Best Spinning Reel Under $100 Reviewed in 2019

If you are an angler or like fishing, you must have come across the term “Spinning Reels.” Seasoned anglers can hardly do their fishing ignoring the importance of perfect spinning reel with high-quality performance.

A perfect fishing reel does not only help you in fishing with ease but also gears up your enthusiasm for doing your stuff in less time. Fishing can get harder if you do not go for fishing reels that have proper weight, proper ball bearings, ideal drag system, and sturdy crafting material.

Here, we are going to learn about how to buy the best spinning reel under 100 dollar and we will recommend you the proper spinning reels guide inter $100 in accordance with the positive and negative aspect. Choose your one!

Our Top 10 Picks of Best Spinning Reels Under 100

1. Daiwa BG Spinning Reels


One of the largest and most influential tackle brands in the world these days is Daiwa. This BG series reels by Daiwa ranges from any ultra-light fresh-water battles to the big game of saltwater models. This spinning reel has HardBodyz body the sides are covered with Air Rotor design which is lightweight.

This device has a drag system carbon which is waterproof and has aluminum screw handle which is ATD Machined. 

The manual return bail is of 4500 and the bearing system is of large 7. The digital gear design is named as Digigear and the spool braided line is of Dynamic Cut made with aluminum.

The line capacity of these fishing reels are 6/210, 8/170 and 10/140 (Lb. Test/Yards) and the J-Braid of these reels are 15/190, 20/170 and 30/120. It also includes an Infinite Reverse-system and one Infinite Dual-Reverse system of drags.

The infinite reverse system is of 4000 and smaller and the dual-reverse system is of 4500 and larger. The spool is of dynamic cut and the gear ratio of the reel is 5:6:1. The length of handle turn is 33.2 Inch.

What we liked

  • Lightweight
  • Has a perfect bearing system
  • Has spool braided line

What we didn't like

  • Seasoned anglers will feel boring

2. Pflueger President Spinning Reel


The class-leading performance by Pflueger affords you President Reel at such an affordable price. For the seasoned anglers, this spinning reel provides smooth drag along with extreme durability. This also affords you smooth operation as this reel has nine steel ball bearings that are stainless.

For additional perfection, this reel also includes one instant anti-reverse bearing. This ensures developed crank control. It has one aircraft grade handle made of aircraft grade aluminum and the body and the rotor is made of graphite.

This reel doesn’t give up under extreme pressure and has got exceptional pulling power for the multi-mixed drag system of the reel that used oil-felt washers for forceful smooth drag.

As it is made of graphite, the material affords intense responsiveness but it doesn’t compromise with the firmness. The reel never flexes and the multi-drag system with washers of these fishing reels does not only afford forceful drags but also has enough braided lines for perfect fishing. Total 10 bearing system gears up your fishing experience.

What we liked

  • Braided aluminum spool
  • 10-bearing system
  • One soft touch grip
  • stop
    Instant anti-reverse bearing with on/off the system

What we didn't like

  • Only good for the beginners

3. Lew’s Fishing Tournament MB Baitcast Reel


The MB Series of the leading brand Lew’s gets the smaller profile of all. Do you think that being small makes the quality less? No! Not at all! This MB series of the Lew’s Fishing Tournament Baitcast Reel in reduced in some specific cases but not in quality.

For your convenience, the weight is slightly reduced of this Lew’s reel. This fishing reel has a weight of only 6.7 ounces! The innovative technology of Lew’s named as the dual-braking MSB or 

Multi-Setting Brake is also added to this MB series. It has magnetic casting control and a braking system that is centrifugal. The line capacity is 12/120, the gear ratio is 6.6.1 and the bearings are about 9BB+1RB.

The Multi-Setting Brake system includes 2 different braking System. One is the Magnetic Cast Control and the other is the Centrifugal Braking System. For crank-bait, this reel will be excellent.

The line capacity of this reel is something that will aid you in fishing comfortably. The only drawback of this spinning reel is these are not perfect for saltwater.

What we liked

  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Has good line capacity of 12/120
  • Has Dual-braking system named MSB
  • stop
    Has magnetic casting control

What we didn't like

  • Not enough good for saltwater

4. Sougayilang


The weight of this bait caster reel by Sougayilang is about 7.6 ounce which proves that the reel is lightweight. The line capacity is about 0.26mm, 0.28 mm and 0.30 mm and it holds a gear ratio of 7.0.1 and shielded ball bearings of 11+1. The body of this reel is constructed with Carbon and the side-plates and the handles ensure top weight savings.

The Shielded MaxiDur Ball Bearings of 11+1 which are Corrosion Resistant and they also add rigidity. So, your fishing mission is going to be a mission without any fatigue.

