Best Ice Fishing Reels | Reviews & Buying Guides For 2022

Are you bored you random fishing styles? Is winter near? The most adventurous fishing you can do here is ice-fishing. Yes. Do not let the cold weather ruin your fishing excitement and go for ice fishing experience.

Anglers whoever have experienced on ice fishing will know the significance of best ice fishing reel. You may find it difficult choosing the superlative ice-fishing reel for you. So, for your ease, we are here to present your some of our recommended ice-fishing reels that you blow your mind. Along with constructive aspects and the downbeats, we have also come up with the buyers guide for you. Let’s have a look.

Our Top Picks Of Best Ice Fishing Reels Reviews

Budget friendly
  • It has 5 bearing system
  • Build with graphite body
  • Typical Pflueger quality
  • Anti-reverse ice reel
also great
  • Cheap reel but good quality
  • Saltwater ice reels perfect for the rod
  • Light weight and smooth cast

The design is made ultra lightweight so that you can get the super smooth performance which is just ideal for ice fishing. The simplicity and reduced line twist are a great combination of perfection. The star drag system is also smooth that can adjust effortlessly.

It also consists a button for free-spool release for your aid. It has plastic handle and star drag along with the brass gears. The shaft is made of stainless steel. The gear ratio is 2.6.:1 and the ball bearings are 4+1.

The weight of this reel is 5.8 pounds. The line capacities are 4/45, 2/110, 1/270 and one drawstring bag is also included with the kit.

What we liked

  • Lightweight
  • Great power and value
  • Outstanding line capacity

What we didn't like

  • Made of plastic

One of the largest and most influential tackle brands in the world these days is Daiwa. This BG series reels by Daiwa ranges from any ultra-light fresh-water battles to the big game of saltwater models. This spinning reel has HardBodyz body the sides are covered with Air Rotor design which is lightweight.

This device has a drag system carbon which is waterproof and has aluminum screw handle which is ATD Machined. 

If you are searching for an ice fishing simple reel that can last long, this will be your best bet. This ice fishing reel is black in color that makes it look sturdy. The body of this reel is made of Nylon and the spool is also crafted with Nylon.

The ball bearings are 4+1 and the line capacities are 4/45, 2/110, 1/270. The gear ratio is 2:6:1. The handle is made of aluminum. The drag of this fishing reel is of Teflon which is smooth. It has got reduced line twist of 1575 Inch and has a button for free-spool release.

What we liked

  • Durable
  • Crafted with Nylon
  • Great line capacity

What we didn't like

  • The line can get tangled sometimes

This 24 Inch large size cold smoke ice-rod by Eagle Claw is ultra lightweight for your convenience. This rod blank has shaped the figure of S-curve. It contains the EVA handle and the craftsmanship is done by graphite.

The 4 glides are made of stainless steel. It contains 1 per retail along with the ball bearings of 4+1. The drag is made of smooth Teflon. The graphite is sensitive and light for your great fishing experience.

What we liked

  • Large 24 Inch Rod
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Includes EVA handle

What we didn't like

  • Takes time to get used to

If you are here to learn about the best Ice fishing reel then this reel by Frabill will amaze you with outstanding features and compatibility. This is lightweight yet durable and sturdy. The construction will not let you feel the cold in any frigid temperature.

The reel is spool guarded and so it allows palm grip for your handiness. For the effortless drop of smallest jigs, this reel can free the spool easily.

It has super smooth drag along with a reel ratio of 3:7:1. Per revolution concludes 22 Inch line retrieval. The ultrafine free-spool facility is provided with the 5+1 ball bearings of this ice fishing reel.

What we liked

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Spool guarded reel
  • Super smooth drag

What we didn't like

  • Less resistance

The lightweight construction of this Straight Line 371 Ice Fishing Reel by Daiwa is considered to be one of the best-featured fishing lines in the market that is available. For palm grip, there is a spool guarded facility.

This is highly durable and the reel ratios are 3:7:1 and 2:6:1. With the ultra-smooth drag, these reel ratios afford your incredible performance. The ball bearing is 5+1 with a free spooling ability which is ultra-fine.

You will not feel the cold in your hand in any frigid temperature. Per revolution contains 22 Inch line retrieval. For the effortless drop of smallest jigs, this reel has the free spooling quality.

