Best Kayak Paddle | 2022 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Friends and fellows, who are so much water-friendly and love kayaking, we are here to provide you with the sword that will bear your whole kayak to its destination, PADDLES!

Yes, paddles are important and so here we are to present you the best kayak paddle in the market. We have also provided the positive and negative phases of those products in companies by the buyer's guide.
Enjoy the purchase!

Our 10 Best Kayak Paddles For Beginners

Budget friendly
best kayak paddle
  • Great for quality great for price
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Best reliable paddle
  • Paddle weight 42.35 ounces
also great

1. Carlisle Magic Plus Kayak Paddle 


If you are up for any paddle that is lightweight and equally durable then this will be your best bet. 
The paddle has got the shape of the slightly spooned asymmetrical blade. This device is a combination of flexibility and lightweight feature.
The shaft of this paddle is flexible because it is made of fiberglass. A fiberglass is an object that can produce powerful strokes that are commendably smooth.

The fiberglass shaft of the paddle that we wound will afford you a perfect compromise in between the fiberglass shaft provides a sweet compromise between the flex and stiffness. You will need the flex of the shaft so that you can lessen the stress on the joins. The stiffness is also imperative because this will ensure you paddle stroke that is strong.

For providing you the ideal combination of long-lasting feature and incredible balance of being lightweight, these paddles are filled with fiberglass along with polypropylene blades.
All the penalties you can get for affording yourself a complete water outdoor life, this paddle will help you dish out all of them.

These are available in two different colors and they are Clouds and Sunrise. The variable lengths of these paddles that are available in the market right now are  220 cm, 230 cm, and 240 cm.

What we liked

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy construction material
  • Spoon shaped blade
  • Available colors
  • Flexible

What we didn't like

  • Blades may seem big

2. Bending Branches Whisper Paddles


These paddles are of great entry level and these will provide you with great value indeed. If you want to tool around a lake or spend a beautiful outdoor day on the rivers with your friends and family then this the best kayak paddle to go for.

This kit includes two pieces of paddles and so you can say this is a complete package of kayaking or fishing kit. Two paddles are included and so you do not need to go for another paddle with a lot of money. The shaft of the paddles are made of aluminum and as you know aluminum shaft is enough strong and sturdy to bear you go through the river or lake. 

The paddles are durable so these are a long-term investment for you and you can enjoy the benefits of these paddles for years, you do not need to change or purchase other paddle set at all. So, you can totally rely on the construction of the paddles.

The blade of the paddles are of 6.75 Inch x 18 Inch (89 sq. in) and the weight of the paddle is around 37 pounds. These paddles are only available in black color with the metallic colored body.

What we liked

  • Provides 2 paddles
  • Aluminum Shaft
  • Sturdy construction
  • Long-lasting
  • Classic black metallic body

What we didn't like

  • Fragile push button

Are you going through long stretches of water? This may be risk you but this is more adventurous than the other water rides. You are safe if you're with Carlisle Predator. Being lightweight is a very imperative nature of paddles because if paddle itself is heavy you will get it tough to handle the paddle rather handling the whole boat or kayak.

In most cases, if you have heavier paddles, you will be tired and your hands will shiver while controlling the boat and meanwhile you will lose control over it. So, to avoid this situation, you better go with a paddle which is light in terms of weight. These pieces by Carlisle Predator is so lightweight that you will feel that nothing is in your hands.

So, do you think lightweight refers to the less-durable kit? If you think so, then let us tell you, despite being lightweight the construction of the paddles are sturdy and these are durable enough to serve you and your boat for years. The shafts are made of fiberglass and so it itself provides the proof of being sturdy.

The blades are also made of renowned fiberglass reinforced polypropylene so that they can aid in keeping the balance between durability and less weight.
The other feature of these paddles are they are straight and round in shape (the shafts) and so you will feel utmost comfort in the hands. Even if you ride the boat whole day long then also you will find it smooth to paddle. 

The best feature of these paddles that will amaze you is the portability. You can break these paddles down into two different pieces and then you can take them anywhere you want.

