Top 4 Best Ice Fishing Camera in 2021 | Ultimate Reviews & Guide

best ice fishing camera

Are you planning to make a difference in your winter activities this year? Ice fishing with your friends is a great way to explore a mountain lake, walking on the frosted glass of lake water & a relaxing pastime. However, fishing in winter is not as easy as in the summers!

Apart from a fishing rod, boots, jackets, ice fishing gloves, portable fish finder etc, best ice fishing camera is what you need the most. It helps you to see the creatures even in dark waters so that you can identify the right spot to make your bait. It gives you a live underwater fishing experience like nothing else while you can take still pictures & videos.

Why Our Guide?

A fishing camera will completely change your fishing game. Confused about which one to buy? Our guide here is to solve all the queries you may have as well as give you reviews about the top 5 best underwater camera for ice fishing in the current market.

Here we have talked about the best features that a camera might offer you, the pros & cons, the details, the durability, and where to find them. A must read buyer’s guide before you make a purchase!

Our Top 4 Best Ice Fishing Camera

Here's the top 5 best underwater fish finding camera highly reviewed by the users!

1. Eyoyo Portable LCD Monitor Fish Finder

Eyoyo Portable 7 inch LCD Monitor Fishing Camera

Here we are talking about the Eyoyo brand portable monitor- a popularly loved, fashionable, and convenient Underwater fishing Video Camera System.

The package includes:

  • 1x 7" TFT Monitor
  • 1x Camera with cable and wheel
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x Battery
  • 1x Carry Case
  • 1x Float
  • 1x Set of Metal Clip
  • 1x User Manual

This set is loved by many fishing enthusiasts for its durable design and easy-to-carry aluminum case that it comes in. This underwater fish finder set has an 800x480

high-definition camera with 12pcs infrared IR high-power lights for a better night vision. The monitor is 7 inches & LCD. The pictures are crystal clear & colorful as equal as 1000 TV lines. It has a removable sun-visor so your images will be undisturbed even in bright environments. The battery is a 4500 mAh rechargeable lithium battery which lasts up to 8 hours straight.

The camera is fully waterproof to IP68 sea level with up to 50m long cable, enabling you to go fishing in deep sea. The cable lengths come in varieties for you to choose from. It can help you view up to 3 meters distance. You can avail Overseeing aquaculture, underwater exploration, ocean/ice/lake fishing, swimming, deep-sea diving, snorkeling etc using this amazing innovation.


  • High definition camera gives more clarity
  • Switchable camera lights
  • Easy-to-port monitor size
  • Lasting battery life when fully charged
  • Easy removal of the sun visor


  • The cables and wires might be a hassle
  • The camera does not record

2. Anysun Ice Fishing Portable Video Camera & Fish Finder

Underwater Fishing Camera

The anysun ice fishing camera is durable for professional & helpful fishing activities. It's made of firm metal. This set is the best bang for your buck!

The package includes:

  • 1x 7" inch Color TFT LCD Monitor
  • 1x Underwater Fishing Camera with 30M Cable
  • 1x Lithium Battery
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x Set of Metal Clip
  • 1x Aluminum Box
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Float
  • 1x Sun-visor
  • 1x 8GB SD Card

This underwater ice fishing camera has a 7 inch color monitor. The monitor is equipped with a removable sun-visor so you don't have to worry about your bright daylight disturbing your view. The video camera contains an 8GB SD card which records, takes pictures and stores files and you can upload those later on social platforms to share your fishing experience with family & friends.

This portable set has a waterproof fishing camera with 12 White LED lights. The lens has a 120 degrees wide view angle to cover more habitat area in a single glimpse. It has a rechargeable battery pack that can be used up to 8 hours on a single charge.

This camera DVR comes with a carrying case so you can easily carry the whole system to the fishing site. The Video camera fish finder is ideal for ice, sea, lake, or boat fishing and other underwater adventures. It is highly recommended by fishing gamers.


  • Made of sturdy and durable materials
  • SD card provides recording, saving, rewatching and reusing of files
  • The LED lights enables dark vision
  • Uniquely fish-designed camera


  • Too small display
  • The battery heats up while charging

3. OKK Portable Underwater Fishing Camera

OKK Portable Underwater Fishing Camera

Are you looking for a budget-friendly fish finder? Do not want to make any compromises in quality? All of this in a light-weight, portable fishing finder set? Then OKK New Fish Finder is the perfect fit for you!

This latest fish finder includes:

  • 1 x Underwater Fishing Camera (50-feet cable)
  • 1 x 9-inch Color HD monitor
  • 1 x Li-battery
  • 1 x Charging Cable
  • 1 x Aluminum Casing
  • 1 x LCD screen-visor
  • 1 x User Manual

OKK portable set is highly loved by ice fishers because of the wider space provided by it's monitor. The 9” screen doesn't fail to meet your eyes the slightest movement happening underwater. The underwater fishing set has a high-quality HD camera prepared with 30pcs LEDs; 15 high-intensity, adjustable invisible infrared (IR) lighting for undisturbed illumination in low lights & 15 adjustable white LEDs for bright illumination.

Turn on the white LEDs & you can see the fish in dark environments. The high quality lens delivers sharp underwater images and the tiniest details on screen.

It features an advanced 9‘’ colourful monitor screen with 1080x720 HD resolution.The bigger the screen is, the images are clearer & smoother. This LCD monitor comes with a detachable sun-visor too!

