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Fishing reels are said to be the cylindrical devices that are usually added to any fishing rod and these are used in stowing and winding lines. Most of the modern fishing reels have fittings that help in casting from a distance with accuracy. Though fishing reels were used in leisure sport of competitive casting and angling in the old days, they have been changed up to bottom in the newer age.

We are going to discuss the basic details of this Shimano Baitrunner Reel in this piece of writing.

Types of  Baitrunner Spinning Reels by Shimano

Some popular spinning reel types by Shimano Baitrunner are:

  • Free Spool
  • Bait feeder
  • Live Liner
  • Bite-n-Run

Features and Details of Shimano Baitrunner Spinning Reel

Cold Forged Aluminum


The die-cast aluminum is of gone days. The best ever Shimano Baitrunner Spinning Reel of these days takes up on the latest technologies to amaze the paddlers.

They use the Cold forged Aluminum which can produce stronger products than the traditional aluminum used in making reels.

Shimano Ultegra 5500 XTD Surfcasting Spinning Fishing Reel


If you are looking for high quality spinning reel  for fishing then you need look no further than shimano ultegra XTD reel.  This reel designed for serious surf casters.

The shimano ultegra XTD spinning reels provide consistent long casting performance and super slow oscillation (14000)/ Slow Oscillation (5500) for precision line day. Its feature X-Ship for improved gear durability.

Key Features

  • Reel size 5500, Surfcasting and Carpfishing reel
  • Mono line capacity (lbs/yd): 10/425, 12/315, 16/230
  • Reel weight 17.3 ounce
  • stop
    3 shielded stainless steel and Bearings 1 S A RB

Spinning System

The primary difference between the traditional spinning reels and the spinning reels of Shimano is the secondary drag system. You have to provide tension on the line so that it doesn't get tangled.

The positive aspects that should be mentioned for these spinning reels by Shimano are fishing multiple rods and they will be the best bet if you are up for live baits. Moon also has a darker side, so no product come without any cons.

To be specific, the only drawback of the Shimano Baitrunner Reels are it is really tough to maintain 2 drags. It may discomfort you.


For balancing the spool all through the salvage that can prevent vibration and wobble, Dyna-balance is added as a feature. They take an advantage of the counter heaviness of the rotor and make reels to provide a better performance.


The camshaft which is usually used in most of the rotating gears is straight. For being straight the line is seen the stack in the bottom and top and the result is seen to be an inconsistent failure for the rotation speed.

The Shimano Baitrunner Spinning Reels use an oval-shaped shaft and this leads to a reliable and steady spool rotation. By ensuring that every line might lay on the spool, Shimano does their job perfectly.

Propulsion Line Management

The other Shimano treasure that makes it a leading brand is their system of propulsion line management. The different technology usually rotates surrounding the spool’s top lip. They made a specific lip design that suits ideally with any perfect fishing.

This lip design can enhance the casting distance and it also concurrently prevents wind knots and backlash to form.

Some FAQs on Shimano Baitrunner Spinning Reel

What about the price of Shimano Baitrunner Reel?

With all state-of-the-art facilities and newer technologies, we can say that the reels are affordable. No other brand will provide you such high-quality reels in such reasonable price range that Shimano affords you.

How many years of warrant Baitrunner Reels provide to their customers? 

They say warranty says it all about the quality and sturdiness of a product. That is what exactly happened with Shimano. The Shimano Baitrunner Reels will afford you 10 long years of warranty so that you can take the proper benefit out of your money.

Are Shimano Reels perfect for barbel fishing? 

Yes! To be clearer, Shimano Baitrunner Reels are considered to be the best reels for barbel fishing. These are lightweight and easy to use.

Stats and Figures on Shimano Baitrunner Spinning Reel

The Shimano Baitrunner Spinning Reels are available in different models in the market now. The most recent released models range from 4000 to 12000 in the size charts of Shimano. The line capacity of these reels begins from around 15 lb braid/8 lb mono on the 4000D BTR and goes high up to 80 lb braid/ 20 lb mono on the model 12000.

The drag resistance of these reels is about 20 lbs which are enough for battling jack and tuna in 20 lb to 50 lb weight range.

Final Verdict

So now that you know the details of the Shimano Baitrunner spinning Reels, you will get to understand why we have chosen this reel.

For your convenience, our only duty is to provide you the facts and details and it's up to you if the product is matching your requirements or not.

So, all we recommend is go for fishing, go for Shimano Baitrunner Reel!

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