • Durability

The battery indicator is off 10 points LED lights which will surely protect your battery. This motor is highly durable and sturdy. It ensures high strength and the shaft is constructed with fiberglass which has corrosion resistance.

It has an aluminum head which is long-lasting.


  • Has telescopic handle of 6 inch
  • Weighs differs from 46/55/86 lbs.
  • Easy to handle
  • Has got total 8-speed settings
  • 10 points LED battery indicator
  • Has three-blade propeller
  • Constructed with fiberglass


  • Drains battery fast
  • Only seasoned anglers can get the benefit

6. Haswing Protruar Transom Electric Trolling Motor

  • Overview

This brand has got aristocracy in their name! Why would their work be ordinary? They do so much innovation in their composition and construction while constricting trolling motors for your fishing. The has made a unique technology in trolling motors world which is called BRUSHLESS technology.

  • Background

This unique motor has got longer service life. Not only that, this motor does not require periodic maintenance. You are going to save a lot!

This motor does it work is a cool way, while operating, this motor remains cool. The motor has an amazing feature that leads it to less motor consumption.

  • Speed

It has variable speed settings so that you get the accurate control over the motor. So you can enjoy fishing all day!

  • Construction

You can easily change the adjustable height settings of this trolling motor so that other anglers can do their fishing effortlessly. The handle is foldable and it can be tilted up to 100 degrees. The lock knob can also be released or tightened.

  • Safety

It has a shaft that is adjustable and also has a quick lock. It also includes an emergency kill switch which can aid you in keeping you safe.

  • Battery Power

The shaft is made of aluminum and is of 25.4 inches. This motor is portable and light in terms of weight. There is also an LED power reader which can let you know the battery power level.


  • Has variable speed settings
  • Less battery consumption
  • Has brushless technology
  • The shaft is made of aluminum
  • Includes foldable and rotatable handle
  • Has got adjustable shaft height
  • Concludes emergency kill switch


  • Plastic fittings
  • A little noisy

7. Watersnake ASP Salt Water Transom Mount Trolling Motor

  • Overview

Watersnake! The name tells you that no matter which water is there, your motor is a snake and can go through anything!

This lightweight and portable trolling motor by Watersnake named ASP Salt Water Transom Mount Trolling Motor only weighs approximately 6.7 lbs. The thrust is of 24 pounds. It has a voltage that says it is of 12V.

  • Background

The length of the shaft is 24 Inch. This is basically a saltwater motor which has an anti-corrosive paint. The construction also includes stainless steel and so your motor can serve you for so many years. No matter what, you can also take it motor to brackish or freshwater if you want.

  • Speed

It has 2-speed settings that include HIGH speed and LOW speed. It has also got a switch for forwarding speed and another for REVERSE speed and has fixed tiller.

  • Battery Power

It has no battery included with it so you have to purchase the battery by yourself. It also has a 1-year manufacturer warranty.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Has 24-pound thrust
  • Shaft lengths 24 Inch
  • Anti-corrosive construction
  • Has stainless steel exterior
  • High and low speed along with forward and reverse switch
  • Perfect for all type of water
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty


  • The high speed fails to work sometimes
  • The propeller may seem weak
  • Steering handle may seem short

8. Cloud Mountain Electric Trolling Motor Transom Mounted

  • Overview

The name defines mountain and cloud and yes, this motor with show you mountain and clouds in the water!

This extremely powerful and durable trolling motor has everything you can ever want in a motor. It has got a nylon bracket which in reinforced along with ideal resistance to ablation. The head is made of aluminum which will increase its life.

  • Speed

The telescopic handle of 6 inches is ergonomic and extendable. It includes 8 different speed settings where 5 speeds are for forwarding power and 3 speeds are for reverse power. The smooth ride is ahead, just grab it!

  • Construction

The composite shaft is constructed with fiberglass and it lengths approximately 28 inches. It is adjustable and can allow you ideal depth placement in every water condition.

  • Battery Power

It also has a battery indicator of 10 points LED lights. The hardware is of stainless steel which goes with both saltwater along with freshwater.


  • Has high strength
  • Is ablation resistant
  • Has aluminum head
  • Features 8 speed settings
  • Constructed with fiberglass
  • Handle lengths 6 inch
  • Shaft lengths 28 inch


  • Nuts are made of plastic
  • The propeller is not of high quality
  • Sometimes it pulls the mount down

9. Intex Trolling Motor Inflatable Boats, 36" Shaft

  • Overview

This Intext Trolling Motor for inflatable boats are great for the people who use Seahawk 2, 3 or 4; Challenger 3, Mariner 3 or 4; or Excursion 3, 4 or 5. Though this motor is compatible with most of the inflatable boats that are available in the market. It has built-in fittings that are needed in motors. 

