RV Portable Waste Tank Reviewed And Rated in 2020

If you are going to a campsite and you don’t have any sewer connection, the only product you can rely on is the RV portable waste tank. Whenever you are in the fishing zone or you are just traveling, you can get the benefit of the waste tank. With this, you will be capable of dumping black and grey RV holding tanks and you won’t need to move the RV at all!

If you are fishing, no matter when you get nature’s call, you will never need to think about dumping the dirt. All you need to do is get the best RV portable waste tank for fishing boats. And according to use, we have selected the Camco Rhino Heavy Duty 36 Gallon Portable Waste Tank to be the best RV portable tote tank. 

So, here we will talk about the specific details of the product so that you know if it’s worth your money or not!


Why Should You Buy Camco Rhino Portable Waste Tank

There are many reasons why the Camco Rhino Duty 36 Gallon Waste tank is most popular in the market. This model is good quality build and extremely durable blow modeled, UV stabilized HDPE which would not leak. This tote tank is very large and provide extra heavy-duty.

RV Portable Waste Tank for Fishing Boat: Features and Specification

Design and Outlook

No matter what, the design of the RV portable waste tank for fishing boat matters. And on that note, you must know that the design of the Camco Rhino waste tank in 36 gallons is highly recommendable for the users. The smooth design eradicates all sorts of odor and debris. And the design is done in a manner that is sloped towards the drain hole. So, you will find the cleaning process easier than before.

The wheels are not flat and include bearings. The bearings of the waste tank make it sturdier and long-lasting. 



No matter how we ignore the features of a waste tank, we will never be able to ignore the importance of the construction. The construction of this RV portable waste tank for the fishing boat is high-grade. The basic construction material of this tote tank is UV stabilized HDPE. This is durable and blow-molded. 

The best part of this construction is, if you are tired of seeing your tanks deteriorating in the sun or leaking, you are never going to experience that in terms of this waste tank. No matter how much you travel by this waste tank in your fishing kayak, the construction will remain incredible. 

On the other hand, stainless steel, removable steel, and aluminum are used for the whole construction. So, you can never doubt the construction of this waste tank ever!

At the bottom of this tote tank, you will see an integrated ladder hook. Along with this, you will see tie-down grooves. Once your tank is empty, these will easily help you to hand your favorite tank on the RV’s ladder.

On the other hand, the top of the tote basically includes water inlets. There are two different water inlets included in the top of the tote tank. The first one is basically an integrated tank riser. This is designed for adding up with a greywater hose. Also, an easy-grip connecter is added to it. Along with this, the backflow preventer stops any sort of backflow. For cleaning away all sorts of debris from the sidewalls, there is multi-directional spray too.

On the contrary, another water inlet that is added on the top is basically a male connection. There is a 15-inch female water hose added with the whole kit. You can use this male connected with the female orange grey water hose and make it perfect!

Hardware Technology 

The features that this RV portable waste tank for marine boat includes are highly recommendable for any users who live their life in the water! The first noticeable technology of this waste tank is the hardware. Yes, the hardware is the strongest part of this waste tank. The hardware is anti-corrosion and so, no matter how much water it goes through, you will face no corrosion at all!

On the other hand, the hardware is rust-free too. In this case, you must know that the hardware is zinc-plated and so, there are no chances of rust at all! Not only the tank but also the bearings of this waste tank are made with stainless steel!


The wheels of this waste tank are large. These are not flat and on the other hand, there are bearing added. As there are bearings, the waste tank gets sturdier and durable. Also, you have to keep in mind that the wheels have a large circumference. And so, going over rough terrain is not so difficult for this waste tank.

Cleaning Method

This Rhino tote tank basically comes with everything that is required for the cleaning purpose. On the top, the tank riser water inlet is added. Also, it has a multi-directional spray for cleaning the sidewalls of the tank. As you are dealing with water, you will surely see that there is contaminated water on the line. And to keep away contaminated water, this kit has a backflow preventer.

For rinsing the tank properly, all you have to do is get the greywater hose. In this case, any garden hose used for sanitation will work. Use the easy-grip connecter with the help of the tank riser. Now, you can turn the water line on and rinse it!

If you have less time in your hand and you want to go through the process faster than the RINSER, you can have faith in the 15-inch female-to-female water hose. Connect this to another water inlet on the top of the tote and go for any regular male connection. Now fill the tank and flush faster than the RINSER! However, always keep in mind that this water inlet does not include any backflow preventer.

Handles and Grips

When it comes to waste tanks, no matter how good the quality is, if you are not getting the perfect grip to hold it properly, you will never like using the waste tank. However, this waste tank is amazing not only for the high-grade construction or the incredible performance but for the small and perfect details.

The handle of this portable waste tank is oversize. Though these are a portable waste tank, if you are not able to move it the way you want, they cannot be named as PORTABLE! But, if you are with this RV portable waste tank for a fishing boat, you are never going to find it tough.

As we have said, the handles are oversize. You also need to know that these are durable too. The durable build of the handles makes the grip sturdier and better. You are capable of pulling or towing the waste tank easily without any help!

FAQs on RV Portable Waste Tank for Fishing Boat

What are the dimensions of the tank with the wheel on?

If you are going for a 15-gallon unit and you are keeping the waste inlet with 90-degree elbow attached then it will be about 13.5 inches. The normal height is about 8.5 inches.

However, if you want to raise it, you have to play some additional games to get there.
If you want to get some extra 5 inches, you can lower the tongue jack first. And then, you have to place the camper on the leveling blocks. On the other hand, you can also increase it with the help of digging holes for the wheels.

How do you know when it’s full? 

There are people who get into difficulties understanding the height of the waste tank and knowing it’s full or not. There are some easy tricks to note down about this. On the platform, you can set a tank vertical. Make a point to what you will want to fill the tank.

When you will open the valve, the level of the tote tank will equalize. Also, you can out a chopstick inside it permanently to make a marker. You can see the water rising and by trial and error, you will know how to work with it!

If it’s cold outside, will the waste inside the tank freeze?

People often think that the material of the tote waste tanks can keep the tank away from freezing but it’s not right. In the regular colds, nothing will happen to the tote tank.
However, if the cold is too much and if your tank is outside, the waste inside the tank will freeze. In this case, you can get a tank blanket. Or, you can clean it before it gets too cold. 

Wrap Up

So, now you already know about the RV portable waste tank for a fishing boat. No matter when you are going for a kayak fishing tour, you must take this one. It can be a life savior and keep you away from waste. Also, it is resistant to corrosion and rust. So, water cannot harm it in any way. UV rays also cannot harm it! 

To make your work easier, get a Camco Rhino 36 gallon waste tank and gather 36 gallons of waste without any complication. Let us know in the comment box how you loved the Camco tote tank. Share with us about the positive and negative aspects!