Best Casting Rod and Gear for the Budget Fisher 2022

Bass fishing has become increasingly popular over the last few years. More people are interested in learning how to fish for bass, and more people are getting into the hobby. With so many new anglers on the water, it is important that they have an appropriate rod to catch their share of big fish!

Finding the best casting rod for your needs is not an easy task. There are so many choices that it can be difficult to know where to start. This guide will show you what features you should look for in a rod, how much to spend, and reviews of some of the top rods on the market today. 

If you are fishing lover you have to know that a best fishing journey does not only depend on fishing skill, it depends on the proper equipment too. Because good fishing tools can make your fishing trip easier. The casting fishing rod is the great fishing gear for angler. Actually perfect combination of best casting rod and reel can make your fishing trip easier.

Top 5 Casting Rod Under 100 Dollar!

Today We will discuss buyer's guide in this section. The buyers guides today we are doing rod and reel combos casting rods under or at least around $100. let's jump into it. Alright so you guys know that every year for the last three or four years we do holiday buyer's guide section you know the section is meant for people that aren't necessarily fishermen or wives of fishermen where we put together these buyers guide we recommend gear that we have confidence in enough to show you guys to recommend for the holidays so then you can share that article or the items with your loved ones so they can purchase the items you want for fishing you know like so we've been doing this for three or four years.

Step by Step Guide For Choosing The Best Casting Rod

Be year you know summer-fall. So we'd really like doing them today we're kicking this whole topic off with casting combos on or around $100 when you get hunter dollar rod 100 all really kind of seems like that is where the quality really starts you start getting into that nicer gear. 

So we're really excited that I'm going to go ahead and start off with the first combo. I'm going to recommend it to you guys. This is actually a loose combo this is a speed spool reel paired up with the TP. One this combo we've had we fish for probably two years now or so I know we fished a lot. It had it in the section last year but this thing is awesome.

It's got some wind grips on it very good quality the reel and the rod have held up through the time. We've used it hasn't had any issues and that's a plus for me to lose the speed spool the TP. It comes in right around $100. Looks cool it's all matte black paired up lose with lose that's a winner all right. I'm going to jump in with st.Croix.

This is the st. Croix bass,  Compared with the Shema SLX reel the bass X and the SLX are top sellers on tackle warehouse year-round not just in the holidays. They are always at the top of that sellers list.

The bass is an amazing rod for the price. When we're looking at that hundred-dollar rod hundred-dollar reel there's a couple of things that you're looking for which ones really stand out which ones are more sensitive, which ones are more reliable with reels and which ones stand the test of time.

Because as you step up in price you start getting more reliable equipment that lasts that's really where your money is spent around that hundred dollar range. So the bass Xis more sensitive than a lot of the competition.

They're very consistent and they're well built what I like about them is they have more of a parabolic action overall than a lot of other models. Which is great not only for reaction baits but for jig fishing and Texas race slow bottom fishing.

But those rods really load up and hold those fish well so they don't jump and come off and that is a hard thing to find in the rod that is sensitive at that price point. Paired up with an SL X which is also extremely reliable.

We fish those hard this year last year and have been really happy with them. We are going to go mine X come off my stick with the SL X. This is the actually x combo rod and reel. They're an awesome combo, especially for the price point. But I frogfish with this two years ago and just put the hammer down on no issues the reels held up and like matt said that is.

What you're paying for when you get into that price point you're getting sensitivity but you're getting gear that lasts you don't have to replace year after year. So the SLX reel comes in three different speeds and paired that up with the SLX rod the entire rod lineup has great actions all the way from 610up to 711 7-5 heavy or 711 heavy. So you can throw jerk baits you can Texas rig throw weightless worms all the way up to your heaviest of stuff if in pitch and punch in ounce and half weights you can do it all with this lineup right here.

The SLX is phenomenal can I add something to that I selects you know one of the things that I really like in a rod is that parabolic action but it's hard to find that. Where it's still sensitive the SLX you're like the complete other end they're really crisp actions which is also really hard to find in a hundred bucks they do not fish like hundred dollar rod. You're talking froggen right flipping jerk baits those actions that are tough to find in any rod let alone in a cheap route. What's really cool with this lineup is you could have if you are brand specifics you can see we've got a bunch of different brands out here.