  • Background

The control panel includes the battery meter and dry operation protect. Along with these, there is also controls to overload protection and automatic escape weed.

The 6-inch handle is adjustable and can be tilted downwards from 0-75 degrees and upwards to 45, 30, 15, 0 degrees.

  • Amenities

It has 5 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds. The maximum power is 420W and the length of the shaft is 36 inch.


  • Goes will almost every inflatable boats
  • Has a control panel
  • Has adjustable handle
  • The handle lengths 6 inch
  • Has total 8 speeds
  • The shaft lengths 36 inch
  • Ideal for both freshwater and saltwater


  • You cannot manually move the specific tabs when the motor is there
  • Stops frequently

10. Haswing Transom Mount Electric Trolling Motor

  • Overview

This motor is lightweight and portable. The angling will get more comfortable as it has an extensible handle of 13.7 inches. The height can be adjusted to the shaft and the available length of this is approximately 24.4 inch.

  • Speed

To make your fishing easier, get this. This Haswing trolling motor has total 8-speed settings in which 3 reverse speeds and 5 forward speeds are included. The shaft is of aluminum and it lengths around 35.5 inches.

  • Battery Power

It is quieter than the other motors and the motor can be tilted according to your angling perfection. It has a 3-blade propeller and deep cycle battery of 12V. It also concludes a LED power reader.


  • Perfect for both freshwater and saltwater
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Has total 8-speed settings
  • Has an adjustable 24.4-inch shaft
  • The shaft is constructed with aluminum
  • Comfortable and easy to handle
  • Has extensible handle
  • Quiet and can be tilted


  • Not perfect for bigger boats
  • Electrical hookups are weak
  • Drains battery

11. MinnKota Trolling Motor Power Cord

MinnKota Trolling Motor Power

This trolling motor is designed to create proper control over the boat. From the foot pedals of this trolling motor to the speed control system, everything is perfect when it comes to Minn Kona Brand. The motors by this brand have GPS controlling features and so, these will never let you down!

This motor also includes a case for holding the battery. You have to purchase the battery by yourself. This is suggested for the small boats. This trolling motor makes the access easy to the terminals for the connection of the leads.

You get a 12-volt accessory plug with this motor. Basically, this trolling motor includes 2 manual reset circuit breakers to make the ride easier. These two circuit breakers include one 60 amp for trolling motor and 15 amp for the accessory plug, so, you get an amazing combo!

It will fit any 24 or 27 sized batteries. The battery meter also tells you about the current stage of the battery.


  • Amazing design
  • GPS Control
  • Easy-access to the terminals
  • Includes 12-volt accessory plug
  • Two circuit breakers
  • Includes battery storage


  • No great for large boats
  • The battery meter is not of high-quality

12. U-BCCO Trolling Mater

U-BCOO 8 Electric Trolling Motor

Do you love fishing in the saltwater? Saltwater lovers, here you go! We have come with the best trolling motor for saltwater. Most of the trolling motors of the market usually are great for freshwater. Where saltwater trolling motors are rears, U-BCCO Trolling motor affords you everything you need for fishing in the saltwater.

This motor is called the 8-speed Saltwater Transom Mounted Electric Trolling Motor. If you love faster walk pace, this motor is going to satisfy you with its qualities. Moving is very easy with this motor and people who love flexible movement will love it.

If you are worried about the battery then let us tell you, this battery will last for a very long time. This motor is very much powerful and if you are going for a tough fishing day, you should take this one.

Motor is easy to handle and mounting is also very much convenient and comfortable with this trolling motor. Assembling this trolling motor is easy for the seasoned along with the newbie users of trolling motors.

The aluminum v-hull is sturdy and affords you a durable life. Go fast or slow, it is going to make you feel you are sleeping in your bed!


  • Great for saltwater
  • High-quality construction
  • Heavy-duty aluminum v-hull
  • Easy to assemble
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Convenient mounting
  • Flexible


  • Speed-5 doesn’t work
  • Operating the retractable handle is a little tough

13. Newport Vessels Kayak Series Transom Mounted Saltwater Trolling motor

Newport Vessels Kayak Series Trolling Motor

This trolling motor is amazing as it has incredible kayak shaft. The fiberglass shaft is about 24 inches. You can easily get the dept placements in different places in the water.