What we liked

  • Made of fiberglass
  • Breakable into two different pieces 
  • Includes Straight-round shaft
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy shaft
  • Hi-tech blades

What we didn't like

  • Connecting the two pieces may create trouble
Cannon-Paddles-Escape-E Kayak-Paddle

This is a great all-in-one paddle for your kayak. When kayaking is your interest then you should be choosing these paddles because last long. If you want paddles that last long and can serve you for so many years then get this. These are not only durable and sturdy, these Canon Escape E kayak paddles are also comfortable for your kayaking life.

As you know being lightweight is very important because this leads you to hold the control of the kayak perfectly otherwise you will lose control over the kayak, these paddles are very much lightweight so that you can run the kayak effortlessly.

The construction of the paddles is also amazing. It includes black nylon blades that are fiberglass-reinforced. This technology and updated stability of the blades will make sure that you can easily pull the kayak through the water body.

The shafts of these paddles are heat-treated and made of anodized aluminum which increases the quality 9f this product. The shape of the shafts is oval in every grip areas so that you can get optimal control along with proper comfort.

The design of the paddles includes 2 piece design and it also has offset angel settings with 3-blades (unfeathered, 60 degrees left or right-hand control.) This is just t make your kayaking simple and portable. It also has drip rings that are heavy-duty. The blade size is 7.1-inch × 18 inch and the available lengths are 220 cm, 230 cm, and 240 cm. The weight of the paddle is 39 pounds.

What we liked

  • Sturdy construction
  • Has offset angle settings 
  • Available Lengths
  • Use of anodized aluminum
  • Oval shaped shaft
  • Perfect shape and size 

What we didn't like

  • May seem a bit long
HydroPro-220 cm-Carbon-Fiber-Kayak-Paddle

If you are searching for an easy-to-operate paddle for you and your family members then yes, you're just on the right track. This paddle is made of the carbon-fiber shaft so this shows you the quality of the paddle. For the carbon-fiber shaft, these paddles are very much light. Ultra-lightweight in nature, this set of paddles have an ability to reduce user fatigue.

The other feature that makes this paddle ideal is the easy-to-carry quality as it will be less strenuous for you to bear these anywhere you want.
If you want to know about the construction quality of the paddles then let us ensure you that the paddles are covered in stainless steel so that your paddles remain sturdy and stain-free always.

It also includes spring buttons infusion with copper so that if you want to adjust the angles of the paddle then you can go for this. It will let you choose between 3 different angles for your paddle. The best feature that will make you interested in the dividing feature.

These paddles can be divided into two different parts or pieces so that it becomes easy for you to transport. So, this is said to a portable device, isn't it?

The blades of this paddles are fiberglass reinforced for easy paddling. The drip rings are made of rubber and these also bear feature of push-button. The shaft diameter is 31 mm and the paddle length is 220 cm.

What we liked

  • High-quality fiberglass
  • Portable and can be divided 
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Has push-button
  • Perfect shaft diameter
  • Easy-to-paddle  

What we didn't like

  • Ridges on the paddle that can hurt hands

What is the best way to go through the water fast and easily? Let us ask you some easy questions. What would be better to displace water or liquid? Is it a spoon or is it a knife? The easy answer is SPOON! Here comes the strategy of Carlisle. They turned this answer into a feature and made the shape of paddle just like a spoon.

The blade of this Fiberglass Paddle named Magic Plus is slightly spoon-shaped because for providing additional leverage so that you can get powerful performance along with strokes, slightly curved spoon shape works better than straight blades.

Being lightweight is a prominent feature because it the paddles are heavy it will be tough for you to paddle and at a time your hands will give up working properly. You can anytime lose the control over the paddles and also the kayak which is very unsafe.

So get some lightweight paddle such as this kit by Carlisle which is constructed with high-density fiberglass. The other feature to rely on is the straight fiberglass shafts can flex according to your paddling and so it provided comfort to your both hands. It has a center button which will allow you for feathering for about 60 degrees.

If you figure out the construction of these paddles we can see that material of the shaft is fiberglass, the material used in the blades is polypropylene which is fiberglass reinforced.
The length of the paddles is accordingly 220 cm, 230 cm, and 240 cm. 
That shape of the shaft is straight and you will get two pieces of paddles in one kit.

