Lowrance Hook 3x DSI Review | Fish Finder 2022


The Lowrance Hook 3x DSI is an affordable, high-resolution sonar that can provide excellent detail for fisherman looking to find a great catch.

For the fishermen that aren't in the know, a fish finder is a device that sits on a boat's floor and uses sonar to reveal what lies beneath the surface of the water. It is a helpful tool in detecting where fish are hiding and whether or not it's worth moving your boat in their direction.

Every fisherman knows how important it is to use the best possible equipment, and for some, this includes the GPS systems they use. Lowrance's Hook 3x DSI is one of the most advanced low-range units on the market today. 

It comes with a high-resolution color touchscreen display that displays your sonar mapping in crisp detail, live video feed of your boat's surroundings, and an advanced multi-beam sonar system.

What Is The Lowrance Hook 3x DSI?

The Lowrance Hook 3x DSI is a fish finder that offers great value for the price. This product offers features such as an artificial intelligence sonar to help identify different objects in the water, a down imaging transducer, and side scanning sonar which all work together to provide accurate readings of what is below. The setup takes some time but will be worth it in the long run!

The fish finder that can be used from an ice boat, kayak, or from a boat. The screen is clear and the sonar works well for finding fish. It has a 3" backlit color display and excellent performance. It also includes a transducer which you mount in the water and a wireless transducer pole to keep it free from tangles.

What Are The Features Of The Lowrance Hook 3x DSI?

  • The Lowrance HOOK-3x DSI fishfinder features DownScan Imaging™ and a 3-inch, high-resolution LED color display.
  • It is best suited for kayaks or small boats.
  • It is IPX7-rated waterproof.
  • It can remain under up to 1m water for up to 30 mins.
  • It has a built-in water temperature sensor.
  • It does not have the traditional 2D SONAR scan.
  • Instead, it has the down imaging technology which shows the underwater structure in more detail.
  • This is a great unit for freshwater fishing in areas which is rich in fish population.
  • The display and interface are user-friendly and offer great value for the price.
  • The screen resolution runs 320x240.
  • It offers only 3D scanning with down imaging.
  • You can select between two frequencies for scanning: 455kHz and 800kHz.
  • Down imaging is much easier to comprehend than the traditional SONAR.
  • It has a single-tone display that helps you identify the objects that would otherwise look like blobs of color.
  • It might get a little difficult to differentiate single fishes from SONAR irregularities in down imaging.
  • It is supported by LED backlights that can be set through 11 levels.
  • The Lowrance is down-imaging fish finder that provides a clear and detailed structure scan.
  • Down Imaging works better than side-imaging at higher vessel speeds because the latter scans horizontally.
  • With down imaging, the Hook 3x DSI fish finder can range from a maximum depth of 300 feet.
  • Those who want almost photographic SONAR images will find this imaging quite useful.

The lowrance hook 3x dsi features a whole new type of user interface that has been designed to be easy-to-use and simple. The bottom line is that this is a new fishing product from the leader in the industry, so there are high expectations for it. This product doesn't have nearly as many options as some of the others on the market, but what it does have is very well done.

Design: Who Would This Product Be Best For?

The design is a great way to catch fish seamlessly. It has integrated sonar bandwidth, Wi-Fi connectivity, and LCD color display. The advantages of this design are its ease of use with these features. The only disadvantage is the price tag which may be prohibitive for some people.

The Design combines the best of two types of transducers, both high-frequency and sounder, to provide maximum coverage for all types of fishing. The revolutionary design has a unique wide beam sounder transducer that provides unmatched horizontal coverage, which means you are not missing out on crucial fish swimming beneath your boat. The dual frequency system also offers unique features like variable depth range and bottom lock, to help you find fish more efficiently.


  • high-quality, high-resolution LED screen that makes it easy to access all of your data.
  • It has a touch-sensitive control panel, giving you the ability to navigate the device with less complexity.
  • It also has a dual data stream for maximum compatibility.
  • You can see fish down to 350 feet below the surface using this unit's sonar


  • The Lowrance Hook 3x DSI is a fish finder with 3D scan only.
  • The optimal boat speed for using the down-imaging function of this fish finder is 1-6 mph.

Durability: Design, Construction And Durability

It is a durable and dependable fish finder that can withstand the harshest conditions. It's designed by anglers for anglers, with an industry leading 10 year warranty for the unit and one year limited warranty on all its included accessories.

The Hook 3x DSI has a 5-inch touchscreen display, which allows you to quickly and easily navigate through menus and view your sonar results.

The fishing industry is always looking for new technologies to help them fish more effectively. This can be seen with the advancements in bait selection and rod selection. The newest innovation in the fishing industry is the Lowrance Hook 3x DSI.

This device has already proven to be one of the most durable devices on the market, due to it's high quality design and materials used. It comes in at a competitive price point for fishermen who are looking for an affordable yet high-quality mapping system.

Final Note

The lowrance hook 3x dsi is a great fishing tool that I would recommend to anyone who loves to fish. The device has a compact size and it is lightweight. It can be used in saltwater and freshwater environments and has an ultra sensitive depth sensor.