The 8 different speeds for trolling are amazing for versatile rides. It has 5 different forward speeds along with 3 different reverse speeds to control your boat properly. So, if you are facing issues with controlling your boat, you are one the right path!

When the other trolling motors are only great for freshwater, this is saltwater rated. You can easily use this trolling motor in the saltwater as it has a durable aluminum head. This is corrosion-resistant.

The battery is not included in the kit and so, you have to buy this one separately. You get the opportunity for versatile battery placement. With this trolling motor, you will understand that controlling your ride has never been so easy!

The cable of this motor is about 5.6 inches and you will get optimal weight distribution with this trolling motor. You will also get a 2-years warranty with this motor.


  • Heavy-duty material for construction
  • Fiberglass shaft of 24 inches
  • 5 forward speeds
  • 3 reverse speeds
  • Includes 6 Inches of telescoping rod
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Long cable
  • 2 years warranty


  • Consumes a lot of power/battery
  • Cannot work properly in excessive rain

14. Minn Kota Endura Max in Shafy Thrust Trans MNT

Minn Kota Trolling Motor

This high-quality trolling motor named Thrust Trans MNT is great when it comes to performance. The lever-lock bracket helps in lifting and rotating i180-degree angle. Back trolling is also very easy if you are with the super trolling motor.

You can control everything as this motor includes telescopic tiller. The steering will be comfortable and convenient. You can extend it to 6 inches so that you get to experience amazing fishing.

If you have issues regarding the noise of the trolling motors, get this one. This remains quiet during the operation. This also stays cool while working. The motor is durable and can provide you amazing service for years.

The composite shaft is indestructible. This is very much flexible and if you are worried about kink, corrode or break, you can rely on this motor.

This composite shaft stays perfect. So, you will never regret getting this trolling motor for a perfect fishing life. Get it and use it for years!


  • High-quality motor
  • Lever-locker bracket is flexible
  • Easy back trolling
  • Comfortable steering
  • Durable motor
  • Indestructible 
  • composite shaft


  • Only perfect for freshwater
  • Vibrates sometimes

15. MinnKota Edge Bowmount Foot Control Trolling Motor

MinnKota Edge 45 Bowmount Foot Control Trolling Motor

This trolling motor by Minn Kota is not very much popular. But if you look at their features then you will get to know that it has amazing specifications. No matter what you want from a trolling motor, you can get all of them from this MinnKota Edge Bowmount Foot Control Trolling Motor.

If you are searching for a Bow Mount trolling motor, you must try it once to know how it works. The hand-built decks of the trolling motor tells you about the quality of the motor. It mounts perfectly and it is made of heavy-duty material so that you can use it for years.

You can run this motor by the battery. This kit includes a power cord to supply electricity to the trolling motor. The power cord is of 4 ft. If you are up for an affordable bow mount trolling motor, purchase this one.

It is very easy to put this trolling motor on the boat. It means the motor is portable. This is also user-friendly and even if you are new to trolling motors, you can easily understand how to use it.


  • High-quality trolling motor
  • Made of heavy-duty material
  • Serves for years
  • Includes power cord
  • User-friendly Portable motor
  • Great for freshwater


  • Not good for saltwater
  • The cord is short

Things To Consider Before Buying a Trolling Motor!


Buying Trolling Motor for your best fishing experience is a not-so-easy task. You have to know the details to make it work under the water.

We are here to guide you through the basics of trolling motors so that you can buy the best one for your kayak!


What is the best battery for a trolling motor? The first thing should come to your mind is the BATTERY! The battery is the runner of a motor. If it doesn't support you properly, your trolling motor will be nothing but a waste of time.

When it is time to power your trolling motor, you should always go for a deep cycle battery or you can say Marine Battery!

what is the best marine battery for a trolling motor? This kind of batteries is usually designed for powering the electronic devices with the help of releasing its own stored energy. These batteries usually release the power slowly taking a long time and finally they allow themselves to entirely discharged. They again get recharged and do not damage the battery.

On the other hand, starter batteries are usually designed for cranking a combustion engine. These are constructed for discharging a huge amount of electricity for a shorter period of time. These batteries are degraded every time if the charge drops too low.

If you are using a starter battery with your trolling motor this will greatly lower the lifespan and it will eventually cost you another battery.