It has CNC Machined Spool of Aluminum, High-tensile gear, Star Drag System of carbon fiber with 3 discs along with the Drag Power Handles of 18 lbs. It has got 9 magnetic brakes, winding shafts that have double-line (for increasing winding durability and stability.)

The 3 different line capacity increases the comfort of your fishing day. The gear ratio is amazing for properly catching your prey. This fishing reel is highly affordable and so you can go for this reel at any time of the year without thinking.

For your convenience, Sougayilang has provided one year warranty so that you can use your appliance without any difficulties.  

What we liked

  • Affordable
  • Has a one year warranty
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • stop
    Has got MaxiDur Ball Bearings and good gear ratio

What we didn't like

  • Long casting may seem tough
  • Not perfect for saltwater

5. Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel


The Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel by Penn is constructed with hard-wearing materials and packed with all kind features for fishing fighting. If you are searching for any saltwater Fishing Reel that it can be your best bet.

It has a full metal body and side-plates and has got five different sealed steel ball bearings that are stainless. The carbon-fiber drags system of this reel named as HT-100 Versa-drag influences both side of the drag washers to that it can provide maximum drag.

It also bears one instant anti-reverse bearing that can eliminate pullbacks. The drag washers of this reel are treated well with proprietary grease so that it can afford you long-lasting performance. For preventing the super-line from any kind of slipping there is a rubber gasket which is fitted with the spool.

The sturdy materials that are used in this spinning reel make the reel highly durable and long-lasting. The metal body ensures less effect on the body and makes it a high-range spinning reel. The superline spool will require no backing and the line capacity rings have been marked at 1/3, 2/3 and the full capacity.

What we liked

  • Can use braided lines without any monofilament backing
  • Perfect for saltwater
  • Has a high-range spinning strength and is durable

What we didn't like

  • Not good enough for the beginners

6. KastKing Summer and Centron Spinning Reels


The KastKing Summer and Centron Spinning Reels are good enough while you are judging them in accordance with the price. These reels are much affordable than any other freshwater reels in the market nowadays. Not only in terms of affordability but this reel also stands in a higher position when it comes to flexibility.

The weight of this spinning reel is about so 8.9 oz you can say that this reel is lightweight enough to bear. The reel has a narrow frame of graphite and also includes computer balancing system for better performance.

This also affords the anglers high powered drag system which has the incredible power of spinning up to 17.5 lbs. The main shaft is of hardened metal and also contains scrupulous machined pinion-gear and superior mesh-drive gear.

The 9 ball bearings, 2 different colors anodized spool of aluminum and the power launch lip for being the best competitor to any other angler.

If you like lightweight reels and want to bear less weighed stuff when you are going to the water then this fishing reel will be the best bet for you as you can carry them anywhere you want and not only you, your children can also bear the.

The 9 ball bearings make it best spinning fishing reel make it easy to go through any water type. The only drawback of this KastKing is they will not be the perfect one if you are going fishing in the saltwater.  

What we liked

  • Has 9 ball bearings
  • Has 2 color anodized spool
  • Lightweight

What we didn't like

  • Only goes with freshwater

7. Abu Garcia BMAX3 Baitcast Fishing Reel


The sleek design of the BMAX3 Baitcast Fishing Reel by Abu Garcia is going to amaze you for sure. The stylish design contains a one-piece frame of graphite and the side plates which are also made of same graphite. The 4 steel ball bearings that are stainless are great for any reliable fishing and it also has one roller bearing for the effortless retrieve.

The Power Disk System of this Abu Garcia reel guarantees smooth drag throughout the whole drag range. For the superior cast-ability, the MaxTrax Brake System is enough which can accommodate a range of lures.

It has the compact handle that can be bent and the mono capacity and the braid is of 147/12 and 140/30. The gear ratio is 6.4.1.

The super strong aluminum spool machine will lead you to ideal fishing. The sturdy material makes the fishing reel long-lasting. The Brake System keeps your fishing in your control.

For making your casting rage accurate, the two different gears are enough. The only problem with the reel is it will be difficult to handle this reel if you are new is fishing. 

What we liked

  • Machined Aluminum Spool which is sturdy
  • Has MaxTrax Brake System
  • Dura-gear and brass-gear make the reel accurate

What we didn't like

  • Good for the seasoned anglers only

8. Penn Fierce II Spinning Fishing Reel


For premium performance, the Fierce II Spinning Fishing Reel by Penn will be the best choice you can ever get in an affordable price range. This reel has durability in an exceptional rate. The construction of this reel is also very much durable because the full body is made of metal.

The side-plates of the reel are made of hardwearing aluminum bail wire. There are also 4 shielded ball bearings that are made of stainless steel along with one instant anti-reverse bearing.