What we liked

  • Spoon-shaped paddles 
  • Lightweight 
  • Available Lengths
  • Curved body
  • Straight shaft
  • Constructed with high-definition fiberglass 

What we didn't like

  • Edges may seem sharp

If being durable and lightweight are your you preferences, The Angler Scout will fulfill your desire. More than just mere paddling, these recreational kayak paddles are something more to your outdoor water journey.

A measuring tape is included with the paddle shaft so that you can get an immediate length reference. For creating perfect rescuing lures with retrieval system you will get a hook on the blade of the paddles which will be molded. Fiberglass reinforced blades of nylon and aluminum shaft are perfectly sized for most of the recreational kayaks in the market.

As we have said before, these paddles are angler friendly and are designed especially for they recreational kayaks, the quality of the fiberglass er ideal to keep you stable in the water.

If you want to land large fish or you need to free the lines from snags, the hook inside the blades will aid you in an efficient way. The drip rings are heavy-duty and that can keep the water away easily.

What we liked

  • Hi-tech drip rings 
  • Included hook into the blades
  • Stable in water
  • Use of fiberglass
  • Shaft made of nylon and aluminum
  • Angler-friendly design 

What we didn't like

  • Measuring tape may fade

You will get two pieces of paddles with this Naviskin Aluminum paddle kit that are symmetrical. The paddles are about 87 inches in length. The length and width of the blades are accordingly 18.5 Inch and 7.5 Inch.

The construction material is aluminum that is corrosion-free. The handles of the paddle are high-impact and the blade is molded. Aluminum is a very sturdy element and it protects your paddles. These paddles are sturdy enough to hold your kayak when you are in a moving water-body. It also has some different colors that will make your journey colorful.

The design is lightweight and so it will allow you to travel with these portable paddles anywhere with least fatigue. The available colors for this are Yellow, Black and White and they also hold 3 different lock-position. 

What we liked

  • Available in different colors 
  • Durable construction material 
  • 3 different lock position
  • Aluminum paddles
  • Sturdy construction
  • Portable 

What we didn't like

  • The grip style may seem uncomfortable

If you want something that can provide you the colors of adventure and makes you more interested in voyages, then this is your best bet. The Winner will fiberglass has got blades that are of multicolor. The construction is made of Nylon so it itself affords you the proof of being hi-tech.

Not only colorful but these paddles are also long-lasting. The shape of the blade is slightly spoon-shaped so that it can provide you stability in moving water too. The shafts are flexible and lightweight and so these can afford you powerful yet smooth strokes.

The weight of this paddle is 2.77 lb. These are available in Cloud and Sunrise colors. The lengths of the paddles are accordingly 86.61 inch, 90.55 inch, 94.49 inches and 98.43 inches.

What we liked

  • Available in different colors
  • Various lengths
  • Spoon shaped blade
  • Can get powerful strokes
  • Sturdy construction
  • Lightweight

What we didn't like

  • Some people may find the length short

If you want to go for kayak paddles that are enriched will high horsepower then this Aqua-Bond Manta Ray can only be your answer.

People who have bigger boats can be aided properly with this paddle set because it has more horsepower than any other paddles in the market. If you are a high-angle paddler then also you can select this one. When you are in the moving water, this paddle can serve you ultra stability for the kayak.

It includes a corrosion-free anodized shaft in companies with abXII blades. The best feature of these paddles is these are reasonable no matter how much good quality it serves.
The weight of the paddle is around 37.76 oz. and the blade measures about 7.26-inch x 18 inches.
These paddles are constructed in Wisconsin, USA.

As we have said that this is an aqua-bound paddle, this is one of the hand-built aluminum paddles that has been staffed by the paddling enthusiasts. You will get 2 pieces of the paddle with the kit. These paddles have got a snug-fitting and you can divide the paddle into two parts for the ease of transportation. For easy traveling, this paddle has snap-button ferrule consisting of 3 holes.

This will also help you in the storage section. These paddles are high-angled. The blades of this Manta Ray are wide and large enough for the high-angle paddlers. If you want to move the serious water then all you can do is choosing this. The shafts are made of aluminum. If you are a newbie then these will be a great choice because you will get more power and strength with every stroke.