The camera for up to 8 hours. Thanks to the long-lasting 12.6v/4400mAh lithium battery! The camera comes packed in a durable waterproof carrying case. It is small and portable, which you can carry around wherever you go. Furthermore, the camera screen is completely touch screen and smartly handled.

Another incredible thing about this product is that it has a durable aluminum carry case that makes it easy for transportation and keeps your camera protected.


  • The white and red IR lights work both together and separately
  • Long durability of battery
  • Takes 4-5 hours to recharge


  • Inverter onboard needed for charging
  • Doesn't have separate battery to buy

4. Eyoyo Portable LCD Monitor Fish Finder

Eyoyo Portable 9 inch LCD Monitor Fish Finder

This Eyoyo brand camera and monitor set is well worth the purchase price & super easy to use!

The whole package contains:

  • 1x 9" TFT Monitor
  • 1x Camera with cable and wheel
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x Battery
  • 1x Carry Case
  • 1x Float
  • 1x Set of Metal Clip
  • 1x User Manual

Users have reviewed that this product is extremely easy to set up and carry around. It is lightweight and weighs only 5.24 pounds with a dimension of 11.2, 10 & 5.2 inches.

This underwater fishing camera set has a 9 inch TFT color monitor with a removable sun-visor. The comparatively big screen displays the tiny details and movement of underwater to level up your fishing game. The monitor is specially manufactured with a

1000TVL program chip and has 12pcs IR LED Lights around the camera. This fantastic fish finder set comes with a 8GB TF card included so that you can record the underwater landscapes as you want.

The camera has a special fish shape and is silver in color, beneficial for your fishing trap. It works for 6 to 8 hours unaltered, thanks to the 4500mAh high capacity battery cell, which is rechargeable.


  • Bright environment friendly
  • Realistic image display
  • Clarity of image in dark environment
  • recording, saving, rewatching and reusing of files due to SD card
  • Attractive fish designed camera
  • The cell box acts as LED light controller


  • IR lights turn the images black and white
  • Only 90 degrees view available

Buyer's Guide

best ice fishing camera

Choosing The perfect Underwater Ice Fishing Camera for your own can be overwhelming as there are so many options to choose from. Here are the features that you need to make sure before making the move.

Cable Length

There are available different cable lengths of underwater ice fishing camera DVR. Choose your desired set based on the cable length that comes with it. 15m, 30m, 50m are the options to choose from to enable to you go deep sea fishing.

Extreme environmental condition

Ask the seller if the product can withstand extreme weather conditions. You may plan a tropical fishing trip or ice fishing, the fishing gear has be to be durable enough to handle the water conditions of your favorite location and get you the catch!

Camera resolution

Ice fishing camera for murky waters , the first and foremost requirement is a high resolution camera. Only an HD camera can make sure your images are crystal clear for your bait to be placed near the spot where fishes are. Remember that, the higher the resolution of the camera, the more expensive it will be so you must look under your budget.

Battery Life

It is another crucial factor to look upon while choosing your fishing gear. A poor quality of battery or low durability will only frustrate you along the fishing time as you will have to charge it again and again. It will also hamper your enjoyment.


Lighting is as important for ice fishing as the sun in a jungle. It is obligatory to make sure your camera lens has infrared lights numbering from 4 to above. If you can manage to find ice fishing camera sets with both red IRLs & white IRLs then it's a win-win situation for you!

Frequently Asked Questions on Ice Fishing Camera

Are underwater fishing cameras any good?

For an avid fisherman, a well obstructive and portable as well as durable underwater camera can be very handy. It will not only ease up the task but also level up their overall performance.

What is a good battery life for an underwater fishing camera?

The required battery life needed for your camera entirely depends on your intention of how long you want to spend fishing. Here are some category judgements based on the battery life of a fish finder:

  • Excellent - 10 hours
  • Good - 6 to 8 hours
  • Poor - 4 hours or less

What is a good monitor size for an underwater fishing camera?

The monitor size ultimately affects your fishing bait as it plays a role in showing the bits and pieces of the underwater situation. The bigger the monitor screen is, the clearer picture it delivers. While making a purchase you have to consider the camera resolution too as it has to capture pictures for your monitor to display.

Here are some classifications for the monitor size to worth the money:

  • Excellent - 7” and more with HD
  • Good - 5”
  • Poor - less than 5”

How important is field of view?

Field of view is the span of the area the camera is enabling you to see, mostly it depends on the lens of the camera. Mostly it is ranged from 90 degrees to upwards giving you space to look at as much as possible in a single shot. It is important to buy a camera that gives you a wider angle to look at.

How does underwater fishing camera work?

An underwater fishing camera detects fish under dark or murky waters, the infrared lights set around the lens of the camera enables it to do so. The camera then records and publishes the videography under the water and helps the fisher.

Wrap Up

Professional or not, fishing can be an exciting game for any season; winters or summer! A proper underwater ice fishing camera can add up to the excitement by giving you a view of what's happening beneath your boat or the glacier. It also saves your time by showing you the best spot for fishing or placing the bait.

Fishing is a game of patience. You might get bored while waiting for a good catch, let alone people who are not participating such as your girlfriend or kids. By involving an underwater ice fishing camera your game will turn into a deep sea movie time!