The rotor is Techno-Balanced and affords superior torque and leverage. The reel is braid-ready and so does not require any backing. The line capacity is 1/3 and 2/3 along with full capacity.

Metal body ensures that your Penn Fierce II fishing reel is strong and will last for a long time. The forward bearings along with the anti-reverse bearing make this fishing reel a proper spinning fishing reel of 5 bearings that helps you go forward and backward effortlessly.

However, if you want a lightweight device then you will find it tough to use. 

What we liked

  • Fluid cranking
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Good quality rotor

What we didn't like

  • Not perfectly lightweight

9. Cadence Fishing CS8 Spinning Reel


This Fishing CS8 Spinning Reel by Cadence is leading the market has a magnesium frame corrosion-resistant along with 9 ball bearings. It also includes one instant bearing with the anti-reverse feature.

The sturdy drag system of carbon-fiber and the machined braid-ready aluminum spool will make your work easier just like the perfect reels.

There is an EVA handle knob which is oversized and a piece of bail machined with aluminum in this reel.

This is going to be your ideal freshwater reel if you can use it properly. Total 10 ball bearings make fishing in every type of water easier than ever because now going forward or backward will not be tough for you anymore with this Cadence Fishing CS8 Spinning Reel.

These reels are reasonable and can match with your budget. While changing your handle, remember to change is carefully otherwise it may keep marks on the cap.

What we liked

  • Total 10 corrosion-defiant bearings
  • Uses Magnesium framed carbon rotor
  • Has Carbon-fiber drag method
  • stop

What we didn't like

  • While changing handle, it keeps a mark on the cap

10. Okuma Avenger ABF Graphite Bait Feeder Reel


As the name goes by, this Avenger ABF series reels by Okuma affords graphite. The bait feeding method of this reel permits the disengagement of the spool. In a word, without opening the bail, it allows free running-line.

It also includes Drag Washers that are Japanese Oiled filled (we all know why Japanese oil are said to be commendable.)

This Avenger reel also contains a drag system with multi-disk. The total bearing of this specific reel is 7 concluding 6 ball bearings along with one anti-reverse and quick-set roller bearing.

These reels are corrosion-defiant. Okuma Avenger ABF Graphite Bair Feeder Reel includes the drag washer that keeps your fishing reel running for a long time. The multi-drag method is geared up by this fishing reel.

This brand also provides you a one year warranty for this fishing reel also. The only difficulty that the users face is related to the clicker as it is a little bit quiet.

What we liked

  • Has oil filled drag washers
  • Includes multi-disk drag method
  • Has got total 7 bearings
  • stop
    1-year warranty

What we didn't like

  • The clicker is a little bit quiet

Buyer's Guide

Are you getting ready for any voyage to the water? If you are and if fishing is something that you love then you must be in a dilemma while choosing the ideal spinning reel. No matter you are after a scrappy trout or a big steelhead, fishing reels play an important role in your fishing outcome.


The foremost concern of selecting any spinning reel is your comfort zone. You have to decide which type of reel is that which you prefer to use or which the reel is that you have used or tried before. The more comfortable it gets the easier you will be adapted to good fishing.

Take the proverb “Practice makes a man perfect” you can indisputably rely on the particular reel that you’ve gone through before.


To be clearer, the seasoned anglers will agree, the price of the reels depends on the ball bearings, reel design, and gear ratio. The lesser the sum of the ball bearings and the less intricate the reel design and the gear ratio, the cheaper the reels will be.

The perfect reels are most likely to be purchased in under $100. If you have a budget of $100 then you will get any of your favorite reels that do their job as perfectly as they look.

Gear Ratio

The times that the handle turns in comparison with the times that the spool turn is the main concern of the reels while talking about gear ratio. Each time you do turn the grip or the handle on the reel, you will get to know when the spool of the reel takes a complete revolution.

The usual gear ratios of the reels are written over it as 5.1.1 or 7.1.1. The first one which is 5.1.1 lets you know that the spoon will circle 5.1 times for your each reel spin. The 7.1.1 gear ratio says that if you spin the reel one time then the spoon will revolve 7.1 times. If compared, the 5.1.1 is a slower reel than the 7.1.1.

Power Roller

This part is also known as line roller. The power roller is small, a smooth cylinder which serves as a guide for the line while the bail is closed. Several materials like graphite, aluminum, even gold are used to make roller.

It is actually no matter which materials and construction method are used to produce power roller. The important things could be spin quality and smoothness.

I.P.T (Inches per Turn)

“Inches per Turn” or the I.P.T is the measurement of the amount of line that is retrieved back on top of the reel when you take a full turn of the handle. As a result of the line size and capacity and the width of the spoon taking place on the reel, this I.P.T plays an imperative role.