What we liked

  • Perfect for the high-end angler 
  • Has ultra-stability 
  • Lightweight
  • Enough large
  • Aluminum shaft
  • Portable 

What we didn't like

  • Sometime need extra adjustments

Buyer's Guide: What Should You Think Before Buying Kayak Paddles


There are some specifics that can never be neglected while choosing the right kayaking paddle for your kayak tour. Let us go through them.

Blade Compilation

People are usually seen getting into confusion about the blade type while buying a kayak. In easy term, for purchasing paddles for Kayak you have to go for the double-bladed paddles. If you are Canoeing, settle on single bladed paddles.

Price and performance, both are important in this case. More than the shaft, throughout the journey you have to raise your blade higher.

For transferring energy to the stroke, there are various materials for selecting blades of paddles.
Plastic will be a generic term in this matter. If you learn more, you will get to know that polypropylene or polymer or plastic blends that are infused with fiberglass nylon is used in the construction of the blades.

For recreational paddlers, plastic or nylon blades will be a better option. These are reasonable in price.

You will get fiberglass blades at a middle range price. These are lightweight than the blades made of plastic. If you want ultralight material and can invest enough then go for the carbon-fiber blades which will be the best for any kayaker.

Length Complications

The length of the paddles of a kayak basically depends on your arm span, personal preference, and height. However, most of the people these days use the same paddle lengths for every type of kayaking but paddles depend on what you are using them for.

Feather or Blade Angels 

Each of the blades is seen offset from each other and the angle of this offsetting is known to be the feather of any paddle. This feather is measured from one blade to the another one in 5 degrees increments. The most used feather that can be used any time is of 45 degrees.

Shaft Diameter and Type 

Most of the paddles used in kayaking are about 30mm which is just ideal for any adult paddler. Some paddles are also found in smaller shafts such as 22 mm. These will suit with any junior paddlers along with smaller women.

Let us discuss the shaft topic in details as it is a very crucial matter. What should you take? Should you go for straight shaft or should you choose bent shaft?

The bent-shaft paddles in the market usually have gone a kinked sector. This is because this sector can position hands in a more comforting angle at the period of power-portion of any stroke. This idea will lessen fatigue and discomfort of your joints of the body.

If you usually use the straight shaft and now you are going to give bent-shaft a try then you should remember that you need practice. For adjusting the stroking techniques you have to spend a day in the water with your new bent-shaft paddles

Kayak Paddle Sizing Guide

Difficulties in Choosing Paddle Size

We have told you earlier how important the paddle length for kayak paddle is. If you do not choose the right paddle length for you, you are surely going to ruin your kayak riding life. However, if you are a little tricky, it will be very easy for you to select the right length for your paddle.

The length of the kayak paddle highly depends on the boat size. You cannot just go to the market and select any paddle size that you like. The boat size matters when it comes to the paddle size.

If the size of the boat in longer, you have to select a longer paddle for you. If the boat is small and short in size, you can easily go for any small paddle. In most cases, if you are settling for taller paddlers, you should go for the longer paddles.

Paddle size is usually measured in centimeters. But you have to keep in mind that the boat size is often measured into inches. It will surely get tough for you to measure the right paddle size for boats as there are differences in the measurements.

In this case, you can go for the online chart for measuring the perfect measure from inches to centimeter. If you do not transform the inches into centimeter, you will end up choosing he wrong kayak paddle size for your kayak. And as a result, your kayak ride will be the worse ride of your life!

Tweener Sizes

There are so many people who will find it tough to select between two sizes. Not only you but also the professional kayak riders get into confusion when it comes to selecting the TWEENER sizes. If you are a newbie, we will refer you going for the shorter sizes of the tweener. In most cases, short TWEENERS work everywhere.

You have to keep in mind that if you use shorter paddles, you will be able to save some ounces. This might not matter for you now but when you will be on the voyage, you will see that this thing will help you a lot.

Kayaking or fishing is not an easy task. You need to paddle and run your hands at the same time. Working with both hands and feet may pressurize your body and also will make you stressed.