What we liked

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Spool guarded facility
  • Great ball bearing

What we didn't like

  • Loosening the spool may seem tough

Are you searching for a product with which you can go fishing in the daylight and the night? If yes then you are on the right track. This fishing reel by the Pfluger is an amazing ice fishing reel. The bearing system is 5 and this ball bearing is of corrosion-free stainless steel.

The body and the rotor are constructed by graphite which makes the reel lightweight and durable. The wire design is made of solid aluminum bail so that it is stiff of preventing mist-shaping.

What we liked

  • Ball bearings are made of stainless steel
  • Constructed with Graphite
  • Uses solid Aluminum Bail

What we didn't like

  • No anti-reverse switch

If you are an angler, you can never deny the importance of fishing reel and for you X-cat spinning fishing reel in a perfect combination of style and performance. The main shaft is made of metal and contains 12 ball bearings. It also includes a single anti-reverse one-way bearing.

For ensuring long use the friction is kept small. The frame design is ultra lightweight and the reel uses gear strength PA66 which is told to be the highest quality material and also environment-friendly.

The reel is foldable and ultra-thin. It includes hi-tech aluminum spool and the handle is made of metal.

What we liked

  • Has twin-fin design
  • Includes 12 ball bearings
  • Great gear strength

What we didn't like

  • Casting may seem a little rough at some spots

This FB spinning fishing reels look better and work better when it comes to the performance. The color is classic black. It has ball bearings of 13+1 which is smooth deep-race corrosion-free. It also includes instant stop featured anti-reverse ball bearing.

The handle of this reel is made of CNC machined aluminum. The spool is made of stainless steel for durability and it also contains another spare spool made of graphite.

This ultra-light reel is just the ideal choice for traveling. The Superior MAX Drag System of the FB series spinning fishing reel is of 15lbs.

What we liked

  • Great ball bearings
  • Durable handle
  • 12 months warranty

What we didn't like

  • The foam ball of the handle may make you uncomfortable

Abu Garcia is a leading brand in manufacturing fishing equipment and this ICEMAX 4842-1331 Ice Spinning Fishing Reel is one of the best fishing reels for ice fishing in the market by this company. The ball bearing is 3+1 of this fishing reel.

The line capacity is 100/4 lbs. The name ICEMAX already says that this is made for ice fishing. The weight of this ice fishing reel is only 0.0546 pounds.

What we liked

  • Effective ball bearings
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Smooth handle

What we didn't like

  • Sometimes the reel switch only turns into anti-reverse

Easy-to-operate, all of the Okuma Ceymar Fishing Reels have astounding features and effective performance in the ice fishing sectors. This Spinning reel is very much lightweight and portable and so it becomes easy to bear in any area.

The craftsmanship is sturdy and it makes it durable for so many years. The gear ratio is measured as 5:0:1. This is a multi-disc best ice fishing reel and the drag system is very active as it is oil felt.

The ball bearing system is measured in 7BB + 1 RB which means this fishing reel also has an anti-reverse quick-start roller bearing for your convenience.

What we liked

  • Great ball bearings
  • Includes anti-reverse roller bearing
  • Incredible gear ratio

What we didn't like

  • Sometimes it makes sound

Buyer's Guide: How to Choose Perfect Ice Fishing Reel?


A fishing reel is the heart of your fishing experience and if you go for any wrong fishing reel then your fishing experience may turn into nothing but the water of time. When you are up for ice fishing, fishing reel demands attention because ice fishing is the tougher version of fishing in saltwater or freshwater.

But how will you choose the ideal ice fishing reel for a better outcome? In you aid, we are here to afford you with the basics of selecting appropriate ice-fishing reel for your perfect fishing day!


The construction especially the material of the fishing reel is a crucial matter while searching for ice fishing reels. Graphite is a very durable material which can serve you for years. Metals are really good to keep your reel active.

The material of a fishing reel usually depends on the temperature of the water. The lower temperature will require sturdy material for your fishing reel. When you are here for ice-fishing, the material is imperative.

The crafting material of ice fishing reel should be enough durable to survive the cold. The equipment should also be free-resistant so that the handle and the total motor doesn’t get freeze while fishing. Otherwise, you will have to stop your fishing because your reel will not work if it is iced.


The design basically refers to the bearings of any fishing reel. The bearing is very important and whenever you are going to buy an ice fishing reel, bearings are going to determine the quantity of fish you are going to find. Bearings should be made of stainless steel.