If you want to stick with just the SLX you can arm yourself with all of the lineup and do pretty much every technique from the little stuff all up to the big stuff. You can keep it all the same product like I said.  I love this my wife has a bunch of these my kids use them I use them it I can't say enough good things about the SLX.

It's been around for now for a couple years and we've put a bunch of fish in the boat on them and they're still lasting the next one for me is going to be branching out. This is caching is a smaller brand that builds a lot of really custom unique actions much like that bas. I went with another choice that comes in some really parabolic actions. It is hard to find at that price point paired it up with a dial with Lego and made it stick right around $200.

You get dynamite combo of custom rod. There are production rods but they've got that custom rod feel. They're light weight and they've got awesome actions. You're going to be really consistent and you're making that price point next up. We actually have two you might have do to go for it. We actually have two because they're both by Dobbins and we want to break down the benefits of each.

So the first one is the Dobbins colt. We have that paired up with the Daiwa CGA tee you can mix and match all this stuff. It doesn't necessarily have to go with the rod and reel. However we have it and this is a hundred all real the rods $79.99. What's cool about this rod is?

It is the Dobbins lineup but the actions are a little bit slower they're more moderate action than the fury or the champion higher-end Dobbin stuff.

So if you're throwing top water or you're cranking something like that where you don't necessarily need a lot of sensitivity. You can get by with a more inexpensive rod and a nicer reel soothe Colt series look.

If you guys are looking to do top water or techniques that don't need that sensitivity switching gears. If you want something a little bit nicer in that redline up the Dobbins fury you know we have fished these for years just likes the SLX you could run the whole line up for all of your fishing.

All the way up to a swim bait specific rod what's cool about the theory series if you want to get into your swim baiting. You know on the more inexpensive end you can go with like the 795 paired up with a Shimano Cardiff . You're right around that 200 our price point and that is a good swim bait combo. We've caught 15 17 pounds striper on this combo right.

Just like all the other fairies you can get them in that smaller stuff too so you can finesse fish worm fish all the way up to swim baiting this line up does it. I was amazed when they put a big a legitimate big swim bait rod in the fury line up that that rod fish is so much better than its price. It's crazy that's a 795 you can throw your big walking top water baits on it.

You can throw your six inch 7 inch treble hook swim baits on it or you should definitely checkout that specific  rod. Someone in an eight six even bigger rod and you can throw soft bait. we'll recommend them for what techniques you apply the real rate gear ratio and all that stuff to kind of save you some time. There are good to go those are nice all right. I'm going to wrap it up here.

Are you in the market for a new casting rod? If so, you're in luck! In this buyers guide, we will outline some of the best casting rods on the market and what to look for when making your purchase. So, whether you're a beginner or an experienced angler, read on to find the perfect casting rod for you.

Wrap Up

So a really nice rod sitting at a great price point with amazing features it looks good. It has amazing features and is incredibly sensitive.  Another thing We want toad is when you're at this price point that hundred dollar mark seems to be where every brand is trying to take the market. They're bringing their higher quality stuff down to price point to get people into using their stuff. They're targeting those guys that are coming out of beginner fishing becoming intermediate anglers.

So they really pour a ton of time and energy technology under dollar rod. They do they are a step above across the board and they're a step above where you would expect them to be. Because the companies freely pour it in right at that price point so these are all great combos.

But if you want more sensitivity on any of them something that, you can do to make a rod feel even higher-end is switch to a braided line. If you put a braided line on any of these reels you are going to get a more sensitive combo.

The braid has a very little stretch. You can feel everything that's happening down there and it will take that combo to the next level instantly. Save you a lot of money. Hopefully, you enjoyed this buyer's guide.

We're excited like I said before you know this is just the first of many I think we got the next article ups going to be spinning combos for $200. Then I think we got some jerk baits and blade Bay but we're excited we like said we love doing these guides to help out fishermen to make sure you get what you really want for Christmas.

We know that it's hard for loved ones to pick fishing I mean my wife tells me all the time I don't know what to get you cut you want specific stuff. So that is why we do this you can share the article with your loved ones share the links. It makes it really easy for them.