In this case, the right TWEENER size will suit your amazingly. In some cases, shorter TWEENERS don’t work. What will you do then? We have options for this too! If you are seeing that you are proportioned with a shorter torso, the best deal you can go for is selecting the longer paddle.

If you want added reach when you are in a kayak, this is the most perfect thing to go for. You only need to select a longer paddle and have fun! This will help you in adding reach in your journey! This process is a life savior when it comes to tough kayaking because it saves your energy and makes the ride faster!

Angle Paddles

The angle paddles are very important when you are going for a kayak ride. You have spent a lot of money on fishing kayak. If you do not select the right angle paddle, the whole fun will get boring. If you are confused about which angle paddle you should select, read the following details, It will make the angle paddle choosing process easier for you!

In the low angle stroke, the shaft is usually a little tilted. When you are riding a kayak, your top hands will not go over your shoulder level. There are a lot of people who do kayaking for different reasons. There are people who love to have voyages and do amazing things. They love adventures.

Some people like tough rides because they will face the difficulties and have the best part out of the troubles.

On the other hand, there are also people who do not like tough adventures at all. They try to get out of city life and find another life while kayaking. They want to ride kayak and want to get close to nature. They want to feel nature and have a slow ride.

In these sorts of recreational ride, people want a slow ride and have fun in nature. If you love recreational rides and want something that is very relaxed, the low-angle stroke is the right deal for you. In this case, you have to keep in mind that flat water is preferable here.

If you are going for rough tides, the low-angle stroke may not work there.

The high-angle stroke is basically best for the paddlers that love speed. If you love speed and adventures, you will surely enough high-angle strokes. These paddles usually feature more tilted shafts. These paddles have a close-to-boat blade path. As a result, it affords you faster speed and amazing adventures. Usually, strokes need precision.

If you lack precision, it will be the weakness while riding a kayak. When you are going for high-angle strokes, you have to remember that you will need shorter paddles. Longer paddles will not work here. The blade also matters when we are talking about the high-angle strokes.

Usually, high-angle strokes require wider blade. On the other hand, the low-angle strokes will need less wide blade. If you are trying to cover low-angle strokes with a wider blade, you will end up ruining the fun of your nature-friendliness. It will force you to make speedy movements. As a result, you will never have fun at all. 

If you want to go for the high-angle strokes, make sure than you get a wider blade along with shorter paddles. Longer paddles will be the right deal for the low-angle strokes.

First of all, you have to select which angle stroke do you want and you want recreational voyage or an adventurous voyage. Then you can easily select which sort of paddle you will go for. Always remember, blade plays an important role in this sector too.

Crank Paddles

Have you ever seen crank paddles? Yes, they look very cool. Crank paddles are very much favorite of some kayak riders. Crankshafts are amazing when it comes to kayaking. But are you planning to buy any crankshaft? Before buying crankshaft, you have to stop and know some specific details.

We all know that you involve so much money on buying the right kayak for you. When the topic is the shaft, you also invest your hard-earned money there. What if you end up buying the wrong shaft for you? What if you pick up a crankshaft and you are not able to use it the way you wanted to?

Yes, the crankshaft is very much confusing. It might look cool but there are certain things you need to know before you go and get a crankshaft for kayak riding. There are certain wrists problems people suffer from.

If you have any issues in your wrist, you will see so many people suggesting you crankshaft for kayak riding. But do not select crankshaft before knowing each and every detail on it.

Crankshafts are basically designed for the perfect grip you were asking for the whole year! Yes, crankshaft has amazing grips and good strong punch. Kayaking can be fun with crankshafts. If you are a person who can deal with crankshaft, you must go for this. If they work for you, nothing can work better than them!

Cranks shaft has an amazing quality of letting you know about the perfect grip and its position. There are people who go through difficulties while understanding the perfect position for the perfect grip.

However, crankshaft can be the savior here. If you are unable to find the perfect position for the grip, you can try crankshaft.

However, there are also negative aspects of using a crankshaft. As there are people who can get the right position for holding the crankshaft and get an amazing grip, there is also the opposite section of the story. You will surely find people who are not interested in the crankshaft. There are also kayak riders that have used crankshaft and it didn’t work for them.

