The Ultimate Guide To Best Fishing Kayak 2020

One of the biggest trends in the fishing world right now is kayak fishing! This is one of the most exciting ways to get on the water.

Here, we will lay out what we think are the best fishing kayaks for this year based on our extensive research and reviewing process. We will also detail what you should look for in a good fishing kayak and what you should expect from it.

Today’s Fishing Kayak Info:

In recent years, manufacturers have been making kayaks specifically for fishermen. As a result of this increased focus, the quality of these craft has vastly improved. They have gotten more stability and a host of new features that kayaks have not had in the past. Below are the craft that we think are the The cream of the crop for 2019 and 2020.

Our Top 3 Fishing Kayak Comparison:

Perception Pescador 12:

Perception Pescador 12 is our favorite all-around fishing kayak. It is a sit-on-top model with a multitude of features. It has a tank well, a great bungee, a solid rod holder, easy-carry handles, and holds a pretty good amount of weight.

It tracks quite well and is a tremendous value for the money. An experienced paddler or a beginner alike would feel comfortable in the Pescador. It’s a sandy color, but it is also available in a brighter red or orange color if you prefer it. Old Town has been making kayaks since 1940, so it’s safe to say that they know what they’re doing.

The Old Town Sportsman 106

The Old Town Sportsman 106 is a quality sit-in fishing kayak that stays in the affordable price range. For the price, you get a pretty awesome feature set – a comfy seat and thigh pads, a solid 3 layer polyurethane shell, good storage space, and a cool dashboard with a small “glove box”.

You also get two flush mounted rod holders, which are located just behind the seat. 

The Ocean Kayak Malibu PDL Kayak - 2020

The Ocean Kayak Malibu PDL Kayak - 2020 is a bit pricier than the two previously mentioned, but if price is no object to you, this could be the best fishing kayak around. This one is for a serious fisherman.

It sports an awesome center bait tank that is unique to Malibu, along with an impressive four rod holders. There are two in the front and two in the back. The bungee system in the back can hold a 5 gallon bucket.

This Ocean Kayak Malibu PDL Kayak feet long, holds up to a whopping 450 total pounds, and even sports a limited lifetime warranty. It even comes in a wide variety of colors, so don’t fret if red isn’t your thing.

What Are The Advantages Of a Fishing Kayak?

While there are many advantages to fishing from a ‘yak, here are the main three.


If you’re fishing from a kayak, there’s almost no limit to where you can go! While bigger boats are limited due to their size, you can whip one of these into small streams or head all the way out to the middle of a huge lake. There is no one stopping you!

Easy upkeep

There are generally few to no moving parts on a good fishing kayak. This is important because it means there are few to no things to go wrong! There are no engines to maintain and no time-consuming tasks like changing oil or winterizing an engine.


Kayaks also hold a cost advantage over larger boats, especially those with outboard engines. The initial expense of purchasing a kayak can be as low as $500 for a good quality craft. This is a substantial savings over something bigger like a bass boat! Not only that, but you will not have to spend money on gas, oil, and everything else required to keep up a bigger craft with a cumbersome engine.

What is the Best Place to get one?

The majority of the time, we recommend purchasing through because of their fast shipping and our top-notch customer service department. Through a multitude of first-hand experiences, we can confidently say that our customer support will not let you down.

Where can I find more information?

There is a great page on Wikipedia about kayak fishing and its rise of popularity, read it here: Wikipedia-kayak fishing guide.

There are a multitude of good videos on YouTube about kayak fishing – in fact, we will likely have a channel up soon! Until then, check out this video of the Totally Awesome Fishing guys showing you how to properly rig a fishing kayak.

Wrap Up

The best fishing kayak for you is the one that you feel the most comfortable in.

If you have a question that we haven’t answered, or you need some more help picking out the best kayak for you, feel free to contact us! You can reach us here in the comments section or fill out the contact form that can be located at the top of this page.

Happy fishing and best of luck in angling!