How Kayak Fishing Makes You Healthier

Getting your kayak to the shore, holding the paddles, and push it on the water might be fun. But fun with a bit of exercise doesn’t hurt. If you are a kayak fishing lover, you would love to hear that it is more than just a game!

Today, we will discuss how kayak fishing makes you healthier. By HEALTHIER, we refer to both mental and physical health. If you go for this, you will be fit both mentally and physically. Let us check out the best part of kayak fishing!

Health Benefits of Kayak Fishing 

Calorie Burn 

Exercise burns your calorie and keeps you fit. But isn’t it too annoying to do so much for just burning a bit of calories? Wouldn’t it be fun if you merge burning calories and an outdoor game? Yes, that’s what kayak fishing does to you! As you need to paddle when you are fishing, you do a sort of exercise.

Along with this, there is casting and reeling work that requires your muscle strength. Stretching your stiff muscles and maintaining the perfect blood flow is all you do when you are kayak fishing.

Just like the other games, your calorie burns and you get stronger and fitter! Who doesn’t want that!

Reduce Blood Pressure 

If you have high blood pressure, you can take kayak fishing as one of your treatments. Yes, whenever you are in nature, enjoying the view, you can reduce the blood pressure too.

No matter you are doing kayak fishing in a city is or an urban one, there will be green space for sure. And this green space will help lower your BP. When you are using a kayak for fishing, you are close to the water and you can feel in.

The water has a nature of calming you down. If you have high blood pressure, the water will calm you down and make you stable.

Immune System Improvement 

A lot of people will tell you thatthe sun can be harmful to you as there will be UV rays outside. Yes, we agree with that. If you go for over-exposure, you will surely bear the consequence. However, if you do not go for over-exposure and bath in the sun for a small amount of time, it can heal you.

There are a lot of viruses, bacteria, and other germs that die in sun. And if you go kayak fishing once a day, it can kill the germs keeping you safe. On the contrary, medical reports say that you get an increasing amount of bone strength when you stay in the sun.

And as we have explained to you before, to provide you a strong immune system, the sun can be more powerful than your medicine kit! With limited sun exposure, your skin will also get healthier. However, don’t forget to use sunscreens for keeping the skin away from ultra-violet rays.

Boost Brain Cells 

Stimulating brain cells can help you achieve better. And with the help of kayak fishing, you can keep your brain sharp. This fishing stimulates your brain cells and makes it sharp. When you are kayak fishing, you have to hold the boat and keep it on the run.

Along with this, you have to use your fishing rod to catch fish. Not only this, but you must use your brain to know where the fish is and process the entire work carefully and skillfully. All this work requires different parts of your brain.

While doing kayak fishing, a different part of your brain works simultaneously. As a result, you know how to deal with multi-tasking better than before.

Using your hands, listening to the fish’s movement, watching the work process, etc. will require all your sense to work together. And this is how kayak fishing makes you a better person in using your ability.

On the other hand, you keep learning continually in this process without any glitch. With all your multitasking capability, you start building confidence too!

Lower Cholesterol Level 

When you are fishing with your kayak, of course, you will feed your family what you have just picked up from the water. And when you eat fish other than carb, you and your family get omega-3.

You also get healthy protein keeping your cholesterol level low. Vitamin-D from the fish can also help you with low-fat and low-cholesterol!

Mental Healing 

If you are going to nature, you will surely feel better. Nature soothes your brain cells along with your body. Your body will be relaxed with the healing power of nature. Who doesn’t love to be near the water or the mountains? We all do!

Along with this, as you will be surrounded by greens, trees will help you get mental peace along with faster recovery from your diseases. So, with kayak fishing, not only your body but your heart also heals.

FAQs on Kayak Fishing Health Improvement

Does kayaking burn belly fat?

Yes, kayaking will burn belly fat as you have to paddle for a longer period. In this fishing type, you will need more force than cycling when it comes to your paddles. In one hour, any adult can burn about 400 calories of belly fat!

Does kayaking count as cardio? 

Another amazing fact about this fishing is it is counted as cardio. If you do kayaking, it works the same as aerobic exercise. You can elevate your heart rate if you want to see cardio benefits. You do not need a treadmill anymore, kayak fishing will be enough!

Does kayaking hurt your joints? 

No, kayak fishing will not hurt your joints unless you do it in the wrong way. Paddling helps your muscle stretch. But if you do it the wrong way, it might hurt you. It is just like any other exercise, when you do it wrong, there will be an adverse effect. So, you must learn how to do it before getting inside the water.

Wrap Up 

Now that you know how kayak fishing makes you healthier, we hope you are going for a kayaking vacation this summer! Check out all the health benefits and you will be amazed seeing how mental and physical health is improved by only a game.

Also, don’t forget to tell us how kayaking improved your physical and mental health. Let us know in the comment section if it has visible development in your life or not.

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