Drag System

The drag system and its sensitivity of any spinning reel is a really important thing to know about before you are purchasing a spinning reel. If you compare the drag with the suspension of any car then you will understand that the drag should be rigged or strong enough for taking a beating and going to the race course if it’s needed and sensitive enough for the tight turns in case of light fighting fish.

The anglers can play the drags as instruments if they want! That is where they need to know the details of the drag designs and the drag controls and understand if you are comfortable or not.


The bearings are mainly related to the ball bearings. The more ball bearings you get on the real the smoother the reel will be. This also plays a vital role in the durability of the reel; this surely expands the life of the reel.

Do not choose any reel that only has a couple of ball bearings because they will make you feel it coarse or can serve you inconsistency which will lead you to lost fish and even tangled lines.

Anti-Reverse Switch

When you want to engage, anti-reverse switch restrains the reel handle and bail from spinning backward. It helps your hook seats and ensures that seats are rock solid. It also allows the drag system to feed line to the fighting fish.

Most of the fishers like to reverse reel rather than depend on the drag. However, the drag systems on older fishing reels did not work most of the time very well.

Body material and construction

If you want to buy a quality reel, you should consider the material and construction of the reel body. It should be strong enough to stand up to big fish as well as light enough to protect angler fatigue.

Reels can be made of:

  • Plastic
  • Graphite
  • Copolymer
  • Metal

Young fishers like plastic reel rather than graphite. Although who has a limited budget also prefer this type of reels. It can be used in freshwater fishing such as bluegill and river trout.

Graphite and Copolymer reel are widely used as freshwater and light saltwater fishing gear. However, professional anglers have preferred choice on metal construction for both saltwater and freshwater fishing.

Best Spinning Reel For The Money

So, are you searching for a fishing reel that goes with the budget you have? Are there any perfect spinning fishing reels that really are affordable? Yes! There are so many reels that can match the standard of your budget but you have to search carefully if you want to find something like that.

Paying so much for a reel is something that we never support. Let us be honest, most of the spinning fishing reels in the market are overprices according to their features. Most of them afford you the same features for an excessive amount of money.

All you have to do is to avoid the overpriced features which are not even necessary for fishing in the water. Under $100, you will get a range of fishing reel s that has so many features to blow your mind.

The features of these fishing reels under $100 are proper reel weight which offers you lightweight reels, heavy reel, and ultralight reels. You will also get ideal ball bearings of these spinning fishing reels. Along with ball bearings, you will also get reverse bearings and anti-reverse bearing for day-long proper fishing.

The problem with the less priced spinning fishing reels is you will not get spare spools in most cases. Most of the fishing reel that is of high price has a standard spool along with spare-braid spool. The drag stacks of the spinning fishing reels that are under $100 are not usually sealed. 

There are also best spinning reels under $50 available in the market. The brands that can afford you fishing reels under $50 are the Penn Pursuit, KastKing, Shimano, Pflueger President, Daiwa etc. You can go for any of these brands for getting the idyllic spinning fishing reels according to your budgets as the serve amazing features with the reels.

​Matching Your Reel to the Rod

So another important thing you should check that your reel and rod are matched before you buying. It ensures that combo works together and provide the better performance you want.

Specially reels are designed to be used with spinning rods which may have number of unique feature that differs from other rods. The angler needs to ensure that reel and rod are made of similar line weight.

Some FAQs on Fishing Reels

Are Fishing Reel and Fishing Rod different? 

Yes, fishing reels and fishing rod are different and you can prefer one of them, not both. However, in case of the casting rods, they can be both rod and reel.

Fishing reel oil or grease- what to choose?

Oiling fishing reel is okay but oil does not last long. Grease is preferred more than using oil in fishing reels.

Are the Spinning Reel Bearings important? 

Yes, spinning reel bearings are imperative. The more bearing a spinning reel has, the more amazing the performance will be.

Are freshwater reels and saltwater reels different?

Freshwater reels are only made for freshwater, so freshwater and saltwater reels are different. If you use the freshwater reels in saltwater then they can be damaged.

What is the difference between Bait Reel and Spinning Reel?

The bait cast reels require some weight of the bait, lure or tackle for putting out the line. Baitcast reels are usually for the seasoned. The inexperienced anglers or the beginners can settle on the spinning reels that can hold more lines and are easy to operate.


We have presented you the proper way for choosing the best spinning reel under 100 dollar for you in conjunction with the possible preferences. We are done and not it is your turn! Get to know your desires and go for it. Spinning reels are important, be a little tricky, after all, it will afford with FISH!

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