Guidelines For the Best Time to Surf Fish-Tips, Rigs and Gear

Surfing fish seems easy? Maybe it is not as easy as you think. Surfing fish requires some prerequisites and proper timing is one of them. Now, what is the best time to surf fish? Time refers to the year, day, tidal movements or the weather situation. For interpretation, we get a lot of room!

This article will sum up all these rooms and will come up with the best time to surf fish. So, here we go!

Best time of the Year to Surf Fish

Here, we are not considering any specific location to surf fish, so in general, we are going to talk about fall and spring. This does not mean that surfing fish in summer or winter will be a poor outcome. But for the outstanding result, we can rely on spring and fall. With the similar set of circumstances, you can get a better result in spring and fall than winter and fall.

Summarizing it, we get to know that the best time of the year for surfing fish is spring and fall.

Best Time of the Day to Surf Fish

This is a very easy question to answer. Why? This is because the nocturnal feeding habit of fish is followed here. If you surf fish early in the morning from dawn to 9 AM or 10 Am then that can provide you with productive results. Another period where you can count on is before dusk. Yes, the evening one or two hours before twilight will be perfect for surfing fish.

In the summer season, most of the beaches are engaged in sunbathers. During dusk when they leave the beach can be an ideal bet for you to surf fish. In many areas, there is a rule called “no fishing during swimming.” You can surf fish after the swimmers have left the water.

In a word, the best time of the day for surfing fish is

  • From dawn to 10 AM
  • 2 hours before and after Dusk

Best Tide Time to Surf Fish

Fish surfing is undoubtedly depended on tidal phases. When you are surfing fish, moving water in the surfing line may seem superior. During high tide, you can easily cast out and effortlessly reach the deeper water of the pond, lake or river.

To be more accurate, we can say that 2 hours before a high tide and 2 hours after a high tide will be the heavenly period of fishing. In most of the areas, low tide is good for exploring the beach for best fishing. Another tide which is right between the High tide and the Low tide is called Slack tide. This kind of tide is no prolific at all for any sort of fish surfing,

In a nutshell, the best tide time for surfing fish is

  • During high tide

Best Moon Phases to Surf Fish

When it comes to the moon, we all think that the moon only plays a vital role in tidal movements. Yes, tidal phases depend on the moon. But not only that, the moon also plays a role in fishing. Let us explain how. The moon generates the extreme tide changes names as the spring tide. This usually happens during the full moon and the new moon.

When the tide changes from high to low the water also move. The focal changes happen in the depth of water. This can be the best time to surf fish. There is another common belief that the fishes feed mostly at night at the time of full moon.

Relying on the Moon phases, the best time for fishing is

  • Full Moon
  • New Moon

Best Weather Condition to Surf Fish

Weather factors are in actuality a tough condition to explain when it is about fish surfing. There are negative and positive factors regarding weather in fishing and sometimes negativities also turn into positive aspects and vice-versa.

Positive Factors

Not too strong onshore breeze can be positive for surfing. The low pressure during a spring tide gears up surfing than high pressure.

Negative Factors   

Cold fronts are not constructive at all. Surfing in high wind can also result in a disappointing outcome. Because during high wind, the water clarity becomes very poor and wind makes it tough to fish. If the weather condition of any reign stays poor for 24 hours, until the fish get a chance to familiarize, fishing will not provide any fruitful result.


Now you know when in the time of a year, day or whether you can surf fish for a better result. So, when you are planning to go for fishing, try to keep your eyes on the time and take the advantage of it. A good fishing can make your day better, go fishing, and act smart.

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