Freshwater Fishing Tips and Techniques | A Beginner’s Guide 2021

And here is the fishing information for the beginner or experienced fisherman, packed with tried and true fishing techniques and tips.  This site will contain all the information you will ever need to help you catch more fish…..and it’s all for free!!

Freshwater fishing can be relaxing and rewarding sport for any age. I would like to share what all I have learned to help angler who is interested in learning how to catch more fish!  If you are even remotely interested in fishing, then this site will definitely help.

I have learned a lot over the years and would like others to benefit from my mistakes….trust me, I’ve made more than enough of them!!

All the freshwater fishing tips and techniques are broken down by the different varieties that are both extremely popular freshwater fish and are relatively close to just about where everyone lives.  A short drive to your local fishing hole will contain many, if not all of the freshwater fish contained in this website.

If you are new to fishing, once you catch that “big one” …..You’ll be hooked for life!!!  I have taken many different people of different ages (yes, kids too), and have had them all catch some pretty nice fish.  They have always had a great time and are constantly telling me “About that time I took them fishing.”

Freshwater Fishing Tips and Techniques for the Beginner or Experienced Fishermen

So let’s get to it and find out the nitty gritty of the how to’s and the what not’s….after all, there’s some big fish just waiting to get caught by you!!!

Freshwater Fishing Tackle

freshwater fishing tips and tricks

Simply put, you are going to need some tackle to start on your little adventure……relax, though, you don’t have to spend a fortune, especially when first starting out.  However, you don’t want to go out there with junk and spend your time untangling lines and repairing reels.

So, reading on will provide you with some tips to prevent that from happening and also contains information for when you do want to upgrade to some SERIOUS FISHING gear.  Aside from fishing rods and reels, you will also find information on lines, lanterns, baits, tackle boxes just to name a few.

Bass Fishing Tips

Without a doubt, bass fishing is the most popular freshwater fishing around!!  Who can blame anyone….once you latch onto one of these bad boys; you’re in for some of the most spectacular fishing anyone can hope for!!  Bass fishing is fun and exciting…….when you are catching them, but what happens when the action stops, what do you do??

I have tons of tips to help keep that from happening to you and if you try them…I will GUARANTEE you will catch more than your buddies.  These tips work for just about any type of bass fishing, from the ever popular large mouth to the feisty smaller cousin the small mouth bass.

Trout Fishing Tips

Trout fishing is considered by many to be the finesse of freshwater fishing.  By saying that, most people have a hard time catching the wary fish, but where there is a fish……there is a way!!!  I routinely catch trout throughout the season….from the cold spring months, through the heat of summer, amongst the beauty of fall, down to the time the snow flies in the winter.

These tips will help if you’re in a slump or even if you want to try some new, some say radical, ways to catch trout.  Trout fishing can be challenging, but with some different approaches, you too can catch some of these beautiful fish to bring home and enjoy.

Freshwater Fishing Lures

If you have moved past the basic level of bait fishing and want to try some freshwater lure fishing, then you have come to the right place!!  Fishing with lures is more satisfying and exciting…..especially when you got the right lure for the right fish.  Not only do I give tips on my personal selection of quality fishing lures, but I also will tell you the How, When, and Where’s for each type of lure that I have used.  Extremely useful tips and techniques for fishing with freshwater fishing lures!!

Catfish Fishing

One of the first fish I can remember catching was the fighting catfish!! A quality freshwater fish that fights till the very end and is arguably one of the strongest freshwater fish that is easily found throughout the world. I cover the tackle, baits, and rigs necessary not only to catch one but to catch the big ones!!

This is a fish worth pursuing as they are both plentiful and delicious to eat.  Catfish fishing is a great way to spend a lazy summer day at your favorite fishing hole and if you use some of my tips…’ll be sure to have battles to talk about for many years!!

Carp Fishing

Are you looking for some true “hog fishing”?? …..then carp fishing is definitely something to check into.  These big boys can easily top 10, 20 even 30 pounds or more!!  This is some exciting fishing and can be very addicting.  I go carp fishing when I want to give my arms a serious workout as these monsters grow fast and strong.

If you’re wondering how to catch some of these golden giants, then definitely read on to discover some easy tips, some great working baits, and the necessary tackle to handle the intense fishing that comes with carp fishing!!

Bluegill Fishing

Bluegill fishing is by far and wide the best fishing to introduce a new fisherman and youngsters too.  Being both plentiful and voracious, they can lead up to an exciting and fun experience to freshwater fishing.  These are arguably the easiest fish to catch and what greater reward is it to take a kid fishing and watch him or her smile and laugh as they catch these little monsters.

Now, they just aren’t for beginners mind you; I typically go bluegill fishing when I want some quick, tasty fish for dinner OR when I need some bait for other types of freshwater fishing.  Read on if you want to learn how to fish for bluegill AND take it to the next level!!

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