You might not be able to find the right place to hold the crankshaft while kayaking. If this happens to you, you will be able to ride the kayak safely. As a result, your kayak will get unstable and you will be in an unsafe situation. In this case, if you are selecting a crankshaft, you have to practice it before you go for a long voyage.

When you will out power through the blades, you have to remember that both your wrists need to be in a straight line. If the line of the wrists is not same and in the line, it will be tough for you to handle a crankshaft. Before selecting a crankshaft, try using it and then invest your hard-earned money on this product.

Oval Grip

If you get a great oval grip, you will be amazed by how it creates a big difference in your whole kayaking life! This is no joke, trust us. Kayaking gets fun when you use an oval grip that makes the whole process easier and better.

You will see that the best manufacturers of kayak usually keep an option in their paddles for making them oval. You will see that there are paddle shafts that can be turned into an oval shape. Most of the manufacturers follow this rule. Some of the manufacturers of kayak paddles make their paddle shaft oval without knowing any reason.

Why do they do it? Is there any reason to make the paddles oval? Yes, there is a reason behind making the paddle shafts oval. When you are using an oval handle, it will be very easy for you to get a good grip on the paddles. The natural shape of our hands and fingers goes right with the oval-shaped paddle shaft.

When you select an oval handle, your fingers easily glide and get a good drip on the right side. It has amazing capability of aligning the joint perfectly with the top part of the blade. As a result, it affords you amazing feeling.

Along with this, it can afford you better grip. With this, you will also be able to get better control over the touring kayak. It is very easy to understand that if you have a better grip, you can control the kayak more perfectly. 

If you are a person who is passing hard time selecting the right way to go for Eskimo roll, this will be the life savior for you.

The oval grip makes the kayak riding easier even for the beginners too. If you are a newbie in riding kayak, you must have faced imperfect grip and uncontrollable rides. You can solve the situation completely with the help of oval paddle shafts. These will afford your newbie hands incredible grip.

You will also be able to control the kayak accurately and better than before. However, you have to practice kayaking with the oval paddles if you are interested to make the rides more accurate.

Weight of Kayak Paddle

In most cases, the people who are new to kayaking do not know much about the weight of the paddles. People provide less importance to the weight of the kayak paddles when they select the paddles. However, the weight of the paddles is very imperative if you have never done kayaking before.

Most of the seasoned kayak riders also do not know the importance of the weight of the kayak paddles. If you are selecting paddles that weigh less than 700 grams, you will see that it will be tough for you to control the kayak. Moreover, these are not comfortable at all.

If you select paddles that weigh more than 1100 grams, it will be tough for you to take the weight of each stroke. So, go for the weight that is in the middle.

Some FAQs on Kayak Paddles

How are kayak paddles different from canoe paddles?

Usually, Canoes use single bladed paddles and Kayaks use double-bladed paddles. In inside body of a kayak is enclosed.

What is the best Kayak Paddle length?

The paddle length varies from person to person. According to height, a 5'5" person can select paddles that lengths from 210-230cm, a 5'5"-5'11" person can go for 220-240cm, and a 6'+ can settle on 230-260cm.

What is the need of feathered kayak paddles?

Feathering is related to wind. In the high wind, the higher the feather, the less the resistance.

Stats and Details

Paddling is a well-known task when you are in any outdoor water activity such as kayaking or canoeing. Kayaking with paddles is different than canoeing as canoeing needs single blade and kayaking needs a double blade.

Kayaking paddles are usually longer than any other paddles. In terms of blades, kayak paddles can be feathered and un-feathered. Basically, the paddles that are feathered are measured on the basis of degrees such as 30 degrees, 45 degrees or 90 degrees.

Most of the cheap kayak paddles in the market have a shaft made of aluminum. The luxurious shafts of some paddles are made of carbon fiber or fiberglass.

Normally, the shaft is made straight but to make the paddle more comforting so that it can reduce the strain or pressure on your wrist, an additional crank is added. Lightweight paddles are desirable in most cases.


So, we have bestowed on you with all the best kayak paddle of the market along with the proper buying guide so that you can select strategically. 

First know your requirement, purchase one and go for your kayak ride. Thanks for reading!