Newport Vessels Trolling Motor Reviews

In a world full of soil and dust, all we love is a little bit of heaven. And we can find out heaven in the water. No matter you want to go for a date or you just are a professional angler, you can always go fishing. And when it comes to fishing, the best way to go inside the water to catch better fish is by buying a Newport Vessels Trolling Motor.

When there are hundreds of available options, you might want the best bet for you. If you want the most reasonable product with incredible features and performance, settle for the trolling motor.

Today, we will tell you why you should choose the Newport Vessels Trolling motor for your ideal fishing afternoon! Let’s dive right into it!

Newport Vessels Trolling Motor Features and Specifications

When it is about trolling motors, you cannot think about the best outcome without giving the Newport Vessels a shot. Yes, the best trolling motor will amaze you with the features. Let us discuss why you should get this motor!

Newport Vessels Trolling Motor Reviews

Freshwater and Saltwater

The best factor about the Newport Vessels Trolling motors is they are great for all types of water. You might want to go for freshwater fishing with your family members. Feel free to select this one for that purpose. On the other hand, if you are planning for some saltwater fun, you can do it with this motor.

If you compare it with the other trolling motors by the high-end brands, you will feel glad because you got this one. You can go for safe runs in the saltwater too with this motor. This will still serve you the best result when you are fishing in the saltwater. The reason behind this is the use of stainless steel in the making. This makes the trolling motor versatile and the right choice for you too!


The thing that will make you feel better about the products of this brand is their construction process and material. Almost all of the Newport Vessel trolling motors are constructed with materials that will last you for a longer period. The last thing you will want when it comes to fishing is a damaged trolling motor.

Newport Vessels takes care of your fear and comes up with completely corrosion-resistant materials. No more corrosion and you can fish like you are swimming if you deal with this motor! The construction process also includes the Zinc for making it durable. Also, magnesium hardware is included for a high-quality finish. You can never go wrong with one of these!

Versatile Shaft

If you are on the way to get the best trolling motor for your perfect fishing day, you hardly can get anything better than this trolling motor. If you want the top performance from your trolling motor, you cannot deny the importance of shaft.

And if your shaft is not adjustable, why would you pay so much money on a trolling motor? And that’s the reason why Newport Vessels came out with an adjustable shaft for your convenience.

Most of the shafts of this trolling motor brand are adjustable. On the other hand, they are constructed with fiberglass. So, you already know how amazing the performance will be! If you are only thinking about the performance then there is a lot more.

The fiberglass shafts make the motor look ergonomic. Also, you will be able to use the motor the way you want. No matter which way you are selecting, you can put it according to your requirements.

Cool Motor

We have already told you about the high-grade construction. And this motor brand also ensures that your motor stays cool while running. When you are traveling with the trolling motor, you don’t want your motor to get overheat. Overheating might damage your motor. On the other hand, there can also be a severe accident in this case. Keeping this in mind, this brand affords you the surety of keeping your motor cool even when you are running the motor.


Another feature of the trolling motors by this brand is the water-proof nature. Most of the trolling motors of Newport Vessels are resistant to water. We all know that you are going to work in the water if you are going fishing. And if your trolling motor is not completely water-resistant, your motor will stop after a few rides. Is that what you want? NEVER!

And so, the brand came up with trolling motors that are completely water-resistant. Many trolling motors are not completely waterproof. In comparison to that, this company has completely waterproof trolling motors for your help.

This is the reason why you can use the trolling motor for years and you will never regret buying this. If you are paying so much for a trolling motor, you should get the best benefit from your product. That’s what Newport Vessels ensure! 

Ultra-Quiet Nature

When buying trolling motor the other fact that people ignore, is the NOISE. This is the noise that a motor makes while it is running. No matter how PRO you are in catching fish or doing your job, you cannot catch fish the way you want if you don’t have a quiet trolling motor.

Yes, you guessed right. If your trolling motor makes severe noise, there is a chance that all the fish around your motor will listen to that and will run away even before you catch them. In this case, all your works will go in vain.

On the contrary, you never want to go with a friends-day-out and listen to the annoying noise of your trolling motor when you are vacationing, right? This is the reason Newport Vessels have come up with their incredible technology of ultra-quiet motors.

These motors will never scare your targets away. Also, this will afford you a quiet and peaceful vacation on the water! What else you can want for this holiday season?

Telescopic Handle

If you have ever searched about the Newport Vessels motors, you have already knowledge about their handles. Yes, they offer their users amazing telescopic handles. These handles make the whole motor very much ergonomic in design.

Also, the interesting fact is you can easily extend the telescopic handle if you want. Also, you can shorten it when you don’t need it to be longer. Also, it affords you several speed options to select. No matter how much control you want, you will be glad knowing the level of control this brand affords you!


If you ever go through the price range of the high-end trolling motors and compare those to this one, you will see how reasonable the product of this brand is. In the race of the best trolling motors, Newport Vessels have always given a competition to the expensive trolling motors.

In terms of features and performance, these trolling motors are as good as the other ones. However, if you make a side by side comparison, you will see these motors are highly affordable.

Share your experiences with your favorite Newport Vessels trolling motor by commenting down. Have fun, friends!

What We Loved

  • Versatile design
  • Durable construction
  • Adjustable shaft
  • Telescopic handle
  • High-tech construction materials
  • Adjustable features
  • Quiet nature
  • Keeping cool features
  • Reasonable price range

What We Didn't Like

  • A little slow runs
  • Some speeds don’t work after a period

FAQs on Newport Vessels Trolling Motor

How fat does a trolling motor go?

In most cases, the trolling motors can go 4-5 mph. This is the highest speed of a trolling motor.

No matter how many pounds of thrust you put on your motor, if your motor is settling for the highest speed, it will be 5 mph. The Newport Vessels trolling motors can also raise the speed to 5 mph.

Can you run a trolling motor out of water?

Okay, so if we need to answer this question, this will be tough. Technically, yes. Yes, you can run the trolling motor out of the water. You can run the motor out of the water for a very small period.

Yet, you have to keep in mind that when you are going into the water with a trolling motor, the water all around you will help the trolling motor to cool down.

However, if you are settling for a trolling motor out of the water, it will get hot. If you run it for a longer period, this will drain the battery down. Don’t risk doing it, that’s all we can recommend to you.

Will two trolling motors make you go faster?

If you want to use two trolling motors, feel free to do it. However, if you go for a two 55 pound thrust motors then it will move you as fast as the 30 pounds thrust motor. Trust us; two motors are great for heavier loads with larger boats. As we have told you before, the highest speed of the trolling motor will be 5 mph and not more than this!


Now that you know about the Newport Vessels Trolling motor, you will never be afraid of selecting this one. The features they afford are top-notch. Along with this, the performance of the motors is very much reliable.

If you want to pay a reasonable amount of money on your fishing life and want to buy a trolling motor, you can go for this. This does not only give you plenty of options and a high control-level, but you also get an ergonomic design that has almost no flaw.