There are two kinds of lead-acid batteries namely the wet cell and the sealed lead-acid.

The first one is less expensive but they will require high maintenance. They are susceptible to spillage and also vibrations.

Sealed batteries are a little expensive and require less maintenance. These should be kept upright otherwise they can leak or spill.

Length of Shaft

The basic difference between the motors available in the market is the length of the shafts.

How to measure the shaft length of an outboard motor? If you choose too long shaft then the controlling head will be excessive high which may result in an awkward operating. Too long shaft also causes a deep motor head which can require too much drag on your motor. It will eventually drain more of your battery life and will cause an underwater collision. In this way, your prop will get damaged and your speed and thrust of the motor will get limited.

On the other hand, if you are going to choose too short shaft while selecting a motor then the head of the motor will be very shallow. This may cause cavitation bubbles. It will also increase the noise which will eventually scare your targeted fish away. The other difficulties you may face for short shaft are the reduction of thrust and disruption of the surface.

So, before choosing the length of the shaft, know what length you require. Do not settle for too long or too short. Go for any medium-sized shaft. Nowadays, the manufacturers have come up with adjustable shaft lengths will allow you to adjust your shaft as per your requirements. Power

We can never deny the importance of thrust power when we are talking about purchasing the best trolling motor.

After the proper determination of the shaft's length, you have to select the adequ4amount of power thrust or power for your fishing boat.

Nowadays, trolling motors present various thrust power options from 20 lbs. to around 112 lbs. power. These thrusts also have so many options in between this range so that it can match any particular criteria.

If you have small watercraft then it will not need too much thrust for moving. Heavier or bigger boats will need high thrust to power so that it can move your heavy boat or kayak.

Where Are You Operating

Freshwater trolling motors are perfect for those who love the sport of fishing from a boat. They offer a smooth, quiet ride that is perfect for taking in the sights and sounds of nature. These motors also have a wide range of power, so you can find the perfect setting for your needs.

Saltwater trolling motors are perfect for boat fishing enthusiasts who love to catch big fish. These motors provide a lot of power and are very quiet, which makes them great for catching fish in tight spots. Whether you're trolling for redfish, tarpon, or sharks, a saltwater trolling motor is the perfect tool for the job.

Where Are You Mounting The Trolling Motor

You are thinking of mounting the trolling motor on your boat, but you aren't sure where to put it. You might be wondering if you should put it in the rear or front of the boat. Or maybe you are trying to decide between a small or large trolling motor.

In this article, we will discuss the different mounting options for a trolling motor, and help you choose the best location for your machine.

Trolling motors are those large, heavy devices that sit atop a boat and draw in the ocean's waves to create waves. They come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one purpose- to make it look like a boat is hitting rocks or other objects on the water while actually trolling for fish. Trolling motors can be bought new or used, but they are usually expensive. Where should you mount your trolling motor to optimize its performance?

How Much Does a New Trolling Motor Cost

Many people believe that trolling motors are not that expensive. Some companies may charge around 200 for a trolling motor, but this price can vary depending on the brand and model. It is important to consider the features that a trolling motor comes with in order to determine its true cost.

Trolling motors are a popular addition to many fishing boats, and they come in a variety of prices. Some trolling motors can be as little as $500, while others can cost well over $2,000. It is important to consider what you need the motor for before making a purchase.


What is the best trolling motor battery?

As we have said before, there are two basic types of trolling motor batteries. One is named as Starter or Cranking battery and the other is called Deep-cycle batteries. The starter batteries are not that long lasting. You should always prefer Deep-cycle batteries for trolling motors.

What is the best saltwater trolling motor?

The best saltwater trolling motors are selected in terms of some specific features. Rather than the shaft, batteries, and thrust, the saltwater trolling motors require coated anode along with different mounting method.

Freshwater motors are manually operated but saltwater motors are exactly the opposite. Best saltwater trolling motors are usually transom mounted, expensive and their anodes are coated and protected from water.

How long does a battery last with a trolling motor?

The larger the rating of the battery, the more it will run. Usually, trolling motors don't come with a battery but if it does then get to know first that the battery rating is high and ensure that it is a deep-cycle battery if you want it to run for a long time.

Final Notes

Now you know all! You are ready for your outdoor activities.

Just before you buy the best trolling motor for your boat or fishing kayak, have a look at our recommendations. We only can recommend, the power of selecting is in your hand.

Grab the best bet and go fishing!

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