The time period of the casting out of a line should be quicker and bearings certify that. The pulling in of a line is also depended on the bearings of a fishing reel. The higher the ball bearings will be, the better the fishing performance will get.

So, before purchasing any ice fishing reel, learn about the ball bearings. Moreover, the anti-reverse quick-start bearing is also needed to ensure perfection.


When you are going for an ice-fishing experience, you have to remember that you hand can be cold while you are using the handle of the fishing reel. Some of the ice-fishing reels are made of freeze-resistant material so that your hands do not get cold.

This helps you to stay a little warm in freezing weather. If your ice-fishing reel is not made of freeze-resistant material then you will need to wear gloves. For wearing heavy gloves, you will call for an additional space in consideration. Before selecting any reel, make sure you get to know this.


Handles are important because you are going to run the reels with them. Select handles that are comfortable to use and over which you can have control easily. Handles should be thick and enough length to hold properly.

Some of the models are specially designed for left hand or right hand so that it fits your hand properly.

The Setting Of The Ice Reel

Experience angler has no problem installing an inline reel as it’s no different from spooling spinning rods and reels. Ice reel mounted on the underside of the rod. The line enters the reel for the fly reels from the bottom side from the pole.

A great feature has inline reels that is a spool free function. It allows the fishing line to quickly and accurately drop to the depth. Another function comes with speed up and slow down the bait to a depth.

Reels can have functionality on a clicker installed. Like a bait casting drag, Inline reel is a bit. It is not difficult to drop the bait to the depth that you want. So you can try this as this is very simple type of inline reel.

Fly Fishing Reels

Fly fishing is a popular sport that can be enjoyed by all levels of anglers. Fly fishing reels are the essential piece of equipment for this activity. There are a variety of fly fishing reels available, each with its own unique features and benefits.

Some fly fishing reels are designed specifically for trout fishing, while others are more versatile and can be used for other types of fish as well.

Spin-Drift Reels

Spin-Drift reels are becoming more popular each year as anglers find them to be a versatile and efficient way to fish. They’re also perfect for those who want to enjoy full-body action when reeling in their prey. Here are five reasons why you should consider investing in a spin-drift reel:

-They provide an enjoyable experience for anglers of all skill levels.

Spin-Drift reels are one of the newer technologies on the market, and they have quickly become one of the most popular types of the fishing reel because they offer many benefits over traditional fishing reels.

What To Look For In an Ice Fishing Reel

Ice fishing is one of the oldest sports in the world. It can be incredibly relaxing, rewarding, and potentially dangerous if you're not properly prepared.

For those who are new to ice fishing, there are a few things you need to know before hitting the ice. First, choose the right ice fishing equipment. Second, learn how to properly bait your hook and cast your line. Third, be aware of the conditions and dress accordingly.

Some FAQs on Best Ice Fishing Reels

What are different types of ice fishing reels?

There are different types of ice fishing reels available in the market for a healthier fishing outcome. Most of the common ice-fishing reels are Spinning Reels, Center Pin Reels, Bair Casting Fishing Reels and Inline Fishing Reels.

Spinning Reel or Inline Reels – which one should be chosen?

Both spinning reels and Inline reels are perfect for the different situation. For the smooth and continuous performance despite the length of trip or the temperature, you will get a better outcome with the Inline reels. If you want an expert level experience and simple-to-operate reel then go for the spinning fishing reels.

How does ice fishing reel work?

The principal job of an ice fishing reel is holding the string and rewinding it when any fish is lured. You may require bringing your fishing line so that you can go for another litter or stop your fishing.

Is gear ratio important in selecting ice fishing reel?

Yes, the gear ratio is a crucial fact to know when you are up for an ice fishing reel. The fishing gear ratio is the number of turning of the drive shaft or engine in accordance with the rotation of the tire or handle. The performance of a reel highly depends on the gear ratio.

What is the anti-reverse bearing of an ice-fishing reel?

The anti-reverse bearing is a feature that can prevent the fishing reel from the turning backward and be engaging the drag. It will let you know whether the reel in engaged or not.

Final Verdict

If you are an adventurous person, then ice-fishing will be more exploratory for you than any other fishing types. So if you are ready to go for an ice-fishing tour, fishing reels are the most fundamental and decisive equipment that you have to think for.

We have advocated some specific ice-fishing reels that are leading the market in these days. Along with the pros and cons of the products we have also mentioned the buyers guide for you.

Now the decision depends on you. Know you requirement and go for ice-fishing!