3 Key Tips To Transport Your Paddle Board Like A Pro

Here’s how we secure your stand up paddle board to the top of your car. So with the roof racks and making sure you should have those cross beams in your pads attached on there. When You set the Bourbon you set it top side down with the fin towards the front so that way there is going to roll over the board. It’s going to push it down onto the car instead of pulling it off for a single board.

Stand Up Paddle board to the Top of Your Car!

You only need one tie-down strap and then safety strap so to get the main strap over.  You’re going to feed both ends under those cross supports so you got the two tails here one is going over and then the other one take walk around. Once you make it around to the other side you’re going to go under both of those cross beams again. Now here if I put a little twist in the strap it’s going to help the strap from buzzing on the vehicle going down.

Transporting Paddle Board on the Roof of your Car

The road and then you should have to hook it up coming underneath the buckle first and then just give it good hand tighten and you’re good to go get two or more boards on the car. You’re going to put them in the same way if you have different sizes to put the longer board on the bottom and at the front, you’re just going to have an offset back on the fin. It might be needed to move the bottom board forward just a little bit more. You have to use two different straps here one strap per cross beam so you start by taking the strap underneath the cross beam.

Then Intake both sides over so we’ll throw the one over walk over with the other one then going to take out the slack so the clip comes up towards the top of the upper board.  We’re going to run this guy underneath the cross beam and then hand tightens it from there before we rack it down.  We’re going to do the other thing nice Wow so the last piece is going to be the safety strap we use this.  If you have more than one board up on here or if you’re going to be going probably over 30 40miles an hour it’s just a little redundancy a little bit extra just to make sure the door stays secure instead of going to the roof racks.

Final Step

We’re actually going to go through the entire car so that way even if something happens to the roof racks the border is still attached to the car. So once again you have to go throw the strap over the car then you got the other door open so you’re just going to reach through and feed it through the interior of the car and then once you got it here. You’re again right through the inside of the car. Now you have to feed it in the exact same way up and under bring it down take out the slack just enough for tension on close the doors and you’re done and often ready to go…

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) Step by Step Guide.

Get Geared Up to SUP

Today we’re going to give you a step-by-step guide on how to use your stop air. So the reason I love stand-up paddleboarding so it keeps me fit healthy happy.  I get to be in late chopto pump up your sub air becomes down to the little valve press on it without finger twist it a little until it pops out.

Then with the pump provided we bring the hose down connect it, in turn, it clockwise and start to pump until 15 psi with the pyro provided. We bring the two pieces together allow the top to twist down with your thumb press. The little button in until it connects in bring the puddle to the top of your feet bring your arm to the air.

Under the clip and adjust the puddle to suit your height so we’re bringing it just under our wrist. So we can allow to grab the puddle correctly and now to attach the fifth just getting the fin out of the pocket. Bringing the sense of fin sliding it through until it goes all the way to the end bringing. The clip into the groove and connecting it in if you plan on puffing in fast-moving water always touch the included leg rope the beauty of that sup here is.

They are light and easy to carry so picking up from the center where the handle is walking down to the water. Now to go paddling to get on our board we come to the center of the board. The handle is evenly distributed our weight on here with our knees always starting on our knees.

You make sure that handles in the center really feel into the board and balance you can play around by just going backend forth rocking the board. A little bring your paddle into the water making sure the scoop sock goes through the water. Really strongly push that through the water we swap hands we go to the other side getting comfortable on our knees first we just paddle. Here for a little while okay so now we’re ready to stand up we bring the paddle between our legs.

Wrap Up

Finally, Into an all-fours position bring both feet on either side of the handle and slowly stand up bring the paddle between your legs to find your balance. Because the handle is in the middle of the board just feel into the board like we did earlier turn the paddle the correct way.

It can bend your knees a little bit as we start to paddle away after washing your board off make sure it’s dry before you deflate it. We come over twist take the plug outcome over to the valve and to roll it up making sure you come from the top of the board towards the valve and start to roll it up..

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