Strongest Fishing Line Reviewed & Tested in 2020 [Updated]

The cord that is used for angling in fishing is called Fishing Line. When you are choosing a fishing line, it’s not only about the brand rather your selection should depend on your specific fishing type. Every fishing line has different use so that you can get your particular line.

Several fishing lines such as Braided, Monofilament or Fluorocarbon are there to make your fishing work easier. When you are going to choose the strongest fishing line, you have to take into account some definite facts such as your fishing pole style, the water type you are going to fish in, the fish you are seeking to catch etc.

We are going to provide the details so that you can select your strongest fishing line for perfect fishing.

Types of Strongest Fishing Line

 Monofilament Fishing Line

This kind of fishing line is very simple having only one a strand of poly or nylon material.

Strongest Result

When your targeted fish weighs from 1 lb to 25 lbs, you can settle on this fishing line. For beginners, this fishing line will seem strongest and this is also affordable.

Knots that can be used with this line are Trilene, Palomar and Uni Knot.


  • All kinds of Knot Styles (mostly) can be applied without slippage
  • Many colors to go for as it is Invisible underwater
  • Has strength but also flexible for beginners


  • Strong while fishing but not much durable
  • You have to choose a thicker line along with the higher diameter
  • Can get bended

Braided Fishing Line

Also known to be Microfilament Fishing Line, Braided Fishing Line has multiple stands braided together with the Ultra Higher Molecular Polyethylene lines. No thicker is needed to support Braided Fishing Line.

Strongest Result

This kind of fishing line can do its best result in the deep sea fishing or saltwater fishing. This is durable against the salt water scrape and also is thin in diameter. If you are fishing for any heavier or bigger fish then you can prefer a Braided fishing line.

This fishing line is perfect if you are considering a small reel to bring into play with a great line capacity. Uni, Uni to Uni Knot, Palomar etc. knots goes right with this strong fishing line.


  • Very strong and has decent strength
  • Durable and lets you change different sized reels
  • Protects from moisture, water, and UV rays


  • Quite expensive
  • Tying knots may seem difficult
  • Excessive visible

Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Prepared from one single strand of the Polyvinylidene Fluoride, Fluorocarbon Fishing Line is the most durable fishing line amongst all. The Polyvinylidene Fluoride is an extraordinary and unique plastic which is made of high resistance and purity.

Strongest Result

When you are up for fly fishing techniques, this Fluorocarbon Fishing Line is all you need. When it comes to baits, flu fishing rigs or floating baits can go beyond perfect with this fishing line. It can be used as the replacement of the Monofilament Fishing Line.

The Improved Clinch knots and the GF knots can match ideally with this fishing line.


  • Very Thin, strong and highly durable
  • Has low visibility
  • Does not absorb water


  • Not good for the beginners
  • Tough to control
  • Expensive


Statistical Information

In the early days, Fishing lines were made of Catgut (according to Samuel Pepys, 1667) but today, modern fishing lines are usually prepared with Polyvinylidene Fluoride, Nylon, UHMWPE, Polyethylene etc.  Usually, Mono Fishing Line decomposes after 600 years.

Additional Information

What is the strongest Fishing Line Knot?

According to the Anglers, Palomar is considered to be the strongest fishing line knot and strongest fishing reel as it can secure a hook to one end of the fishing line has identical features like improved clinch knots etc.

How much weight can a Fishing Line hold?

Usually, the fishing lines available in the market can hold up to 2 to 400 lbs weight.

What is the best color for Fishing Line?

The longer wavelengths colors are said to be red, orange and yellow and the shorter wavelengths of colors are blue, green and violet. Many fish can see the colors what human cannot. You can go for red, yellow, green or clear (monofilament.)


Fishing is not only adventure but also art. And when you go fishing, for your best bets, know your fishing line. This will not only help you in good fishing but also will develop your skills.

Follow the subsequent scheme and design your fishing outing. The more you know, the less you suffer.

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