An Angler’s Guide to The Best Fishing in The Stardew Valley

Are you up for spending quality time or holidays with the family or with the friends? Are you hoping for catching your dinner? No matter what, fishing is considered to be an ideal way of enjoying outdoors. If you want to go head-to-head with a vibrant range of fish, nothing competes for fishing.

With the accurate gear that suits perfectly and a little know-how, you have a great chance of sharing your own fish-tales with the upcoming generation and can create very adventurous memories for your old life.

Whether you are going to revisit something that you have not done in recent years or you want something adventurous for the very first time, we will say “Do not feel overwhelmed!” Because everything has a first time and every trying is a step towards success.

Remember that it is not the success but the journey towards the success which matters.

And if you are a little worried or afraid, we are here to guide you with all the basics of fishing. If you follow this, we can assure that you are never going to fail for different fishing types. Whenever you want, go fishing.

Fishing Tips and Tricks: Basic Guidelines of Fishing

Stardew Valley Fishing Tips


Stardew Valley, which is considered one of the heavens when it comes to fishing. There is a range of fish and we are here to tell you when and where can you get them.

While finding, each of them will require luck and patience especially when you are up for the rare fish in the Stardew Valley.

You have to be relied on your tackle for elevating you own fishing abilities. Bait may lessen your time between the bites but the bobbers and the spinners will improve each of yours.

Keep your eyes on the high-activity spots of the water to get a bigger haul for selling. You will get to know it by yourself when you will find any part of the ocean/river/lake boiling. All you have to do it ensure the adequate amount of casting power for luring so that it can land close to the bubbling area.

If you are not getting any high-traffic spot then stop by any of the locations where you feel that it can provide you more gold-fish than any other place.

Try not to waste you every on tricky catches.

Walleye Fishing Tips


Before the time when the sun comes up and after the sun goes away, this would be an absolute time to catch your target Walleye. In the shallows, these fish will try to move for attacking prey during this time so that they can make easy targets.

It will work perfectly if you try to troll with the crankbaits like leeches/worms/minnows or Rapalas. People may use plastic but you will find live bait better than any other thing.

When it is the day, the Walleye will tend to move in the deeper water. You will feel that the hot spots are the drop-offs and the dredged areas.

Try to use troll by the use of the bottom bouncer. If you are familiar with the good holes then you can anchor and you can then jig the areas.

When you are trolling, troll slow! In this place, you will get lazy fish and if you are moving very fast then these will not usually chase down their prey. If you are fishing with offshore reel then go slow. Trolling in any lake also requires a slow motion for catching your target.

If you find one fish in a place, you have to know that there are more fish in that place. If you can land one walleye then be sure that you can hit up the exact same zone again and again. This place is schooling fish so remember that where there is one of your targets there also usually much more!

The prominent work is to get the lure there where the walleye are usually situated. It will sound easy but it is not easy when you do it. You want to get the lure to sit exactly some inch off the bottom part of the river or the lake where you are fishing.

Always know that the simpler, the better! Using sinkers, worms, and hooks, you can get the best bet of your day. Find the fish and set the worm in front of these.

Carp Fishing Tips


Tactics and tips for your target CARP are not easy at all! You have been very much patient. Carps are well-known for their gentle bait striking before they actually strike it. Before you are trying to set you to hook, you have provided the carp one chance for taking the bait.

It will be really good to keep a hook remover on your hand always so that you can easily remove the hook from one carp who has swallowed it.

Do you have geese or ducks population in the water body where you are fishing carp? If you have then you will be wanting to fish near them. Carps are considered to be the fish that usually follow the ducks as they get food at the places where duck are given food by the human. Cast there!

You will always need to use an accurate hook color. We can recommend you using the black matte hook. Do not use the shiny hooks as carps will run away seeing that.

Ice Fishing Tips


While you are fishing on ice, you better select the smaller lakes in the first phase of the year. In this way, you will have a longer ice-fishing day.

When the winter will progress you need to select for the larger lakes. These places will hold more oxygen and so the fish that you are going to target is more active here.

Fish have a relation with the structure. Just before you are going to fish in a lake get to know the map and go through the structure of the lake.

Search for the breaks, weed lines, underwater humps, and points.

Drill a number of holes at varying depths all around the structure. If you do not get to see any fish in 15 minutes then go for another hole.

Perch and walleye are likely to be found in the bottom of the eater. Sunfish and the Crappie are usually suspended.

Try to go for live baits as they will get you more fish.

When it is the first part of winter, the bars and the points will extend from the weed lines and shores. In the middle of the winter, go for rock piles and mid-lake humps. When spring will arise, the fish will get a chance to move to the shallower water where they were staying at the time of first ice.

Kayak Fishing Tips

Kayak fishing! Yes, this is all the rage in this 2018 and it is popular for reasons. These are cheaper than the gas burners of traditional days. Kayaks provide the angler to get an access to a place of water where other devices and water-boats cannot reach.

The most difficult part of kayak fishing according to the anglers is learning to cast one-handed. Here, try to use spinning tackles or bait-casting. Avoid the super heavy sticks that can flip, rather try to use lighter combos.

After learning to cast with one hand you have to master the idea of padding with one hand. Paddling is effortless when you do it with your two hands in a rhythmic way. But what if you have to fish with the other hand! Yes! You have to fight with your target with one hand so you have to be an angler who can paddle with one hand.

You have to learn to lock the shaft of the paddle along the forearm. This will anchor it along the forearm and you will get the feeling of a canoe paddle while paddling.

If the boat is narrow, utilize your feet just like the rudders for steering your drift on the water. When you redirect the boat from any obstacles, feet will work there.

Are you paddling in the exact middle of the lake or river? Avoid this and go for the shorelines. In the skinny water, the current will be less and on the shorelines, you will get more fish in less effort.

Some FAQs on Fishing Guide

Which fishing rod is perfect while fishing Walleye?

Do not forget to use the accurate line or rod. The walleye can fight hard and they have sharp teeth too. We recommend a line of 10lb braided power and a sensitive tip rod with which you will be able to know when it hits the bottom.

Should you use bait on Stardew Valley Fishing?

One frequently asked a question on this place is about the bait. People are confused that they should use bait or not during fishing. We say that to bait your line is entirely a waste of good bait because it will only speed up to the time of baiting. It does not have any effect on the quality of your targeted fish. Save the baits for getting the crab pots instead.

Which is the best bait for Carp Fishing?

Use corn as baits as the texture, flavor and the color of corn is the real favorite of the carps! You can go for sweet corn. If you are going for artificial bait then select it wisely. Artificial grubs and worms basically work ideally.

Stats and Details on Fishing Guide

More than 40 millions of people fishing every year, it is definitely a fabulous way for spending your valuable vacations outside with your beloved people.

There was a time when people use to prefer fishing guides than fishing by themselves. Even today, fishing guides are important in places like the Swedish archipelago, Norwegian coast, the north Canada rivers, and lakes, and the Florida coast, etc.


Fishing is an enjoyable activity and so that main concern is always your own pleasure. You have to maintain some specific tricks as we have told you and then the only thing you can do is having fun!

Do not lose the interest of fishing doing uninteresting tricks, rather go for easy tricks and make your fishing work along with having the best benefit out of it!

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